Anxiety - ruining my life

Hi, I have just joined this forum as I could really do with some support. I'm so fed up of this anxiety and all the physical and psychological issues that go with it. I feel like crying constantly. I feel out of breath, have palpitations, fluttering in the chest, headaches.....the list is endless. I also suffer from terrible panic attacks which occur mostly at night. I constantly feel on edge and every ache or pain I develop, I feel like I'm going to die from! I'm so confused, upset, angry and I so want to be like I was before this all started. I try my best to hold everything together as I have a full time job, a husband and a 7 year old son. I feel like I'm going mad sometimes. I also feel spaced out most of the time, like I'm watching myself. I have lost just over 3 stone since August 13 which isn't really a bad thing as I am now the correct weight for my height etc. I just feel so unhappy. I can't focus on anything else apart from the way I feel. I am on my 4th counselling session but I think I have quite a long way to go. My counsellor thinks I may have PTSD following a diagnosis of Menieres Disease in 2007. I have also lost the majority of hearing in my right ear since and now have to wear a hearing aid. Hopefully with some support from this forum I can learn to deal with this awful problem and learn to live again! Thanks x

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  • hello there,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with anxiety at the moment. This is a great site for support and we all do are best to be here for one another.

    You are not going mad you have an illness. It is good you are getting counselling, I some times think this can make us feel worse before we get better, as it brings up lots of issues we have kept hidden from our selves.

    be kind to yourself you have a lot to cope with and it sounds like you are doing your best at the moment.

    gardener x

  • Thank you. It's good to hear that I'm not alone. Hopefully in time I will get better. Thanks again x

  • Hi Saree wand welcome x :) You have come to the right place for support x We are such a good bunch here all willing to help and such x I can fully understand all the aspects of anxiety you are describing as we have all felt this at some point most still dealing with it now x I also think most on here wish the clock could be turned back to the days we felt like our normal selves x We are not going to die from anxiety but it is not a nice feeling no x Well done to you for coping with anxiety and being a wife etc x This is a bonus and shows you can cope better than you think x Well done on your weight loss x that's great going wish i could have the sort of willpower x I can understand how dramatic life events can lead to feeling this way and you will find most on here have had a traumatic event that has ultimately become there downfall x Keep chatting x Donver x

  • Thanks Donver. Your reply is appreciated. I've been reading some of the posts on this forum and am so pleased that the things I am experiencing are a normal part of anxiety. Thanks again x

  • Yes I to found when I joined that thing I thought where weird to me where in actual fact a common part of anxiety x I mean obviously in any new case of anxiety you should go to your gp x but for the chat and getting to know anxiety from others points of views this is the place x No worries happy to help x

  • Hi there and welcome:)

    We are a nice bunch on here, always here for what ever... Advice or just for a laugh ... We are here:) xx

  • Many thanks x

  • Hi & Welcome :-)

    I am so sorry to read how you are struggling but can relate to you as I have felt that way to & believe me it might feel like it but you are not going mad & you will get better :-)

    You wont feel alone anymore now you have found this community & even though I would never wish for anyone to suffer with anxiety it does help to know you are not alone as well as reading that people have come through this

    Keep talking & posting & even if we don't always have the answers there will always be someone that understands & we are good at listening :-)




  • Thank you......this is very reassuring. X

  • We too hv our good days and bads days, or even bad mornings but good afternoons and evenings. Its a hard thing trying to control your mind and focus on whats going on here and now. Even trying to live in the present and letting go plus trying not to look forward too much is so hard. Every day is a battle and few people hv any understanding or sympathy, its just a case of 'pull yourself together'. I just wish it was that easy.

  • Hi,I'm new too,and although we all have different symptoms,the fear and the feeling are the same.Everyone has been so supportive and helpful,I no longer feel alone and nobody understands what I'm going through,it really has been a great help,I'm sure it will be to you.Goid luck xxxx

  • Thanks. It's really worrying at times but I feel better in the knowledge that I'm not alone. Xx

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