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Hate is such a strong word and I reframe from using it, BUT on the flip side of things i really hate feeling like this all the time! Where is the life? One strange pain after another sends your thinking into dreadful territory😥. When going to the Dr for reassurance or afraid of going to the Dr in fear of what will be found make matters even worse! I feel once your diagnosed with something it doesn't make the situation better! I'm on the search for natural healing . I no longer want to feel excluded from life because of all the worry, stress, depression, and anxiety! I don't want to search for diagnosis anymore! I will not let this defeat me, and I hope no one else does either! Have a blessed day everyone😘


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  • I ask myself that for the last 2 years now I am going to try medication and spiritual healing with god

  • I have been beating myself up about medication I really don't want it at all I don't think it helps (just my opinion) I thinks it gives us something else to worry about

  • I heard good things and bad but we all different I want my life back to I am willing to try if it will help along with therspy

  • Your personally I'll try natural first and if that doesn't work then meds it is😕...I'm with u I'll try anything right not just to regain some peace and sanity 😀

  • Have you tried marijuana? I was thinking of that? I am not a smoker but they say there's some that helps

  • Let me know if you find anything that helps i started taking vitamin stress b. Complex hope it helps

  • I have tried marijuana, it must have been too strong because I think that's when I had my first panic attack... Thought I was dying!

  • Someone on the forum suggested magnesium also! I'll try that. I think my iron is low and I have a vitamin D deficiency! I get no sun nor do I eat iron fortified foods!

  • I think it depends on which one I am doing some research on it as well. I just want this thoughts to go away and be happy again with my life. I can deal with my anxiety but not my thoughts

  • Hiya, don't touch the stuff!! It might help initially but I know it makes your mental health issues worse!! I have a close family member who used it for such purposes.all I can say is it's not the answer !!! As an outsider looking in it escalated their problems in the end and wasn't nice to don't make things worse for yourself🙏🏻

  • Marijuana i mean

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