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I feel like I'm dying all the time!

Sorry if this is long


I took ecstasy about a month ago, it brought on a panic attack amd bad trip, since the I think I have PTSD, or panic disorder, or hypochondria, or just severe anxiety, I'm not sure what I have.

After the pill I was fine for two weeks, until one day I was on the bus home from college (I'm 16), all day I felt sort of weird and depersonalised, so on the bus my anxiety hit me hard and I started having a panic attack, me and my friends got off the bus and I continued having this panic attack, I thought I was about to drop dead. I made my friend ring an ambulance, when I got in the ambulance my heart was 170. I got to A&E, they checked my heart rate about 5 times during the time I was there, after I calmed down they spoke to me and basically sent me home after reffering me to mindsmatter.

Ever since, I've been convinced I'm dying. I'm tired, barely sleep because I'm scared I'm not going to wake up, dizzy (I take iron tabets and vitman D and calcium tablets after a recent blood test, and I also take sleeping pills to send me to sleep because I literally didn't sleep properly for 2 weeks), my brain feels like it "buzzes" or is fuzzy most of the time, I feel depersonalised all the time, I see things that aren't there (like small black dots or lines of light), I constantly check my pulse because I feel like my hearts trying too hard to carry on pumping, I feel like I force myself to breathe, I have tinitus, and more symptoms.

I honestly just feel like my body is slowly shutting down on me and one of these nights I'm not going to wake up, I feel like it's tonight to be honest. And I'm just so scared I'm only 16 I don't want to die. :(

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Oh love your not dyeing, you need to make a docs appointment, what you've. Experienced is a panick attack, prob your bodies way of dealing with after Effects of taking that stupid pill whatever was you thinking, you need to tell him everything, he will help you. Do it now or it will only get worse if you don't. Your not on your own panick and anxiety are very scary. Your not dyeing. Xxx mandy



ive been doctors im on propanolol and im being seen my mindsmatter soon


No sweetie your definitely not dying. Sounds like you have severe anxiety. I have experienced everything you mentioned, and more over the past 15 years. It can be extremely scary. Did you have any anxiety or depression before takung the pill?


i have depression and went councilling for it and stuff,

i was never disagnosed for anxiety but i sorta felt like i had a bit of social anxiety.

yes its very scary:(

thanks for the reassurance:) and I hope you're getting on well!

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I was exactly like that like a couplemonths ago...i was afraid to go far away from my home i didnt eat cause i thought i was going to choke i didnt sleep i was literally going crazyy anxiety can drive you crazyy i was forever counting my heart beats checking my pulse i went to the hospital like 6 times thinking i was going tl die ,i wass afraid of dying i would just cryy and cryy but then i learned how to control it cause its just mental ... Everytimee you get a panic attack just breathe calmly and relax you can control it your not going to die ... And if you are scared of death just think to yourself nothing in life is promised the only thing that is is death ... So you got to live your life while you got the chance to becausee your going to drive yourself crazyy if your going to be worried about death and anxiety and panic attacks WILL drive you crazyy , i learned how to stop them without help on my own ; and everything im telling youu pple would tell me and i would just get mad saying they didnt jnderstand me and stuff but now that im anxiety free .., i now know they were rightt hopee youu cann get rid of anxietyy and just prayy alott

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