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hey guys im new here!!


Hi! Im new here and i made this profile to ease my mind because im freaking out a teeeensy tiiiny bit.

So, i play video games for my anxiety but recently ive been in bed a lot because ive had bronchitis. Now, fast forward to today and im sitting here playing R6S right and all the sudden mid fire fight i start getting this pain in the back of my leg, right behind my knee in the back of my leg and a little bit above it.

Now being a health anxiety girl i immediately thought to my biggest fear


and now normally im level headed but ive never felt a weird pain like this before but what if its my meds for my BC or what if its my birth control. What if ive finally done it and i gave myself a blood clot from sitting too long. Yesterday i was so active ALL DAY.

so please if anyone can give me some straight and hard facts that will calm my mind that would be great.

Also i lost the game i was playing bc of that panic attack so i wasnt happy

*heres what i am feeling right now!*

-pain has subsided, im not sure if its hot in my room or my legs hot

-im scared to flex my leg (or walk haha)

-no immediate redness or hotness (i think? i mean come on its behind the leg right behind the knee its gonna be warm right?)

-i am SCARED and i really dont want to go to the er at the moment its almost 3 am.

-the past few days i have been stressed and anxious

Facts about me that might factor in a blood clot

-im chubby

-i take sprintec

-i try to be active but as of late i havent been because ive been sick

-ive been slacking on the water sorry :(


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We are constantly being bombarded in the media with health scares. We get a twinge someplace and immediately think we're going to die! If we have serious concerns then swe need to get them checked by a health professional - of course. But we need to take these 'media scares' with a pinch of salt (just a pinch - too much sodium is a no-no)

WVTER in reply to Brydon2018

Good advice thank you!

Hi there! Sorry you've felt ill with bronchitis. I know it sucks. Here are some facts for you to hopefully help relax you. Typically, pain from blood clots doesn't come and go. It usually stays as an ache, almost like you have a rubber band being tightened around your leg. If, of course, it's still bothering you tomorrow, call your doctor and they can do a quick ultrasound to rule it out since you take BC. It'll go a long way towards easing your mind. Secondly, when our bodies have been sick, like you have been with bronchitis, they produce an abundance of what is known as cytokines. Through research I've done, since after illnesses like the flu, strep throat, etc, my anxiety always goes through the roof, I've learned that this large amount of cytokines keeps our bodies on edge and ready to fight off illness. This makes us even more sensitive to the adrenaline surges we already deal with due to anxiety.

I hope this helps a little. I'm a very sedentary individual for several reasons so I know this leg pain well. I've had so many ultrasound scans done on my legs, so I understand your fear.

WVTER in reply to Lm92

Wow this has helped enormously, I really appreciate this. Its nice to be reminded every once and a while you know? Also to learn new things about our body! I had no idea our bodies did that when we were sick ill keep that in mind! God bless!

Lm92 in reply to WVTER

I'm glad. I need reassurance like this when I'm agonizing over something health related, so I know how important it can be. I hope it helps you get some rest. Hugs, my friend. You're never alone.

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