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Anxiety symptoms or something. Else please can someone relate to me

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Hi I’m new here 26 with 3 children I recently had a panic attack and have serve anxiety to the point I know feel I can’t leave my home sad I know! I’m on sertraline and it is helping but for the past few months I have had this heaviness in my left breast and ache and shooting pains then in my back at the top I have been to my doctor so many times she then referred me to breast clinic where they found nothing wrong she has said it’s anxiety also been to hospital for ecg and bloods they were also fine my question is does anybody else suffer this Isit anxiety or Isit something worse I have it everyday and night wake up with it some days it’s worse then others it’s makkng me feel like I actually have something seriously wrong with me please can any one relate I’m going out off mind and feel so scared I don’t want to have to go back to the doctors again

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Hey Shariece

Being a Mom can be anxiety producing and along with that ... it is lots of work and a huge Labour of Love !

Moms are VIPS - Very Important People in my view -

Keep on Keepin On Shariece!

Coping strategies that have helped me in the past and you probably have heard this before (plz excuse repeats) - is really practicing deep breathing - may sound silly yet just calming down for 3 deep breaths has helped me out at various times. It is not the answer to everything, yet i believe that deep breathing, counting breaths, meditation , mindfulness ... ambient, relaxing music ... even recordings of waves at the ocean can help me slow down and helps me to focus on what i need to do next.

Sometimes being OverWhelmed really adds to my angst and i have to monitor the amount of things coming at me - for example ... i have to write a list before i go to the store so i don't get overwhelmed with all the things to buy there !

I am a big fan of affirmations, too ... little sayings that help me to focus instead of falling into that overwhelmed place - something like - 'I am feeling calmer with each breath' kinda thing - really gotta find what works for you on that.

Also, making sure i am not drinking too many caffeinated drinks like coffee helps me to keep calm amidst stress - and, in really tough times i will drink teas like camomile - as that does help my nerves and sleep ... hope these thoughts can be of help to you ... just some ideas Shariece from realeyes

Hello. I will say that it is very possible that anxiety can make you feel a host of symptoms that will make you think you are having all sorts of illnesses, diseases, or health issues. It will have you so afraid to want to do anything because your mind is so stuck on worrying about your health. I am currently going back through it again. Every ache, pain, wierd sensation, or feeling thats uncomfortable I am thinking its the worst again. Sad thing is every time I go through this I feel like its the first time like I forget what all I go through. Its a rough cycle. What stmptoms have you experienced?

I think I’ve experienced them all to be honest but like I say my breast is the main one and it’s so annoying I try not to think about it but it doesn’t stop I’ve tried Epsom bath salts to try help relax I’ve tried spray aswell I’ve read a book on anxiety but nothing seems to help so that’s why I can understand where it’s comkng from x

I am 26 as well. I stay at home with my 3 year old and I have a child in school. It's weird you talk about the shooting pains in your breast. I have that as well. I think it may be due to a muscle.

I too have a hard time leaving the house, I feel like my house is my safe zone. That's a hard thing when you have kids, bc I want to be able to take them and do things!

Your not alone that is for sure. X

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Shariece in reply to Elizabeth04

It’s horrible I’m worse when I take my son to school it panicks me x

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Me too. My son usually rides the bus. This morning he missed the bus so I had to take him. The whole way there my eyes were all blurry, my heart kept getting palpitations, It felt like I was gonna pass out or something in the car rider line. Ugh I know how you feel

I use to get excruciating pain in my left arm. I thought it was my heart. I use to just lay in the bed and cry there was nothing else I could do. In addition I would get horrible head aches that also made me cry all day. The head aches recently resurfaced but the arm pain stopped; it has been 10 years or more since the last episode. I also went to the doctor and there was nothing wrong. The doctor gave me muscle relaxer for the arm and I take Advil for the headaches. As you get your anxiety to subside it will pass.

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I’ve had pain in my left arm to was so scared but it was a muscle my doctor said that’s now gone thankfully x

I do not know if you read one of the news letters that was sent out but it supported what my therapist had suggested to me. When I am alone and start feeling anxious just let it run its course. Do not fight it, do not let it make you more afraid. Per the news letter your nerves which are highly sensitized will begin to come back in order. I wish you the best.

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Thankyou I haven’t I will do that xx

Shariece, you have the reassurance of your doctor, a clinical specialist, an ecg and blood tests that there is nothing organically wrong with you. That should be reassurance enough. Otherwise you will spend the forseeable future trying to cure yourself of an illness you don't have. An impossible task I'm sure you'll agree.

So I suggest you switch your focus from these symptoms towards the cause of your symptoms: high anxiety. If you can fix your anxiety all the symptoms will disappear overnight.

Shariece, something happened to cause your nervous system to become super sensitive. Maybe worry. Perhaps stress or overwork. Or disappointment. Only you can say. If you can you must overcome this threat to your health. Take the advice of someone you trust if you must. Be ruthless if needs be. Put yourself first, put yourself and your children first.

Once your nerves become sensitive they fire off false signals in all directions. These are your symptoms. Small problems seem massive. Muscular pain must be cancer or heart failure and nothing else. All lies, Shariece, your body is well and waits on the return of your quiet mind.

You don't go out. This is your mind trying to help you, it knows you're anxious and is trying to keep you in a safety zone. Agoraphobia. But it doesn't help.

The way out is the opposite of what you're doing now. Stop fighting anxiety, that way lies more tension and fear. And it is the fear hormone and the stress hormone that feed the over sensitivity of your nervous system.

So stop fighting the bad feelings and instead accept them for the time being. Fully accept them for the moment, let them come: they cannot kill you or send you mad, that power is not within their gift. So why fear them?

Shariece, if you can deny your nerves the fear on which their sensitivity thrives then with time and rest they will recover. Not today or tomorrow, maybe not next week, but in their own good time. Invevitably. And all you have to do is to frame your tired mind to accept, accept and accept again.

So heal yourself of the cause not the symptoms, accept all the muscular tension, the pains and aches and bad feelings, cease to fight them and give your nerves time to rest.

This is the way to a full and lasting recovery.

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