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Hi..I just got a weird set op skipped beats, I suffer from PVC and PAC and sometimes I feel like I get a long run for a few seconds but I can't really understand how many and in what sequence because I get so scared that all i do is hold my breath.

I feel like I am going to die and I go in panic... doctor said my heart is fine but I can't imagine anyone living like fear that something could happen and these beats could turn into something bad.

I am always scared one o these beats is going to turn into some deadly arrhythmia

I don't know what to do anymore...these beats are ruining my life and every time something weird happens i go back down being scared and fearing for my life.

I always feel like I want to run to the emergency room but then i go and they tell me that nothing is wrong...

Does anybody feel like this? do you experience anything like it?


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I do.

Right now I'm on the bus full of people and my heart just gave one huge beat. It did it twice in a space of about 40 min.

I'm so scared something happens while I'm on the bus. :(


I also do what you do, hold my breath.

My heart is also medically fine.

So maybe we must stop worrying and they say your heart is in the middle not where I feel my weird beats.


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I know i should stop worrying but I just can't .. i really want to get back in shape but every time i try to work out I get these beats and it's a constant reminder that something is wrong and I get scared that I might die at the gym.. I really wish they could just go away.


We going through the same thing right yours is skip beats mines are extra beat arrythmia fast really fast when im out its like im holding my breath and it makes it worst like i have bad mental issues and i saw cardiologist two months ago now i feel like i see another one to get another opinion but idk i saw him he said my heart looks fine and he says i have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one but its crazy because these are really bad fast heart beats its like i really get nervous really bad like my nervous is so bad that i even shake i have beta blockers even doe the docters say dont take it because young i still take it sometimes because my heart be going so fast sometimes like i have hesrt problems but i notice that it can be also my mind because it calms down and it goes away after i fought the fight or flight response but my feet start tingling after i went through all that try to calm down my heart when it happen i breath and try my hardest to relax because its crazy


I get some long runs of skipped beats- ive had them about 4 years now- went to my doc in tears- ekg was normal- doc ordered holter monitor which did Show my "skipped beats" - was told everyone gets them- still went to cardiologist who told me same thing- they still scare me- magnesium helps- hang in there- we are just fine🐣😁


You're not alone I'm also going through the same thing. I had my first bout of pvcs about 4 years ago. After I seen a cardiologist and cleared me they went away after awhile since he said it was due to my anxiety. I was fine for a long time, I would only feel it every now and then and they wouldn't bother me. But about 3 months ago I changed jobs and I was stressed out over that and not sleeping well as this new job has me working a new schedule I started to get them again. I've had the big thump,the couplets that beat out of rhythm and sends this overwhelming sensation through out my body.. I'm really freaked out, I know I've been through it before and I was fine but I can't help it I really did myself in this time again. Almost as this is my first bout. My anxiety is on high alert now and I'm slowly trying to get out of this funk. I still get that depersonalizing feeling from time to time witch I hate. It starts after I get a palp


The doctors have been telling me that my heart is fine and that this is all from anxiety... I just find it really hard to break the cycle, if you know what I am talking about, the more palpitations i get the more anxious and then more palpitations.

I know these are from anxiety but that doesn't make me feel better, they still scare me and I am still afraid they can bring up some serious arrhytmia ...unfortunately i read too much and I make myself even more anxious.

I feel them constantly, all day long, I don't understand how someone is supposed to live like this..

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mines is extra beats like mines go super fast arrythmia the the docter say i have it but not a dangerous one but i feel like i got it worst over the two months i saw him its goes super fast idk then they say my heart is fine


I just felt one just now here at work and. I'm freaking out already predicting the next one. It's horrible I know I feel them through out the day at any giving moment. I was told that pvcs are NOT a sign of a heart problem. You would have to have more symptoms for it to make sense.i try to tell myself that if they haven't done anything to me yet then I shouldn't worry.


Normal. Dehydration makea them worse. Bad night sleep makes them worse. To make them better drink lots of water. Get some some magnesium into your body - transdermal is best (soak through your skin). Get extra sleep. Do some relaxed meditation. And google "valsalver movement". Will stop then instantly.


I did try the Valsava maneuver sometimes but idk I feel weird and scared that i might be doing something harmful... i have a really bad anxiety over my heart and I am scared of nearly everything that can harm it or somehow change my heartbeat


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