Skipped heart beats :(

Here I am again looking for anyone who fees the same I do so that I don’t feel so alone. A year on from when my health anxiety started and I feel at times no better than I was back then despite undergoing numerous sessions of CBT which still didn’t help. I feel helpless, tired and frightened. Predominantly my causes for concern are with my heart however I just spent 3 days in the hospital for a miscarriage and was assured there was nothing wrong with my heart, I even underwent surgery. However here I am 4 weeks later and I have been up since 3am woken by skipped heart beats and every time I go to drift back off to sleep bam another one! I am exhausted and a young mother of a 15 month old - I don’t know how much more I can take. The thought of living with skipped beats for the rest of my life is such a gloomy thought but in the same breath I am thankful for my life. There’s no doubt I am experiencing high amounts of stress at the moment and likely have a lot of hormonal issues going on under the surface but these skipped beats are making me really unhappy and are taking away my zest for life. Are there any other surferrers able to offer a solution. I have had ecg’s in the past that haven’t detected anything but no further tests than that the doctor seeems reluctant to refer me for any. I am iron deficient following my miscarriage and heommorage which I am taking medication for. Thank you for listening x


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  • Hi Kellylou. I too have been having skipped beats. It sure is an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes I get so completely exhausted, as well, that I think I too am experiencing a cardiac issue. I do use a CPaP when I sleep but I don't think it's helping, so my psychiatrist ordered a referral to a sleep specialist. She thinks that I am not getting enough oxygen during sleep. This issue can cause heart irregularities. She also ordered an EKG, of which I have had several, which showed no problems.

    Is it a possibility that you need a sleep study and a CPaP as well? Do you snore? Feel very tired upon awakening? Wake with headaches? If you have these as well, I recommend a sleep study for you. It can make a world of difference! Give this some consideration. God speed!!

  • Hello Kellylou So sorry to hear your story but dont despair skipped heartbeats are very very common and a symptom of anxiety I get them they used to bother me but last year I had serious chest pains and was rushed to hospital I underwent lots of tests and all fine I know now like you my heart is ok so I ignore it when my heart skips as I know it's not going to hurt me I can really recommend Dr Claire Weekes books she will tell you to just let go don't pay any attention to them They are normal and your heart is a really strong organ

    I'm so sorry about your miscarriage I have had one a long time ago but I know how painful it is

    I hope I have helped Stay strong and you will get there xx

  • I had the same problem years ago, had tests done even the 24 hour holter monitor. Still went on. Even went up adose on my blood pressure meds. Then I made a doctor appointment I asked about Xanax which I got. Started taking Xanax on a Monday and by the end of the week no more skipped beats. It was all anxiety. Thank goodness I asked for the Xanax.

  • Hi love, there really is nothing wrong with your heart. It is all anxiety related and possibly hormonal. I had irregular heartbeat for years all tests showed normal but I’d have literally for days on end. Like you I couldn’t envision a life with this happening. As soon as I fully recovered from years of health anxiety my irregular heartbeats stopped and only return when I am very stressed or tired! A heart problem doesn’t come and go, please read Dr Claire Weekes books, you can get them very cheaply on Amazon. They are dated but so wonderful and they set me on the path of recovery.

  • Hi Kelly I have spent the last 2 years having skipped beats due to me having my second child being born premature and I got anxiety from it ...I too have had cbt therapy and been on anti depressants ...I have heart tests and my doc too says it is anxiety life too has been hard dealing with them everyday and not enjoying life the same way any more ...even tho I try my best ...I have two kids and sometimes I feel I can't give it my all due to these stupid skipped beats ...xx

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments - just what I needed x

  • I know exactly how you feel. It is absolutely terrible and eventually you become so engrossed in your heart beats and when the next one is going to happen that you get totally stressed out by it. I wish I could help you but maybe just relaxation might help and not worrying about them so much. But I know that is easy to say but very very difficult to do. . I am here if you want to talk about them. Sometimes it helps knowing that someone else gets exactly the same as what you get. You can relate to that person.

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