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I feel like I’m having a mental break down peri menopause? I don’t know


Hi I’m 47 and not had a period now for 7 months, my anxiety is horrendous so much so I’m afraid of leaving my home it’s affecting my job & having panic attacks that bad I think I’m going to die. Went to the drs and he’s put me on fluoxetine I’m on day 3 and today was really hard to keep it together it’s like my head goes into sheer panic and it’s going to explode or I’m going to have a serious panic attack I start sweating and feel so alone and scared and deep despair. Is this commmon ?

I’m experiencing heavy fuzzy head and feel so sad and I’ve nothing to be sad about all I know is this is so hard worrying about waking up in the mormomg and dreading going to work then not actually going. Ringing in sick then feeling guilty all day but unable to work cos of the anxiety and the terrible way I feel

Is there anybody out there feeling this way

I’ve no body to talk too


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I’ve done the same with work, just due to overwhelming anxiety and then the debilitating guilt. You are not alone ❤️ I think it can get better! I am not sure about the menopause but that might be part of it. The fluoxetine might take time.

Thank you for your reply ❤️ I don’t know if it is menopause I’ve always been a sufferer of anxiety but I used to be able to talk myself round but the last few weeks it’s gone so so extreme. I cried in the drs telling him I can’t cope with life and how I feel the terror and awful feelings that come over me sometimes I’m relaxed and I feel it starting like a wave then pins and needles sometimes. Deep breathing helps and drinking water but it’s got worse so I went to the dr. He also gave me diazepam the only reason I’ve coped for the last two days is because of them and I’ve had more than I should I will have to go back and tell him they are helping me as I’m adjusting to fluoxetine or I think they are

It sucks x

Ah yes. Mine got worse recently as well, but I think it’s going to get better again. I hate that this is how it is but I’m trying to accept it and let is frighten/frustrate me less. So hard though!!!

mags78 in reply to Niiiknb

Hello, i literally woke up now in the middle of the night with bad palpitations and anxiety . I am 41 and only recently I started wondering if my recent (last 12 months) symptoms may have something to do with hormones and perimenopause. I also suffered from anxiety for most of my life but never to this extent! And there used to always be a reason for feeling anxious. Now I simply do not know why I feel the way I do because all is going well in my life. I know very well those sudden ‘waves’ and pins and needles through body. I experience them and I call them adrenaline rushes. Very unpleasant and leave me feel drained for long. They feel like out of the blue panic attacks but the cause is not in my head but in my body. They feel chemical rather than psychological if you know what I mean. Does this sound familiar? I think we are through something very similar. I have been reading a lot recently about perimenopause and menopause and I’m pretty sure it’s hormones doing this to us. It’s a phase and it will pass. Very unpleasant though. Hugs 🤗

Niiiknb in reply to mags78

Hi mags ❤️ You sound exactly just like how I am and feel and yes it’s sounds familiar indeed. I too have been reading about it and how the estrogen levels bring on anxiety or make it worse

I sweat in the night badly so that makes me think hormones and peri menopause I’m going getting my bloods done tomorrow if I’m not then I’ve no idea why it’s esculated so badly lately

I try not to think about it but sometimes I feel it in my stomach and it rises up my body and my heart starts pounding and I get flashes in my eyes that makes me panic even more

The nights I’ve thought I’ve been dying or having a stroke ! I’m hoping the medication (fluoxetine) will help I’m up for anything at this point it’s reassuring to know I’m not alone though thank you ❤️❤️X

tamka38 in reply to Niiiknb

Hi I can relate to u I think am going through premenopausal too I have night sweats

can’t sleep anxious and my mood are up and down makes me feel like a crazy

woman and I went to my doctor Friday to get blood work done again and he said am

having severe migraines and I never had headaches and in when am on my period

I have heavy bleeding and blood clots and severe pain

Also, doctors are very quick to prescribe antidepressants without any further investigation. Your should have your hormones tested, including thyroid. Like I said, the cause may be chemical not psychological. Hormones can di crazy things to our heads, just think of post natal depression! I’m also on fluoxetine but I have been on it for the last 8 years, due to anxiety. It seemed to fix a lot until now but at the moment it doesn’t do much sometimes as I tend to experience brief depressed moods and anxiety for no reason. This is what made me think that something is changing within my body. I have not figured out yet what to do about it. Im still trying to educate in the topic as I’m new to it. Perhaps HRT (although it has side effects)..,Perhaps some natural methods, change of diet and lifestyle, more exercise. It can be managed. Not necessarily with antidepressants though. 😕 x

