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I feel like I'm dying can someone please read what I wrote and let me know if they can help me! Please and thank you!


Hey everyone I'm 31 I was smoking marijuana on April 2nd of 2017 since that day I been feeling weird having all types of symptoms such as being lightheaded nausea headaches chest pains constant belching to relieve chest pain so I went to the hospital for it on 3 different occasions they all say it's anxiety I had so much blood work done it's ridiculous thy said everything came back normal had a ekg that came back normal x ray that came back normal been to my primary care doctor she said it's anxiety had test for thyroids also diabetes blood clots all came back normal I feel like I'm about to die the pain is so severe the worst part is I can't seem to think or concentrate right when it is happening my mind starts racing feel like I'm seeing things I feel weak like I can't stand move or nothing then it goes away I have at least 3 a day since April doctor gave me some duloxetine 30 mg to start with it help me but the side effects were crazy couldn't eat felt weak nauseated started sweating the side effects were horrible so I stopped taking them I don't know what to do anymore I always feel like I'm dying and worry about my life I have 2 kids they are 1 and 1 month and I worry about me dying constantly i need someone to help me through this if anybody can help me please do thank you!!!!

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Hi Brandon, anxiety comes in different forms with a lot of symptoms. If you had yourself checked out numerous times then you need to stop telling yourself that you're dying. I know its easier said then done but having all these negative thoughts isn't helping the anxiety. The symptoms you're having (nausea,dizziness, headaches, light headed, etc.) are all symptoms of anxiety. I know its hard to believe but the more you think about the symptoms the worse they get. Put your thoughts towards your kids instead of putting your thoughts toward dying. Theres also a lot of things you can do, eating healthier, exercising, reading, listening to calming music. Hope this helps and good luck.

Thank you so much I'm trying and I'm going to continue to do so I appreciate you replying!

No problem, feel free to ask away on this forum. We are all hear to help and share our experiences with how we cope with anxiety.

Deep breathing exercises. Listening to calming music and gentle exercise eg walking in wooded areas etc. It all helps to desensitise you nervous system which sounds as though its been agrevated by the drug. Go on Youtube and watch Noah Elkrief give talks on anxiety, depression and panic attacks etc. Hes very good and hes helped me a lot. You may need to watch them several times, but he works with you to reason it all out. You will recover, just try to be patient with yourself and give yourself time. Go with the flow of the feelings if possible and slowly you will improve. Pauline x

Thank you I will look him up today

I am sorry you feel so badly. It sounds like you have panic attacks. They can make you feel horrible. I think once you have one, you can bring back the feelings instantaneously to have another one. Smoking pit gave me the worst anxiety attack ever and I would never do it again. I can remember vividly how it felt. The thing with anxiety is that the more you fear it and look for it the more it controls you. It is so hard, but you have to take leap of faith and keep moving forward even when you feel badly. There are a lot of good books out there and they are on audible so you can listen if you can't sit down to read.

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I'm trying to do the best I can it's just that my symptoms are familiar with a heart attack that's why I get scared because idk which one is happening

that's like me all started when I smoked weed and I stopped straight away it will be anxiety I get loads of sympoms especially chest pains and also palpitations I got checked for blood clot aswell cuz my blood test for thjat came back postitive it will be okay

I know I been several times they say nothing is wrong but the symptoms are similar to a heart attack that's why I worry so much

same here mate I get chest pain.. left arm pain... jaw pain(rarely) back pain sometimes constantly my chest pains haven't been there for a while tho..

can I just ask how long your chest pains last ? and where about? mine only last a few seconds sometimes but can also last for a few minutes... sometimes feels like a lightining bolt going through chest sometimes pressure sometimes just slight noticeable pain... and sometimes even abit of pressure and a red mark where that pressure is strange right? all anxiety mate

It last for at least 10 minutes the worst part is my brain is everywhere like I start feeling dulusional I start having headaches and I start feeling like as if I can't breath

do u ever get a feeling where you have to take a deep breath? like I have to take a deep breath every 30seconds or so? anxiety is so complicated but ye headaches are rerally really common for anxiety try eating brain foods

What like fish and nuts or something?? And yes all the time I feel like I need to take a deep breath

yes! fish and nuts are what I eat atleast twice a week for fish every day for nuts they are amazing.. and ye sounds like anxiety even google 'constant urge to deep breathe or yawn u will be surprised how many people do

I also belch a lot to like constant belching for nothing I'm just glad you wrote me and shared your story because I need to know I'm not tripping I need to get through this just don't know how but I'm learning!

