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my history, and hospital update

a little history about me...

Im 25 years old, very very active guy, worked out 5 -6 days a week, 2 hours a day, hardcore weightlifting as in squatting 400 pounds, benching 350 and deadlifitng 415..and cardio and sauna sessions, diet would be clean during the week and a lil dirty on the weekend as my reward

along with my workouts i would take supplements as preworkout and creatine and protein..alot of caffeine

my last physical was 2015..everything was normal minus cholesterol. Everything healthy MINUS Cholesterol, it was slighty high so i changed up my workout routine where i incorprwted alot of cardio, and lost alot of fat..havent checked it yet

anxiety started august 2015 after i was layed off work...i stressed out due to having to pay my bills and no job

started with symptoms of shortness of breath and chest pain..Minor panic attacks..i actually remember seeing my blood pressure and it started my panic attack..for me it was all new so it was very tortoirous and scary..it messed up with my head so much that there was a period of time that i slept in my car outside the hospital because i felt safe there in case anything happened..

During that period i went to the e.r three times for shortness of breath and once for chest pain..all was new to me..everythings came back normal ( chest x ray, blood tests, ekg..was preceibed xanax as needed by er doctor..said it was anxiety

primary doctor checked me..stated it was anxiety..also prescribed me xanax as needed and refered me to psyciatrist..

psyciatrist wasnted to start me on treatment but i declined ..teventually i was able to mentally get through it after i believe 3-4 months of torture..wat motivated me was my girlfriend at the time..

after that i had a completelt normal life where you could say i beat anxiety...until it came back on september of this year 2017

before i continue heres a little bout my work life.since 2015 until october of this year 2017 i was working alot of graveyeard shifts..sometimes period of time where i would work two full time jobs graveyard and during the day with about 3 hours of sleep a day..alot and alot of stressful situations as well..

september is when little by little i would feel wierd mino minor minor diziness..wouldnt really pay attention to it..little by little day after day it started getting worse..to the point where it would be accompanied with feeling out of it, derealization, feeling like wanting to pass out, wobbly legs, heavy eye lids..shortness of breath, thats when i researched and found this website..saw alot of people who had the exact symptoms so i assumed it was anxiety related since i had it before..

didnt go to work for 1 week from how scared i was

went to the hospital october 10, everything came back normal, blood work and ekg normal

symptoms would vary by day..derealization seemed to dimish a bit but diziness is still there, feeling of wanting to faint comes and goes depending day, and occasional foot pain, feels consticted sometimes, and occasional blood pressure spikes..some days would be easyyy with almost no symptoms and the next day would be torture..each day varied

i was starting to finally manage it a bit since i got rid of some stressors when another stressful event happened involving my dad( i was there in hospital with him when they diagnosed him with infection in bone) , this was last friday

I felt the tension and stress just take over my body when i heard those news and seeing my dads face

since then i would get random bp spiked and diziness worsened

went to hospital monday of this week

Everything came back normal, ekg, chest x ray, blood test, urine test, ultrasound of organs and blood vessels and arteries,

my blood pressure hasnt been spiking as much anymore since my dad looks better and is taking the news better..

but thursday i woke up with chest pain..all day,

and today as well

came to er..they stated chest xray, ekg and blood work all came back normal, all they gave me was motrin due to chest cavity pain

next tuesday i have an appintment for a full physical with my primary doctor and wensday with my eye doctor

and now it is present day..

im assuming what im going through is stress / anxiety related..its been a very rough month with these new symptoms..ever since these new symptoms hit i completly stopped workong out, my diet has gone downhill, appetite has gone down, my motivation has been my wife since she gets hurt seeing me go through this..ive seen how much it has affected her so i scheduled a consult with a psyciatrist to see what treatments there is..ive been dealing this naturally but its a hard road especially with diziness symptoms..

thanks for reading guys

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Ok,so you kept a good record whch is good. But all seems to relate back to situations triggering anxiety... believe many people would be disturbed about some of the things you mentioned. Am very glad you are having another physical and help for anxiety. Anxiety is manageable once you are cleared of all physical causes and find the right therapist or doctor for you. Please don't give up.

Recently a doctor RX for me a simple blood pressure medication that is helping me stop nightmares I have had for 17 years. The military use it for soldiers with PTSD nightmares. Don't know how or why this RX works, I don't have a blood pressure problem, and my blood pressure remains the same but some nights I don't have these terrible nightmares now. So don' t give up. Anxiety is a very sneaky creature.

Keep us posted and I wish you well xx


What medicine is it, Hearyou?


Prazosin hcl 5 mg. But doubt if any MD is going to prescribe that for you until your physical status is clarified and some psychiatric/therapy has addressed the content of your nightmares and why you are having them.

