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Finally Some Freedom From Anxiety

Hi, I have suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember and it has taken me until my 30's to feel I am finally, slowly getting some control. I wanted to share my experience as when my anxiety was getting me down I would often turn to sites for advice and read other peoples experiences.

I didn't even realise what that feeling was for a long time, I just knew some certain situations made me feel very uncomfortable. Sunday nights were always the worse and when I was younger my anxiety really affected my career. Someday’s I felt so bad I didn't have the confidence to go into work and had to phone in ill. Luckily these days I have the option to work from home or an office which does help.

I had a very dysfunctional upbringing with two alcoholic, unsupportive parents which I still feel is where my anxiety issues stem from. I have had counselling on and off for a few years which helped put some issues into perspective but no matter how much counselling I attended I could never shift the feeling of gloom and butterflies inside of me.

I was very low the Christmas just gone, I had some issues with my parents splitting up and they were relying heavily on me for support. My anxiety skyrocketed the side effect of this was I started to feel depressed with the whole situation, so much so I considered going to my GP to seek medicinal help. Something I have sworn I would only do as a last resort.

I decided something had to change, so I gave up caffine, cut down on drinking alcohol, I do not drink in the week but with a stream of 30th’s, hen do’s and weddings I decided not to give up entirely. However it does make a big difference. I can feel my anxiety on a Sunday after a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday. I started running 3 times a week with the couch to 10 k programme (I am on week 9) and attend aerobics once a week with a friend. I have found it is impossible to feel anxious when exercising.

I have also put myself on a healthy eating regime, not stupidly so but making an effort to eat a more balanced diet, more fruit and veg, cut out lots of junk food etc (as I sit here eating a magnum ice cream). But I believe everything should be done in proportion.

I am also on 100mg a day of 5HTP, I have just bought a new pack which also contains valerian root .I take this with a 1000mg omega 3 fish oil capsule. I was on homeopathic Phosphorous but after 4 months didn’t really seem to be having much affect. But I can’t recommend the 5HTP and fish oil enough.

I still get the occasional pang, but I feel amazing. I never knew what it was like to wake up and go about my day without feeling so anxious you feel sick, the dread speaking in meetings and be shaking like a leaf just introducing myself. I am naturally a personable, person . Outgoing and really enjoy meeting new people so I was always so confused to why I reacted like I did in certain situations.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, and wish you all the luck in the world getting on top of this under estimated condition.

K x

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How lovely to read that you have got some freedom from your anxiety ,its gives me hope that one day i will feel the same as you , i will try the 1000 mg omega fish oil myself see if that helps me . P X


Hi, its great to hear what relieves the anxiety for you. I too have felt that, although drinking alcohol doesn't affect me, it is the 'hangover day', even after a few glasses of wine when my anxiety creeps back. My life has dramatically changed, and even though more healthy, I also feel like I miss out on a lot. I have also lost my nerve flying, which really gets me down.. as it is the feeling of freedom and adventure (and sunshine) that picks me up.. I just struggle to get to the places! I am starting a job in September, and worry that I cannot cope... I am hoping that being busy in the day will allow me to forget my troubles. The job is a lot more 'outdoorsy' than my previous office jobs, and i'm hoping this suits me better! But thank you for your blog post, I feel like you are at a similar stage to me, recovering is a fantastic feeling... and I have felt like it all stems from a lifestyle change. Although I still suffer mildly from it quite regularly, and on occasion (4 days a month) quite severely, I have made a world of progress and aim to continue to, however slowly :) Goodluck, and keep up the good work Cx


Thank you for the feedback, it is reassuring to know people are experiencing the same as you. I am also a very nervous flyer, I just don't like losing control. It sounds silly but just telling myself "the pilot wants to get there safe t0o" helps. I love travelling as well, off to Thailand later this year and that is two flights!.

I am sure there will be set back days, but think we just need to remind ourselves there are good days too.

Take care, K x


What a up lifting story....well done and wish you all the best for the future x


This was really good to read. I'm currently feeling more anxious than I ever have and am wanting to do practical things to help because I don't think I can cope with it anymore. I will try the things you suggested and hopefully will have as positive an experience as you have. Good luck, xx


I agree that its impossible to experience any anxiety what so ever whilst exercising, and after exercising, i feel revitalised and alive like nothing can stop me! I love them moments, because its like a huge release from all the anxiety and stress that i have to put up with most of the time!

As the reply's have already said, this was quite good to read, makes me feel like there is an escape. Hope everything keeps up well for you, and you'll be able to control the milder anxiety's easier.

Whereas in my case, there's nothing specific in which i'm anxious about, its just.. General anxiety, its my brain telling me that i need to be anxious about something, and it could appear at any time, it could either pop up while i'm in a bar, or pop up while i'm quietly watching TV, strange. Would love to be able to get past it, it's nearly everyday now and its always on the back of my mind. It's making my life unbelievably difficult to live.

Anyway, cheers for posting this, glad to hear there's other people on the same boat and have managed to get handle it at a bearable level!



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