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Citalopram and anxiety, help!

Hi everyone,

Im Lizzy, im new on here and its nice to see others are in the same boat as me. I have been put on citalopram and beta blockers 3 weeks ago for anxiety. Since then I have had my nan die, my boyfriend break up with me cos of the anxiety and negative thoughts he says its too depressing to be with someone on meds and he feels so much better not being around me and my brother left for america who i am very close to. I feel so alone. I have been getting really bad anxiety from the antidepressants to the point i cant leave the house, nausea, headaches, night sweats etc i thought it was getting better but it was only for a few days. I had a complete meltdown yesterday trying to be at work. Had counselling in thr evening which didnt help. I dont feel myself and its really scaring me. Will these meds ever actually help?

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Hi I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong but you’re definitely not alone with the way you are feeling. Looking around at other posts can be therapeutic and help loads (your going to be ok) 👍


I am just so exhausted by it and feel guilty for everyone around me. My ex has made me feel unlovable because i have this condition which just makes it worse. The drs arent really being v helpful and just feel so alone! I live alone and now my boyfriend has gone i i dont have much support. Feel like a failure.


Don’t feel guilty and find another boyfriend by the sounds of it he wasn’t the right one for you make new friends but choose wisely it will all change finding the right one ☝️


Hi there. I have also been put on citalopram and propranalol to help with my anxiety, propranalol I've been on for 3 years on n off. Ide be worried if u did not feel a bit down with high anxiety after everything uve been through. Maybe try doctors again u may need your med put up a bit to help you through this tough time but stick with them. Your ex sounds like someone u don't need around you anyway so look at it like a lucky escape. I still struggle a bit even with my meds but it really does come done to positive thinking I think. Try telling yourself u are ok and there is nothing wrong with you everyday u wake up and remember to do breathing exercises everyday for 10-20 mins. I hope u feel better soon as I know how rubbish it is to deal with anxiety xx


Yeah its been a tough time. I have just never experienced anythimg like this before. I have had anxiety before but not like this. I work in science and a lot of clinicians. One of them yesterday whilst talking about something looked at me and asked have you had your thyroid checked it looks swollen. It hasbeen playing on my mind that i should get it checked as my dad has hyperthyroidism as well which can cause very similar traits to anxiety. Its frustrating that these things dont get checked and doctors just give you pills and tell you to go away. Maybe i dont have it but woukd be good to get it checked, so im going to go back to my doctors on Monday and ask for a blood test to test my thyroid levels. Or maybe it is just the meds giving me bad anxiety not sure. I just feel very weird. Thank you for your kind words and hopefully it will get better soon just have to ride it out...

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Honestly, it’s too soon for the meds to be in full effect. You e had a ton of stress and in my opinion those symptoms are from anxiety itself. The meds will never completely stop anxiety-I mean who wouldn’t have it in your situation. I wouldn’t stop them as it could make things worse, continue counseling.


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