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I've posted a few things on here in the last 8months, that's when I started feeling "not myself". My symptoms have changed throughout these few months, thus making people think that it's all in my head and anxiety! I do believe that I'm making myself worse, but the more pain I'm suffering and these odd symptoms I have, makes me think there's something wrong! It's vicious circle I'm in, as the more I worry about my health the worse I feel!

It first started back in Feb this year, I had a constant headache and head pressure for days, as well as pins and needles in my arms and legs, every morning then all day, I went to the doctor, said it was tension headaches and said I should try and relax! Seen my optician, prescribed me slightly stronger glasses but other than that she could not see anything serious at the back of my eyes, I told her about my symptoms so she wrote to my doctor and advised I should get further checks, I think she could see how worried I was. I went back to my doctor and again she tried to put down to tension headaches and anxiety! I went back to the doctor but seen another one. Since then, now this is March, I have been to A&E at one point my pins and needles really scared me that my partner took me! Doctor ruled out stroke or something with my heart, I told her my symptoms since Feb and told her I was worried case it was a brain tumour, she tried to convince me that was not the issue! My new doctor sent me for CT scan, came back normal.

My symptoms continued and more from Feb to July/Aug

Head pressure

Dizziness though more lightheaded

Pins and needles



Stomach pain

Joint pain

Burning mouth

Weird tongue feeling

Spaced out

Feeling low mood

All these symptoms were going on while I was back and forth to doctors. I have been given blood tests, blood pressure, the CT scan, all coming back as normal, then my 3rd lot of blood tests came back in April, finally I thought this is why, this is the reason I felt so crappy, I had H pylori, doctor prescribed two lots of antibiotics and ppi. I thought I would finally be back to normal! Once finished the course, I started feeling sickly again, told the doctor, he gave me sick tablets, didn't care to mention that the antibiotics do what they do as well as getting rid of the good bacteria till I mentioned it.

After taking antibiotics, I developed oral thrush which I told them my throat felt as though there was something in the back of it, it felt like hairs, the nurse doubted me at first but done a throat swab and it came back positive, I was given oral meds and it helped a short while but didn't rid of it completely, or so I thought, I went back and she done another swab but this time came back normal, to my horror, as she wouldn't give me any more oral meds even though I felt I still could feel thrush at the back of throat.

In the mean time, I was still suffering neck ache and shoulder pain as well as pins and needles, from may I started seeing a chiropractor, he told me my posture was really bad as well having forward head posture, I was told to stop with the kettle bells and was to see him 2 days a week for at least a month or so. Still ongoing!

I also went to the dentist around the same time, she couldn't see anything untoward, though said I had a slightly geographical tongue and that I had a white coating. Told me to use a tongue scrapper and convinced me nothing serious was going on.

I have since done my research on h pylori as well as antibiotics, and I am now taking probiotics, mastic gum, vitamin b12, d and c, garlic capsules and oregano tablets.

With keep going back to Dr, he told me if my symptoms continue he would send me for a endoscopy, he did send me and all came back normal, that was in Sept, I have also had ultrasound on my gallbladder, liver, kidneys, all came back normal.

End of Sept I went back to docs to tell her I still felt as though something was in my throat, she sent me to the ear, nose throat specialist, went in October, consultant said she could see mucas at the back of my throat, this could be causing me discomfort, prescribed me a nasal spray and put me on omperzole as said she thinks I have acid reflux.

My symptoms continue:

Constant neck and shoulder pain

Iumpy feeling in throat

Pain in my throat


Ear pain

Light headed

Sometimes pains all around my body.

I feel like I'm 100 years old and that I am a hyperchonria.

Everyone is saying that I'm making myself like this as keep worrying, and putting my neck and shoulder pain down to anxiety am stress but I'm not sure!

I used to be more outgoing and doing kettle bells 3 times a week. Now I just feel in pain and unhappy, I just want to feel like I did back in January this year! I'm sick of feeling scared about my own bloody health! Can't help blaming this on the h pylori as that's when my throat thong started and stayed!

I'm sorry for this Long and moaning woo is me post but I'm at my wits end and just wanted to vent to ppl who may understand! My family and friends are supportive but I see them thinking "hyperchonria" and that hurts!

Sorry again for the long post 😟

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you described everything i have been going through except the h pylori. i was in and out of dr's hospital you name it pins and needles, pains etc and all always come back normal. Was checked for lyme and was negative, although the pins and needles have gotten somewhat better i still have constant muscle and joint pain, like today feel like i cant walk and have fuzzy vision and always feel spaced out.. im wondering if its the meds cause when i just had anxiety and before meds i did not have all these symptomns.

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Hi mpa5524, sorry to hear that you are having similar symptoms! It's absolutely awful feeling when you know that you just don't feel right! I too haven't had the pins and needles thing since starting the chiropractor sessions so least that's one thing! Its the throat feeling and neck and shoulder pain that's getting to me! Heres hoping we get to feel better soon! 😓

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my posture to is horrible, i work on a computer 40 plus hours a week and was seeing chiro and need to go back, getting a massage today after work praying it also helps some.. feel better soon


Well that doesn't help being stooped over computer for that length of time! My chiro said it's repetitive over the years, office work, gym, Ketton bells and generally wear and tear! I'm in my late 30s but feel 90! Ive just started yoga class so hoping that will help me mentally as well as physically! What kind of symptoms have you been getting?

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im 39, 40 next week and feel 90 also.. i just feel worn out neck and shoulder muscles alwayssssss tight and swollen and feel like im just dragging everyday like my body doesnt work.


Sounds very similar to me! It does make you feel old when your not feeling right! My neck and shoulders just ache and I'm in so much pain in my neck and throat even pains! Can I ask how long you've had these neck issues?

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neck issues on and off since May lately been really bad maybe cause of the anxiety.


Maybe, I just feel it's a vicious circle the more I'm in pain the higher my anxiety is! We can't win!

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yessss exactly


Very similar to what I've been through. Conquered the stomach issues and lump in throat. Now just dealing with head pressure and feeling off/disconnected.

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I'm happy to say that I am feeling much better and hoping you all are or will soon also :)


:) x


Any particular meds help?

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Sorry forgot to type that :). I'm on 10mg or Prozac and 60mg extended release or propopronal (beta blocker and I always spell that wrong ). And a massage once a month.


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