I do that then I can hear noises near my heart gas related and ye always here to talk you should have a look at my posts maybe that will help if u have any of those symptoms just message me if u have any questions happy to help :) how old are you? im 18 but smoked weed for a year all of a sudden bam palpitations then came all oter symptoms its crazy I thought weed helped anxiety depends on how your feeling and the strain I guess and how ,much u smoke ...

Thank you I will go read your page I had smoked like 2 grams of loud then all this came about its crazy I'm 31 been smoking on an off all my life and this was the first time that it happened that's why I'm so confused

just happens suddenly tbf its mental health anything goes wrong even the slightest then mental health gets it haha.. your brain is so powerful

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You can store the by product of marijuana in your liver and it can start releasingit and cause symptoms like anxiety. My friend's husbandhad it happen to him after years of smoking.He started having anxiety attacks. He stopped smoking,started running and not drinking and got better.

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Thank you I'm doing that now hope it gets better thank you for your response

Hey wassup Brandon its crazy me and you are experinced the same thing i been this way for 7months already mines happen for smoking weed i had a massive panic attack that i couldnt calm down me and my friend smoked from the same blunt he was calm and i was going nuts like my heart was racing really fast i could calm down this happen around thanks giving it was a crazy experinced my friend was telling just try to relax because we smoke the same stuff and plus i was the one that rolled up the blunt and everything after that day i was in and out the hospital because my heart would be racing really fast for no reason after that day with out even smoking it was crazy like that one day messed me up and now i have all types of sympthoms i never had a day of my life before it happen i was smoking for two or three years sometimes when i use to smoke i use to feel my heart poudning fast but it would go away i use to pay it no mind but this one day it hit me crazy hard i thought i was dying or having a heart attack ever sense then i been having it none stop i guess weed wasnt for me plus im 20 years old by the way . but hopefully we get through this

Dang that's crazy I'm 31 been smoking on an off my whole life and this one time is the worst experience ever and my symptoms never left I had them ever since what have you done to make you feel better has anything helped you or made you feel better?

Yeah its a crazy thing and i been trying cope with it but i think i have severe anxiety disorder because it happens everyday daily my heart beating wierd somtimes really fast or hard all types of body sympthoms like muscle spasm moving different places in my body and sometimes pain in my arms and legs and chest and back its crazy another thing is feeling my pulse beating behind my legs aswell its scary i had a rough 7 months that no one will ever understand and docters have gave me meds but i wasnt planing on taking them

Smh that's the same thing I'm going through doctors gave me some duloxetine I took them for 4 days they work but the side affects ain't worth it I stop taking them right after it's to much but I'm trying to deal with it on my own but it's hard you actually feel like your going to die and the symptoms are similar to a heart attack so that makes things even worst for me thinking it's that instead of anxiety

yeah man its a crazy thing i never thought i would be this way espically after smoking weed i guess the strains are different some a stronger then others and remember every one has a different system then other i guess my nerves a really bad doe because now i get nervous really fast for no reason my heart starts racing like if im getting chased but i like to know what exact happen to you that you this way ? did you smoke to much?

I think so I smoked like 2 grams of loud that day back to back and right after felt as if I was going crazy sweating light headed throwing up my mind was constantly racing about what's going on and what is wrong I really felt like I was going to die ever since I been having these same symptoms 3 times a day at least

oh for real and how long you have been going through this?

Since the begging of April this year it's now july

oh for real its a crazy feeling for real my body getting tierd i cant tell

Hope you get better if you find a way out let me know please

i will keep you posted you to let me know aswell

Will do

my ask do your heart races ? at times

All the time right now it's racing and I'm relaxed as I can be

Hello, its anxiety, the big A will make you think something is wrong with you! All of the test are normal so you don't need to worry about that! It sounds like you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, please visit with a psychiatrist and he/she will put you on non addicting medication to help....once you get on the right medicine your anxiety will be controlled and you will have your life back! It also sounds as if you were afraid to smoke and from that point it caused anxiety! Try to relax and know that anxiety will make us think we are losing our mind or have health issues....those two side affects are the most common when it comes to anxiety! I have gone through the same thing! Once you learn how to cope with it, you will see that your life is back to normal...it's all in the matter of accepting what's going on with your body! I wish you the best!!!

Thank you so much glad you responded everyone input plays a big part of this because I'm not alone and help me better understand what's going on I really appreciate it I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and go from there if you have anymore input about anything just write me please and thank you!

No problem, we are here to help!!! Things will get better!!

Thank you alot

Well, im only a teenager so i dont have much but i have emetophobia thats because i have anxiety. And maybe its the fact that you were smoking at all. Sure your old enough to but maybe your body was not ready for it. How about trying to get some rest, stay hydrated with h20 water, and maybe have an ice pack for your fore head when you get hot. And maybe take a break from smoking.

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