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Anxiety!! :-(


I'm new to this site and I'm deaf myself.

I have mild anxiety problems recently but had been worrying for a long time on & off only when it comes to health but apart from that I still go out, see friends and etc, my parent passed away by Motor neourne and alcoholic when I was younger age 6 & 11 and sent to foster homes.

Recently I was unwell with stomach gastric flu for 11 days and lost appetite, feel nausea and diorreda twice anyway its when I start feel so anxiety and once I got better I thought my anxiety will go away but it didn't and start worrying more about a bit sort of something tiny pressure or something in my right side head near the back of the ears on & off for 2 week but not painful and its not headache just like tiny pressure pain twinges and it made me think what if its brain tumour, it really frightened me, can't stop thinking what if and had to reassure myself by visiting gp to see a nurse couples of times, she reassured and keep telling me I do not have it even promised me but why can't I stop thinking about it? Even went to have eyes test and optician said my eyes is good but vision level slightly change dye getting older and had new glass even said no sign brain tumours to reassure me.It made me ill! Feeling scared what if I can't be able to enjoy Christmas with my husband & family? :-( asked nurse to refer me to see a counselling and she agreed so got the letter, should see the counsellor within 3-4 weeks time and its called CBT counselling so I wonder will counselling help? I dont want to ho on tablets ss want to try learn how to deal eith it with counselling help. I'm just scared what if it don't work and I can't carry on feeling like this! Tired of it! Want my life back and be happy again without worrying a lot.

My anxiety- worrying a lot, google for signs and ask people to reassure me. Think I need ban myself from google as it make me scared more! Also please reassure me that anxiety is nothing do with brain tumour?!? Is it just ur mind with adrenaline?


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sounds like you are having a bad run of things well i can defiantly say counseling and cbt will help i was in a bad way to and it worked wonders for me it took some time and hard work but it paid off in the end good luck .


Thank for replying, what did they do to help you with counselling? At the moment I'm trying to drink 2 cup of chamomile flowers herbal tea before bed and it helps as I don't have problem to fall asleep but once I wake up to go loo, I start worry a little but gotta to ignore and get back to sleep but my worrying start in late morning between afternoon. Can you reassure me that anxiety is nothing do with brain tumour? Just mind and adrenaline?

Did you take any tablets to help? I really don't want to take those as worry about side effects, addicted and get worse if comes off from it?


my counselling sessions consisted of looking at your life in a new context i learned that if i changed my way of looking at life for better or worse my situation will get better and it has. i am on medication but that is for my mental illness not anxiety i was prescribed beta blockers and they worked well in the short term.

anxiety is a tough cookie to crack but things do get better


hello, sorry to hear of your anxiety.....firstly anxiety can give us aches and pains, as sometimes I believe if we do not express emotion it will show itself in some way, usually aches,pains or ill health....then we start exaggerating and believing there IS something wrong with us. This could be, but invariably it is our anxiety (heightened awareness) acting up.....I have heard of health anxiety, social anxiety and many more...but in fact the common denominator is the word "anxiety" when we are like this we will find something to focus on and if it is not health then it will be something else...... So take all the help you can...firstly go to doctors and take meds if offered, there is no need to be ashamed it may only be short term, and help you get back on your feet...and CBT is also worth it as hopefully you will view things from a different angle..and most important talk talk talk about your fears to someone you can trust, this should speed up your recovery....i wish you well..xx.....remember it is not a brain tumour it is anxiety!!!!


Thank you! Waiting to see a counsellor within 3-4 weeks as been refered by my nurse for a CBT counselling and I'm sure it will helps! I will try stop worrying, let thought comes but don't pay attention to it and it will goes on it own.



Hello Minnie I have also had the terrible pressure in the head but no one understands what it is. Doctor put me on 25 mg Tripilene a day it makes me tired. Doctor said it was caused from a tension headache. I always have such bad anxiety. Hang in there and just realize it is all anxiety. Anxiety can cause terrible symptoms in people. By the way my husband is also deaf. Thinking of you and hope you get well soon


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