Anxiety or heart issue?

I am 21 and I’m so fed up with these palpitations!! The last 7 months I’ve had racing heart which I ended up in hospital for a few times due to having huge panic attacks at the same time and getting so worked up. They have never found anything each time just that my heart was 150 once or twice but I was really worked up! My rhythm was still normal apparently so they wasn’t concerned. I’ve had loads of ECGS a chest x Ray and 24 hour monitor nothing’s came back apart from like I said the fast heart rate but once I had calmed down it came down on its own! The last 2 months I’ve not had any of these episodes but now I have skipped beats where I feel like it’s stops then thuds after and it’s so scary, I’ve been told they’re not dangerous but they sure feel like it!!!


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  • I know the feeling, my heart rate 90 percent of the time is over a hundred bpm and get told it won’t hurt my heart beating that fast. My rhythm is normal even with the palpitations so they are not concerned and just say it’s anxiety. The palpitations can’t cause damage to your heart as it is your electrical system of the heart and not the structure. Plus for your heart they take age and lifestyle as a factor such as smoking and more likely to have a heart attack over 60. X

  • Lauren, you're o.k. believe me, if someone was taking bets whether you have anxiety or a serious heart prolem I'd sell my house and put the money on anxiety. If you want the palps to stop then just accept them as not a problem, don't add second fear to first fear, think of them as an old friend☺ , just let them come and let every muscle in your body go loose and limp. Palps love you to be uptight when they strike, if they can't frighten you they get bored and stop bothering you. So that's the secret, Lauren, ACCEPT the little blighters and before you know it you'll be free of them, not that it really matters whether you've got them or not, that's the attitude.

  • Thankyou so much. I know deep down if it was my heart I would of been more poorly by now the amount of times I get them! I think I just need to accept that I have them and deal with it :( x

  • Lauren, could I just say that the Acceptance method for recovering from anxiety disorder was first set out by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book "Self help for your nerves" available from Amazon either new (or used for £3.50 including postage). I believe you will gain understanding, reassurance and a road to recovery by reading this book. Whatever you decide I wish you a full recovery.

  • I’ve been recommended this book lots of times now so I’m going to order it! Thankyou!

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