Does anyone ever feel like something is wrong with them or feel like something will happen? I watch the news and see people get hurt or with diseases and start to think "what if that happens to me?" And it really ruins your day? I can be happy and excited for literally 3 minutes and then something in my mind says "what the point anything can happen anytime". I see posts on FB of people just getting married or make an accomplishments and BOOM something happens to them smh. It just makes me paranoid and takes away my joy smh. I've been under tremendous amount of stress and it started as stress, then anxiety attacks and then these negative emotions and thoughts flooded my mind smh. Now I can't shake them... I haven't left my house in almost 2 months if I do leave its to go to barber, get food, to the bank and if there is a family event I will be forced to go out of obligation smh. These thoughts are ruining my life. I can't enjoy ANYTHING. I was out of work for 6 months (one of my major stresses) and I finally found a job and I'm so depressed and numb I can't be excited smh. My chest muscles tighten up, my heart beats hard sometimes, I don't like being alone because I'm thinking nobody is here to save me if I can't breathe or heart stops smh. I always think something gonna happen. I dont have high blood pressure, good health and just did an MRI and it came out clear smh.. I just can't shake the negative thoughts..are the negative thoughts a symptom of anxiety? Or am I going crazy??? I dont wanna be like this forever smh.. My therapist said once all my underline stressors are fixed and I feel better with my personal life all the anxiety symptoms and irrational thoughts will begin to disappear. I feel like I'm in a bubble watching everyone enjoy life while I'm just watvhing everyone live life like a ghost.... Anyone relate?? I know its long but plz anyone help


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  • What's your daily activities like?

  • I have non honestly but a rundown of my day would be.... I wake up around 9:30am... Stay in my bed on social media, texting, and reading anxiety blogs LITERALLY until about 1:30pm I would FORCE myself to eat something sometimes I would eat later smh...around 5pm I would watch some TV , apply to some jobs (not working right now) and chat on the phone maybe depending who and sit in my room until about 11:30pm... Take a shower go to bed around 12 then research anxiety until 4am... Wake up every two hours... Then be up 9am can't go back to sleep and repeat the same things. I dont step outside my house if I dont have to. I hardly leave y bedroom. I feel like I'm in prison literally... My room is a mess having cleaned my room in over a month, I haven't washed my laundry in a month. Just home sad, crying and fearing health issues and accidents etc its scary stuff

  • i feel like this all the time i had my panic attack in june of 2016 and it just ruined my life i haven't been to the doctors to see if I have anxiety or not but i have symptoms that's anxiety related i constantly worry about my health and other stuff and like u said i can be happy for like 3 min and then thehappiness is over.

  • do you just stay home and worry all the time and are inactive? I'm going through the same thing, almost two ears now and I just run and hide in my room, until recently, you might need meds I'm on Zoloft right now but from tips from people that have gone through this you need to mentally decide to fight it and I was scared for almost 2 years I pushed myself to do some workouts at home, about 30 mins a day or three days a week start slow, but if you do need meds it takes 4 weeks ish to kick in but unfortunately a lot of the therapy you're gonna get is they are gonna tell you meds can only do so much m, you gotta mentally push yourself to do things you don't wanna do

  • I avoid people and avoid visitors when at home but once I make myself get out I can deal with people. I think it is weird that when at home I hide from people.

  • Non stop fear all day smh its scary as hell man. Fear of everything smh

  • I always thought I was alone having these fears. I'm exactly the same. Always cooped up in the house. So wish I can stop being sad and scared and get to enjoy life. News, social media and all negative things just worsen everything

  • I look at my old pics from literally just a few months ago and it seems so far away. Feels like I forgot how it felt to feel normal smh. Only time will tell...

  • Your describing all the horrible feelings of generalized anxiety, I've suffered this for many yrs, feeling scared, thinking something awful is about to happen, my advice wen ur feeling like this

    Dont go on social media or watch the news, talk to ur doctor, dont suffer this alone

  • You're right, I just feel like deleting social media and not watching the news is feeding the anxiety more. This is the main issue, the issue is us just being so scared of everything and babying the anxiety... It sucks... My mind is on anxiety 24/7 smh trying to find a way out

  • I feel ur desperation...the news feeds ur anxiety but u feel if u dont watch it its as bad...i totally get it, I have suffered this feeling all day every day then wen I sleep I deam im anxious, I feel sick, cold sweats, im irritable and emotional all at once, im just about to start my 3rd type of med to try and bring it under control, speak to ur doctor to see if he can give u some diazapam to initially bring u down from the peak of panic ur in, I found this worked for me then discuss possibly trying some medication to help control it, it dsnt go away but it can help u manage it.....mine was so bad early this month that I cdnt b at the birth of my first grandchild, it overpowered me and the feeking of guilt was immense but we have to keep fighting

  • I I feel that life has passed me by and I have missed out on so much due to this depression. When I have plans to so I sometimes I have panic attack and don'ts go but I am honest with friends and family about what I deal with and why I am the way I am.b

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