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Well. Everyday I feel like I’m dying

Good too see we all think we dying here. The ironic thing is we all will die oneday. I’m a Christian. I have been seeing a Counsellor, a group counseling group, and I pills here Ativan. I don’t want to take drugs. I have in the past and they never worked for me. Actually. The dr was telling me I do drugs. Lol. Like street drugs.

Everyday I feel sick. I feel dizzy and nautious. I feel pains everywhere. I have been to drs different issues were discovered but it seems like they don’t know or care. I know I have anxiety too

My anxiety is making me sick. I wakeup with panic attacks in the night. Sometimes I’m in public and I have panic attacks and sometimes multiple panic attacks consecutively. It can be very embarrassing.

If feels like god hates me. No one understands. And breathing doesn’t take away all these symptoms.

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Definitely not alone. I wont say though, that it's good to see we all think we are dying. But yes, it's true we will one day. Anxiety is a beast.

I'm a Christian. I have felt like God is disappointed in me. But hopefully because you're Christian like me, you continue to pray and keep on keeping on. Its definitely a tough journey.

If you like you can check me out on YouTube. I talk about my anxiety and fears.

Wish us the best.


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Yay. Thabks for the reply. I will pray harder.

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Cool hair. Love it. Thabks for sharing on YouTube.

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Thank you so much. I can definitely admit that prayer has helped me and I will continue to pray and rejoice in hope...😊 I wish you the best

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I'm also a Christian but like you I sometimes think God is not happy with me because I am suffering so much but I know this is not really so and just my depressed mind. I have watched your first broadcast on you tube and very impressed by your words, I will definitely watch the others

Thanks for sharing this.

I appreciate you watching. My goal is that my videos could be of some help and that many who can relate to know they are not alone. I know for me in my darkest times with anxiety and feeling ashamed and thinking God is disappointed in me, I'd cry and pray, and pray and cry. I will continue to pray and keep hope. I wish you the best. I will continue to do videos. It helps me.

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I find channeling into creativity helps with anxiety. So maybe that’s one thing that channels it.

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Happy Sunday

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Yesss I do agree. Tapping into creative inspiration. Sad thing is that when my anxiety takes over and brings on depression, I seem to hibernate and lose my motivation to do anything. But when I'm in a good place mentally then my ambition and drive is back where it usually is for me. I love channeling into creativity.

😊 Happy happy Sunday to you as well

yes~i believe in God~love God~but he is in hiding~~~i have been preyed upon~and now i see written off as useless !because i cannot conforn~you have to be a sheep snd where a mask even tho you'vr had covid BAA BAA

i have really bad anxiety i sent off for vals which help as a placebo~they were like coal dust fakes i am v angry they take your cash and run ! what else can i do to cope with this? no one here to help really~leave u to it~ jill~i have tried to get drunk and failed~i have no tabs its night~pray for me jill

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i hate when people tell me what to do... but.... alcohol causes me more anxiety and triggers panic attacks, same with weed.

i am sick of the pain now~~NO ONE TO HELP~the tarot predicted~i did'nt know when or even how~ i allways loved God and tried~but i was nothing much keep on til morning ~am not going to throw self downstairs

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hope you didnt give tarrot reader money..

well.i actually asked for money back~~as she promised this that about cash~it seemed no value to me~and she had OFFERED money back~she got angry and viscious and said about this grotty card, not naming it, what i have got now reflects very well a horrible tarot card, so i actually do believe, however, i believe you can foght and change things, as tarot is a guide~but its not easy to fight your own weakness etc in allowing this situation~suppose its part of the slow learn that life is~could do with a breath of air~we are 100 miles london where it is 34 but cloudy~heat still here~appalling, i am fair skinned too.

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I believe people are intuitive and can be helpers and, or Mediums. I just believe I. God not man. I donot trust man. And I don’t mean the sex of man hahaha I mean people.

We can pray to a the higher power.

yes~we can pray and then u either give up and collapse in the heat i make a list which is like a leash on my neck, a list~just to get through swelter day.

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