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Feels like I'm dying :(

Hi guys

I'm lying in bed and i have that terrible feeling that I'm about to die. It's that scary feeling by your heart. I was diagnosed with panic disorder 3 years ago so I'm on meds which actually helps alot. I've been so much better and just when I think I'm ok now my anxiety comes from nowhere like right now I feel scared like I'm going to have a heart attack. It was so bad in the beginning I had 10 ecg and all came out fine. I really hate this. There are sometimes weeks that I go without it now I'm just lying here my left arm numb that scary feeling it sucks... please someone tell me I'm ok :-(

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I know how you feel I always feel that way. But it's ok anxious is just a feeling like every other feeling so just let it be there and don't react to it you will be ok.

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I know how you feel last year my chest always felt heavy and I always could feel my heart pounding everyday and had X-rays and ecg's done everything was always fine. In moments like that you just need to keep breathing and think about times when you felt completely fine and that you can and will get through it. That feeling will pass, you can do it! I hope you feel better

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Hi currently im in a 24 hr holter monitoring. Cause 4 days ago i had skip beats and palpitate after, now im more anxious its 2 am here and i was about to pee when palpitation struck me again, felt like i couldnt breathe or something, i feel like going to tje ER but then its 2am and everybody is asleep. Hope and pray we cand overcome this sooner


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