I know my PTSD and my nightmares are related and my brain reruns how that huge truck hit me, so I know why I have them and it's a matter of what I am going to do about them. So I know exactly where/how my anxiety and depression were created.

Don't jump to using a medication until the MDs and you know what is causing anxiety or depression.....don't want anyone to jump to a medication that may just mask the cause of anxiety, and end up causing side effects, ok?

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It sounds like you are doing everything you can do. My anxiety can be the exact same. A therapist can help you recognize triggers and develop coping skills to get you through bad anxiety episodes. It’s good to know that your health is otherwise good. Hope you can get back to exercising. Exercise and staying busy is the best medicine! I hope you can find some relief. Prayers for your dad and a speedy recovery.


So many people go through years of this and it just continues to feed off itself. You get stress, then the symptoms start.then you stress more and the symptoms get worse. It’s a vicious cycle.

Too many people say no to meds that a psychiatrist suggests and want to do it the natural way. Well guess what...there isn’t a natural way. If there is it rarely works. If there was a natural cure for this, everyone in this site would have been trying it and be cured by now.

Most of the time, meds are the only way to get control over this. I wasted almost 3 years of my life trying to deal with anxiety the “natural”. All I did was get worse and worse and stress out my wife who was trying everything she could to help me. I finally broke down and went to a psychiatrist and got some meds. It took about 2 months to really start working and the last 6 months have been my best in years.


that is exactly my situation..and your conpletely right..thanks for your words..much appreciated

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Hey. I know how this feels. If you were to go read my old posts from august on u would see how much of a similarity we have with our symptoms. As of current day I barely have anxiety attacks but I'm far from cured. I still have chest pains and derealizations and dizzy spells. I was just diagnosed with having hypoglycemia. You are going threw alot of stress. I am also 25 years old. I know its hard to trust drs because you cant really explain to them how it feels. Its like u just wanna transfer the issues to them so they can help you and feel it. BP does spike during stress. Although u may not feel it it's happening.

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Its classic case of anxiety. What yoy need to do is get that physical and once you are cleared physically which is more than likely hobby to be the case then focus on behavioral health. seeing a psychiatrist will help you a lot. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks fore almost 4 years now. funny enough mine started just like yours. I lost my job and my doctor said that I could not cope with the loss of my job because of all the financial stress. I have learned to deal with it cause unfortunately sometimes it doesn't go away. My fear is just like yours my brother... life isn't always going to be perfect and what happens when the next bad news comes in. I fear that I won't be able to cope with it all. I just take it one day at a time. This sort group has really helped because we understand your pain... we live it every day too and know that you are not alone. I workout 5 days a week too but font bench like you though lol.... know that we are all here for you. I hope you get better and feel free to follow me too.

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Well you are not alone, believe me. Trading your story sounds all too familiar to me, it is a part of anxiety that many people go through. I finally came to the realization that I will always have anxiety, but some times it will be controlled better than other times. I really do a lot of self care like meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, try and eat clean and get enough sleep. You need to take care of your mental and physical health as a first priority. It sounds like you are heading in that direction by finding out what your options are from a psychiatrist. No shame in ever needing help even if you decide to take meds, sometimes you need them to help you get through the rough times. Good luck!

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You're not alone, so many of us have the weird dizziness and other physical symptoms that are really troubling, it's my main symptom and makes me not want to do anything/go anywhere. BUT you're strong, life is stressful, just get the tests done and you got to believe the tests and doctors when they say it's anxiety, easier said than done I know but baby steps!

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Wow, I remember having all these symptoms, I was around the same age too! It was horrible. Totally relate to what you're going through right now. It will pass in time. If it's any consolation I'm 45 and I am fitter and more healthy now than I felt all through my 20's! It really does get better after 30.

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Thanks EVERYONE For your words

knowing im not the only one going through this will definielty help me in pushing forward theough this horrible experience

being able to relate to you guys definiely helps me in my situation

thanks for your support everyone!!

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Do you still get them ?


Your in the right place. Mine actually started after injecting some test. My father in law was moving in that day too. I got paranoid that I gave myself an air embolism and bam. Heart palpitations, diziniss. I’ve had all kinds of weird symptoms. I have blood pressure spikes when I get really upset. I remember my dr prescribed me blood pressure meds and my cardiologist got pissed and told me not to take them because I have white coat syndrome and it would mess me up. I feel for you dude. This crap is completely screwing up my marriage and I seriously don’t know how to get better. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and have tried three different meds. There had to be a way to beat this. I seriously don’t want to go down like this. I used to be such a warrior. I used to bench around 400. Squares around 500 and deadlift was 600. I am far from that now. I feel like I’m just a pathetic shadow of who I used to be. My physical strength is gone and is now replaced by a mentally weak and pathetic human being. You are not alone and it totally sucks.


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