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Anxiety and dizzy feeling scaring me


I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been diagnosed with anxiety by my doctor following blood tests and an ECG being clear. I have experienced a full range of symptoms some that I have never experienced before both physical and emotional. The worse being dizziness or a weird sensation like a head rush and being scared to leave the house. Dr has given me propranolol (beta blocker) 20mg three times a day and a week ago I started 10 mg of citalopram daily. A week in my anxiety has not decreased but I am told it takes a while.

The head feels are scaring me though. Happens anytime and especially at rest. I am scared I will faint but I haven't fainted so far. Most days I have a lightheaded or wired feeling most of day. Anyone else experience this?

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I always use to feel dizzy and lightheaded and it's the worst feeling ever,the best thing I did was just say to myself there's nothing wrong and distracted myself from it,I even stopped driving cos of it and that effected my family,I did end up back being the wheel and now back driving,u can do it,just have a bit of faith in yourself xx


Yeh I can def relate to the dizzy head rush, it's like right in my forehead and a buzzing like weird feeling, I'm now on amitriptyline small dose to try and sort the symptoms out :( hope your ok now and this reassures you :)

I saw a chiropractor today which really helped too. Neck very tense

Been doing good for a while now and back to work. Just been to France for week and whilst we had a fab hol was anxious. What if I was ill there? Etc etc. So symptoms have returned with done new ones. Can cope and manage worry for mist but in that spiral again. Hip and leg aching now too.

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