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Eptopic heart beats

Eptopic  heart beats

Hi there everyone my name is yvonne I have been suffering from these awful frightening beats for a few years now along with severe anxiety. When I first got these the doctor put me on haf inderal which is now changed to propranolol and after a couple of months they seemed to dissappear on got a couple a week but hardly noticed them at all . But this past year they have returned quite bad av taking myself in to causulty twice in the past 3mths as the were incredibly scary . I haven't felt them as bad as this. When I get them bad which always seems to be when I lie down . Anyway I read everyone's posts as it reassures me and calms me down the doctor gave me 5mg of diazapam to take wen I get really frightened to calm me down I very rarely take them as I hate taking tablets. And I know they are addictive. I just hope one day theyou go away . I am also very over weight and I know this is putting strain on my heart and anything I do that increases my heart rate I get loads of them I so want to do power walking as I am starting to loose my weight and I know I need to also excersise but it's a viscous circle cause wen I walking I get themore then I panic am at a total loss these are controlling my life please someone help . Oh also iv has three 24 hr monitor over the years all normal xx

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Hello Yvonne

Please try not to worry they are ever so common and not dangerous at all

I was rushed into A&E with severe chest pains earlier this year and I do have a heart problem So now I never worry about these ectopic heart beats as I was thoroughly checked out and I know they are nothing to worry about

I use to "tune in " "to them and think omg this is a heart attack and get myself in a right old state they also had nothing whatsoever to do with what I now have

Even though I know you have been checked out and told you are fine it does take time to start to believe it Keep reaffirming it every day

If I was you I would walk gently at first and build up to power walking Walking is great for relaxing you so start by a nice stroll each day If you go too fast your heart will pound and make you feel worse but if you do it gently you will feel nicely relaxed then bit by bit you will gain confidence that it isn't going to harm your heart in any way and you'll be off 👟👍🏻

I really can recommend the NHS 12 week healthy eating plan for weight loss it's brilliant and there is a forum like this one and we all support each other Just type it in and it's all there to go week by week Week 2 is all about exercise

Please also read as much as possible about anxiety/ panic attacks it will really help you to see that you have nothing to fear

Loads on You Tube too for relaxation videos I do a 30 mins walk come home and lie down and drift off to one The combination of exercise and relaxation has been wonderful and got me well

Do take a tablet if you feel you need to it won't harm you now and then but yes they can be addictive I was put on them for years and had an awful job stopping them Now and then is fine

I hope this has helped and put your mind at rest ☺️

Take good care 💕


Hi there thanks so much for your reply I will try but I am now at he stage where I am wanting to pay privately for a angeogram to properly check my heart out this is how scared I am x


Well if it will make you feel better go for it I had one and was told they are the gold medal of tests and if it comes back normal then it really is

If you do decide to go ahead its nothing to worry about at all

I'm very happy if you need anymore support to chat anytime

Take care good luck x


Dr. Sanday gupta


Dr. Sanjay gupta


How are you doing today ? x


Hi cat only had a few over the past couple of days just was a video of a doctor talking v about eptopic heart Beats it was so helpful x


Dr sanja kupta


Oh I'm so pleased you are feeling a bit better and the video was helpful I'm sure as the days and weeks go by you will lose your fear of them

I forgot to say an angiogram is a normal thing to be offered if the doctors suspect there is something wrong so as you didn't get offered it you can rest assured you are ok

Good luck and get well xx


Yea been watching loads of his wee videos he has a face book page I sent him a freinds request he accepted but wen I messaged him.on messanger it says we're not connected on face book sor I'm confused and worried it's a scam as there was a rude post at the top.of his page


And also find it strange that a doctor would accept a random Freind request


Yes sounds a bit dodgy Have you looked on You Tube there seems to be videos for everything on there ☺️


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