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Ectopic beats :( anxiety

I am freaking out, I’ve just got to a place to eat and my heart started skipping beats once I’d sat down and now it’s racing because I started getting worried about the skipped beats I can feel them in my pulse and I’m so scared of them 😢

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Hi I suffer from ectopic beats laurenx95 I had svt and had two ablations. Ectopics are very very unpleasant and frightening but I’m assured by my cardiologist that they are harmless and everyone experiences them just some more than others. I have gone through cbt and try to relax when they are bad mainly at time of month or when I’m ill but they are daily. You’re not alone x

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So many of us get irregular heart beats, I've had it twice this year, it's very common amongst people with anxiety disorder and won't harn you I assure you. Fortunately, I know they're harmless and will eventually cease so I feel no fear for them. Fear only makes them stay so ACCEPT them calmly for the time being, try not to add second fear to first fear and CARRY ON AS NORMAL. You will soon be free of them I promise, they are not worth worrying about, they can't harm you or your heart. Everything isgoing to be ok.


ive been getting them again, the skips, and extra beats mostly when i stand and walk around, also pain in my arm and chest i cant help but worry about it again?? it went away for about a month but now its back ): i have been really worrired about otherthings aswell though


They do tend to come back from time to time but I think you know now that it IS anxiety that causes them and they are not life threatening. The fact that you are worried about "other things" has no doubt caused the irregular beats to return, errivbr46778778, but you know from your previous experience that by just accepting them calmly is the best way to rid yourselfof them. I hope you're not still worried about that infection and the conclusions you jumped to.

You are a born worrier, errivbr46778778, but you will survive all these 'problems' I assure you so I say again: just accept these missed heart beats and the ache in your chest which is caused by muscular tension, try not to react with fear to these things and they will pass all the sooner. Chill is the word, you know there are people on this forum you can share your problems with.


I get these all the time. Especially when trying to sleep. Sorry you are too):


I get them I mainly only feel them cause I get them in my neck, like everyone else says they are harmless and won’t hurt you, 90 percent of people get ectopic beats from time to time but don’t notice them or their heartbeat unlike us with anxiety who notice it.


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