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Hello I've read many posts and as I've read them it helped to take my mind off of my symptoms. I'm praying for all of you. My symptoms started in July of 2016. I am 52 and was getting over some depression and anxiety from lower back pain prevenhing me from being as active as I was before. Pain was decreasing when I started having hot flashes and getting emotional and headaches and some palpitations. Those symptoms have lessened and doctor said palpitations were benign. Echocardiogram was normal with mild aortic valve regurgitation that doctor said was minor finding and not causing any problems. They will monitor it over the years. But now I'm feeling on and off uneasy feeling and a bothersome vibration in my body that I gr when I'm still or if I get really anxious. Today I got over excited about something and as I was going up stairs I think I felt weak and that vibration. I sat down a while and it went away , I don't know if this is all related to anxiety or menopause or my leaky heart valve or combination. I had blood test three months ago before I felt all this and doctor said normal.


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  • Hi sunshine, I really sympathise with you, I'm 54, menopausal, have Crohn's disease and suffer anxiety along with a bulging disc in my back!! So similarities. So I understand it's so confusing when you don't know which one is causing your symptoms. That then makes you feel anxious I know. If I was you I would go back to the doctors and tell them how you feel, perhaps some counselling may help. It's easy to worry yourself sick with it all. I'm at hospital tommorow for a procedure and I'm going to talk to them about how I feel because I don't know if my symptoms are crohns related or menopausal. I hope you have a good day today.

  • Thank you I'm praying for you. Yes it is confusing when you don't know what is causing the symptom.

  • The other thing to do is ask for a copy of your blood results. That way you can see for your self where your levels are as the range can be quite large. You can see where you are within the range and perhaps you may need supplements to bring them up a bit. Thankyou for your kind thoughts 🙏🏻

  • Hi Angep. I too have bulging disc, and take ibuprofen 500 mg 3 times a day, could you tell me what you are doing are taking for yours. I just can't never get comfortable, expecially at night when I am trying to lay down and go to sleep. I have been doing therapy, but the pain is still here. It's very depression and aggravating.

  • Hi the doctor gave me naproxen and amitriptyline. The amitriptyline stopped the spasms and the naproxen dulled the pain enough for me to work. However I wouldn't recommend them (naproxen) because they can cause you a lot of damage so I wouldn't take them ever again. I think they may have contributed to my bowel perforating but that's just my opinion. I know it's very dibilitating the pain and it made me depressed too!!! Sorry that's not much help really.

  • Hi valachia, I have been doing gentle back exercises from Dr Vijay Vad, his book "Back Rx", A 15 minute a day yoga and Pilates based program to end lower back pain". Very gentle exercises that help you develop strength , flexibility and endurance for your back. It's very gentle and you go at your own pace. Available on Amazon. Also I sleep with a pillow under my knees to take pressure off my back. Acetaminophen helped me when I needed it and ice pack after gentle exercise. Light walking . Don't carry heavy things while you are recovering.

    When I started vacuuming my house again and over did it my back pain flared up but eventually reduced with gentle exercises and proper neutral posture. Yes it was depressing. Know that you will get through this. I'm praying for you.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Menopause can bring on anxiety and a host of other symptoms so my guess is menspause and anxiety. Try your best to eat healthy and exercise stay away from caffeine if possible and take time to do things that relax you. Guided mediatation before bed would help too.

  • Thank you for your advice.

  • Thank you

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