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Back to back skipping beats

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I've lost count with the amount of times I've gone to the hospital and specialist for my heart. I've been experiencing back to back skipped beats more then usual. It's stressing me out. It comes and goes.

Has anyone else experienced this? I briefly did a Google search and then stopped because i started reading things that were obviously nerve wracking.

I hate This feeling of helplessness.

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Just let it be my friend. If you feel helpless, let it be. Being stressed about the way you are feeling just keeps the anxiety merry go round spinning. Let yourself fall into any state and go with the ebb and flow. As Dr Claire Weekes said in her book about accepting the symptoms, bend like a willow in the wind. Same as an aeroplane wing I suppose. If they were rigid, they would snap but are designed to flex so they don’t snap. You won’t break if you let your anxiety run amok and do nothing to try and change it. Anxiety is a paradox. The less you do to try and stop feeling anxiety, the more you recover.

I feel those and I get how you feel. They are pretty hard to ignore and so concerning to me as well. But just relax and hang in there.

Hi, yes skipped beats are very annoying and uncomfortable.

I’ve found that taking marine magnesium and hawthorn berry capsules really help.

Take care x

Right there with you. Same for me too! PVCs are what I was diagnosed with. They can happen back to back. YES! My anxiety kicks in when this happens. I've been prescribed propranolol 10mg as needed up to 3 per day. I am taking one a day in the AM. Seems to help calm me with less PVCs and have better control of my anxiety. I hate taking meds but didn't have much choice. Take care my friend. You'll be fine!

Yes exactly the same. Feels like my heart has a fit for a second or two. I too have been to hospital and had countless tests and they gave me a clean bill of health. It's at least nice to know that other people experience the same thing. My only conclusion now is that it's down to stress and anxiety.

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Beevee in reply to scottlayton35

You've hit the nail right on the head. 👍The only fly in the ointment is that your anxiety will keep trying to convince you that there is a problem with your ticker. You will try to rationalise this in your head but because you have anxiety, it will only give you an irrational answer! Its the same as trying to fix a problem with a problem and the reason why acceptance if the symptoms works and to stop trying to rationalise anxious thoughts and to just let them be there and not do anything about them.

I feel like this to 5 years of it. Checked out and became obsessed with running to the drs. I feel so calm and they happen anyone else? Im terrified

Just had 4 today , I don’t think it’s anxiety . Went to get “evaluated “ and they told me it’s in my head . like how terrifying is that . Why couldn’t they just check me out . Maybe I should go to ER .

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