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New symptom is scaring me, can anyone relate?

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So, I have been doing a decent job of dealing with my anxiety the last couple of weeks. Mainly because the symptoms haven’t been EXTREME, like they can/have been. Today I haphazardly noticed that I can see my pulse pulsating in my left hand in that soft area by the bottom of my thumb. The area that is usually deemed a “pressure point”. I automatically started freaking out. Spiraling thoughts of “why is it in the left but not right?” “Is there a blood clot somewhere causing it?” “This cannot be normal because I’ve never noticed it until today.” “Do I need to go to the ER?” Etc.

So here I am, asking you guys if you’ve ever seen your pulse near your thumb? Should I be worried or is this an anxiety symptom?

I also noticed my neck has been feeling pinched(which I fear is a blood clot 😩) and some of my finger/toes have being feeling irritated and/or tingly. I have never been diagnosed with anything but low vitamin D, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder.

I just don’t want to go to the hospital. I really don’t. So has anyone experienced this before?


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I can see my vein just below the ankle bone pulse! If the skin area is thin enough its possible . I personally have no cardiovascular issues.

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It’s just so weird to me that I just started to see it today. I would like to think it’s just anxiety, but since I have health anxiety everything in me is screaming “it’s not normal get help”! :((((

I can see mine on my right hand on my wrist just under the soft part of the thumb but I can’t see it on the left.

Hope that helps :)

It does, thank you! 💜💜💜

I myself just like your fear blood clots/strokes... I’m always paranoid. If my heart rate gets too high or if my pulse is too high... something that has been calming me is challenging when the thoughts come through. I know easier said than done.. but we will get through this!!

Hi Bella,

Thank you for your response. I know exactly how you feel, in regards to the blood clots/stroke. It's so hard for me to even remember what it was like not to live with these debilitating fears! I hope that things look up for you very soon!

💜 Ash

In order to handle such situtations first you need to aware. Is it just a thought or reality because the mind can't find difference in reality and thought. To take correct decision you need to pause your thoughts loop for a moment, deep breathing can lower down the panic situation. Then practice focusing on single object or thought. Take clues from sarroundings and think of some thing beautiful. And keep remembering that thought in mind untill you are in complete control over mind. Once you are steady stake then check your symptomps. If they are still there then contact your doctor. Even then you need not panic as everything can be cured and treated.

Thank you Robin for the very thoughtful and helpful response. It was very kind of you to provide that insight and help, I appreciate it. I will try to remember this for the next time.

💜 Ash

Hi hun, mine is visible on my right but not my left. Something I never noticed before I had health anxiety, then when I did notice it I went running to my gp and he told me it was nothing to worry about. Then I told my mum and she said it's something I'd had for years, just that before I got health anxiety it never bothered me. Problem with it though is because it shows my pulse I do find myself using it as a way of coping now and I know that's not great for me, my biggest fear is my heart so I tend to check my pulse a lot anyway. Also your neck, I find that although before anxiety I would love wearing turtle necks now I can't bear anything being near my neck because it is so super sensitive. Just like you described with a pinching type feeling, I wear really low tops now just to keep things away from my neck. Even seat belts make it worse. I listened to the audio books by Dr Claire weekes and I love them I honestly do but she said that our symptoms will always be the same so I believed her, then I started getting different ones and totally freaked out. Went to my Dr and he explained it really well! Basically our bodies are so used to having a certain amount of adrenaline now because over time we've taught them that it's normal so when we start getting used to symptoms and it doesn't scare us as much our bodies think they don't have enough adrenaline and so they give us something new to make the extra adrenaline that the body thinks it needs. It's just a case of accepting each new one so that the adrenaline doesn't kick in too badly. Unfortunately I still can't get my head around the acceptance part, that's fine though because this is one heck of a learning journey and I will learn acceptance I'm sure of it. Sending big hugs. I hope my super long post 😂 helps to reassure you. Xx

Hi Emest,

Wow thank you for that amazing response and for telling me that you too have the same symptom as me. You, as well as others, gave me a sense of reassurance that I needed. Sometimes I fear that I am the only one who experiences these new symptoms and that must mean something sinister. :(

WOW how your doctor explained that to you, makes total sense. I am going to talk about that with my therapist today, thank you!

Accepting the anxiety is the absolute hardest, especially when you have health anxiety. It's literally like accepting that you are having a life threatening symptom and that it's gonna be okay without medical care. That thought process just blows my mind. I pray and pray that one day soon, i'll be there!

I hope and pray that your symptoms will resolve soon, 💜


I'll say a prayer for you too hun. I hope your therapist helped out, therapy is fantastic and I have had a few rounds of cbt. Sadly not for health anxiety but for other problems. As you say acceptance with health anxiety is like telling your body not to worry even though its shutting down which goes against everything we have ever learnt. I wish I could help out with that I really do. My Dr once said to me that practice isnt something that we only do at school, he said gymnasts in the Olympics look so elegant when we see them but it took years of falling to get there, he said if after every fall in life I get back up and practice again I will be elegant in the way I handle my life, so that is how I view my acceptance journey, if a fail at it then its just a fall and I will practise again next time I panic. That way I'm not really failing anything because I'm always just practicing ☺ can't wait to be elegant though lol. Take care hun. Xx

Thank you for the prayers Emest, they are always appreciated! I really like what your doctor told you, it’s so true. Often times I feel defeated after a panic or anxiety attack because I always felt it must mean that I am not practicing acceptance the right way, but really maybe it’s more that it takes time to get it right.

Thank you for your thoughtful response! I hope that we both continue to practice the acceptance and eventually find relief!


Stick with Dr Claire Weekes, practice acceptance and you will recover.

I’ve posted lots of information on this forum which you may find helpful, all based on my journey to recovery by following Dr Weekes’ teachings.

Hi Bee,

I have seen some of your posts, you are my inspiration. lol! I want to grasp the "accepting anxiety" concept so badly! I am going to buy her audio books. I am curious, did you have health anxiety?

💜 Ash

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