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I Am Back Because I Feel Like I Am Dying

So I was on here before and I am at such a bad place. It started after I went to see my nutritionalist, who tested my body and found that my liver was stressed. I had just gone on birth control and thought that could be a factor, so I came off those. Anyway, then he said he was picking up virus in the abdominal area and my anxiety shot sky high. I mean it went through the roof. I have emetophobia, so hearing those words together just....

My mom said that could easily be do to the birth control and after he gave me my suppliments to take, I left. Well, things just got worse. My stomach was, again, my complete focus. I went on my period , stopped the birth control, and have had days of raw panic,dissasociation.

The day after, I took a drive with my mom and was starting to disassociate and it went into this slow panic attack.

When we got back home, i was sitting on the bed, feeling like there had to be something major wrong. It felt like I woul. Die or be sick or have a stroke, just spmething to match how physically off I felt.

Well now, i cannot calm myself down, i feel like something is reallywrong with me and cannot write this off as anxiety. I feel spacey, stomach distress (though not nauseous), sore legs and I need to go to the hospital, but my mom assures me I dont, as she also has anxiety.

I am at home quite often and I really cannot tell you the last time I wasnt focusing on how i felt.

Its been almost six months since i went to the doc and had full bloodwork, urine, thyroid, blood sugar, pressure, and physical exam complete. Now I am freaking that maybe this is low blood sugar or high blood sugar or something that could develop blood wise in that length of time.

Can anyone relate because it seems that when I compare how I feel, my symptoms are worse than they should be

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Hi welcome back

You had said the site was causing you to be a bit more anxious right?

I was doing well then BAM I am focusing on the symptoms.

Then when I do find myself distracted it's gone. And it's amazing how our minds affect our bodies.

Right now you need to get on some sort of med to help you a little. Don't be afraid. It seems like at this point nothing will get through to you. :(

Dunno where you are from but there are natural ways to help the anxiety. Go to a health food store and ask what they recommend.

You have those tummy issues, what someone asked me recently really made me think. Constipation can be causing you all of this. I was starting to get constipated and I focus on my tummy and sure enough it gives of that anxious feeling and feeling full to the point that it makes me feel short of breath. You take care of the problem and you start feeling better.

Right now I have a lot of neck issues and period issues its getting to me :( but I'm trying my best to distract myself. Wait for the doctors appointment to see what's going on to be on the safe side.

Anxiety well cause a lot of Ibs problems so try askin about that?


I won't take meds. Not because I'm afraid to, but because they don't solve the issue and I don't want to depend on them.

I hate periods.

And when I say stomach distress, I don't mean nausea or anything. I can still eat, I'm not constipated, etc. I almost feel like I know it is inside my head, but I don't know how to accept it is. Feeling sick is my biggest fear ever so to have only this start up after I began worrying over my stomach seems too....coincidental.


You are right to avoid meds - they wont stop the way you think, only you can do that. Have you tried EFT - Brad Yates ? That can certainly work at calming you down when you get over anxious. Google Brad Yates and he has videos that you can work along with for every worry. I have suffered with this in the past and it seems that stress can be responsible for pretty much any symptom you feel. The problem with (us) is that by focusing attention on each symptom we can increase it and by worrying about it create even more symptoms. I am sure you are not alwaysafraidyaz and that sometimes your attention drifts to happier things. You need to practice thinking about positive outcomes. Try Rob Kelly's book Thrive - It worked for me. Good luck


He does not diagnose or treat. I cannot really explain it, he just uses something that can tell when youre stressed and can test which suppliments strengthen it. But I believe that was from the birth control.


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