Niiiknb in reply to mags78

I just needed help so badly I decided anti depressants were needed as it’s all he offered me I’ve read that peri menopause can be treated with anti depressants so for me I am giving it a try if my bloods come back and I’m in need of hrt I’ll try it but don’t think I’m actually at that stage yet don’t think they give you hrt if your just peri but I could be wrong. I’ve tried 5htp but that made me worse and have tremors and panic attacks

I’m trying to change my diet got a soup maker for healthier meals & stopping coffee and more water it’s early days but this time last night I could not of been wrote on here or read I was that anxious and uneasy

Let’s hope we get to be happy again just normal would do me 😘

mags78 in reply to Niiiknb

Of course! Try antidepressants, i absolutely cannot advise against them since i am taking them myself! I really hope they will help you somehow. All i meant was that female hormones can be so powerful that just focusing on managing their balance can fix a lot. Im also preparing for the change, eating well, practising mindfullness, swimming and I quit alcohol and caffeine. Let’s hope it helps. X

Niiiknb in reply to mags78

Yes I was thinking of going swimming too I’m off work tomorrow and planned to clear my wardrobe so I’m not sat thinking and getting into a state keeping occupied all the time is hard though. I just hope I feel better than I did earlier today dr gave me diazepam so that’s masking my anxiety this evening - morning

Only recently have I realised how powerful this lack of hormones can be it’s very scary

I’ve tried a few herbal things but nothing has worked as yet

Gotta decide now do I take my fluoxetine at night or morning I’m dreadimg the way this is going to make me feel too as I no it can get worse before it gets better

Also sweat randomly too it really does suck xx

mags78 in reply to Niiiknb

I was always advised to take fluoxetine in the morning although after it has started working (a few weeks) it will not matter what time of the day. It’s half-life is almost 7 days! It means that once it is in your system then you could even skip a dose or two and you wont feel immediate side effects as it will still be circulating in your body. I had to stop taking it when i got pregnant and first side effects apeared after almost two weeks. X

Niiiknb in reply to mags78

Maybe go and get your hormones tested with a blood test x

Hi, I’m currently on fluxotine all I will say is it takes a long time to build up in the system at least 6 weeks, I find that they don’t help much with panic disorder at all in fact mine got worse but that doesn’t mean it will for you last week I was given beta blockers and they have almost stopped my panic attack’s x

Hi I’ve been given beta blockers too don’t seem to do much for me 🙁

I’ve woke up today feeling not to bad but I can feel the underlying anxiety ready to kick in so I’m trying to think positive I will try again with the bata blockers if it starts to intensify. I took the fluoxetine last night and slept well I’ll see how that goes x

Buy an oil from a health store, start with 1 spray on each forearm once a day and build up.

You'll be surprised at its effects.


As others have said, it might be effects of menopause since, like you researched, our hormones go wacky....def. have your thyroid tested too though to be sure that is OK. Keep taking the med as it does take time to build up. Did anything else recently change in your life at all that may have triggered the worse anxiety? I'm glad you are exercising some and keep doing that deep breathing and mindfulness -- that all really can help you - even once the med really kicks in.

your condition is very normal and lots of women experience what you are going through due to hormonal changes that occur.

has anyone recommended Black Cohosh? Or Magnolia? Have you had a look into these. And always remember. you are not alone. We are all here for you. You can even PM me if you need someone to talk to

Tyson1-3 in reply to pwr2u

Hi guys been reading up on ur messages

I am 48 and having bad night sweats and anxiety also losing weight as feel anxious 24/7

I have tried different meds but currently on citrapram been on that on and off for yrs

My last period lasted 9 days I was in a state of panic

Dr said it’s peri menopausal

But it doesn’t help me when I am sufferering with anxiety

I feel I am dying

And feel soo low

Dr has offered me mitzapine but sooo scared to take it

I take diazepam too 1mg a day

Plz any advice

Is this peri menopausal or is it anxiety just don’t know wat to do

I have lost weight too as my appetite is terrible and not Hungary xxx

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