Skipped heart beats/ectopics

Hi everyone. I have been feeling pretty bad since July. I had a horrible experience that resulted in me having constant butterflies in my tummy for weeks and horrible impending doom feeling. After that it turned to a full blown panic attack and I honestly thought I was going to die. I went through more horrendous weeks of feeling so nervous I couldn't sit down, I couldn't eat, headaches, ibs, racing thoughts that I had some terrible heart disease or problem, muscles tension and frequent panic attacks. I've got my appetite back and I'm not longer too nervous to sit down. My panic attacks are not as frequent and my muscle tension has went away. I've been left with skipped hearts beats and ectopic beats, I'm aware of every single one of them. It gives me a very weird warm sinking feeling when it happens. I constantly check my pulse and look for answers on google. It's getting me down, I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE!!! Doctors have given me a number of ecgs and bloods. Came back perfect. I'm waiting on 24 hour heart monitor ( to reassure me doc says). I can't help feeling that doctors have missed something. I'm too scared to sleep at night it's debilitating. Is this anxiety or something else? Has anybody else experienced this? Sorry it was so long and thanks for reading


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  • Hi i understand exactly,i too had the exact same feelings,nervous feeling inside all day every day,couldnt relax and sit still,i had panic attacks one after the other,and yes i am waiting to go on the 24hr holter monitor as i have have been getting regular skipped beats which i agree scare the life out of you,please be reassured that your doctor has done some tests and they were fine,anxiety is hard to handle and sometimes it overwhelms us which gives us our bad days,also i have learnt that we are so sensitive to everything in our body,that is why we feel our heartbeats and can feel when anything is different,it does get you down,i agree,some days are easier than others,and i too search google looking for any answers or reassurance i can find,however i know that i have suffered anxiety for 30 years now and had every weird symptom there is,and found there is no magic fix,we just have to realise that we control our own level of anxiety by how we think and react to it,please try to sleep at night as this gives you strength to keep going,you will have good days too and find your way to work through it,never give up,you will always be able to handle it,and we have the power within ourselves to do that.i wish you well

  • Hi thank you for replying to me. How did you manage to get over the nervous feeling and that? I just get worried I have a heart problem that the doctors keep missing. I didn't have worries about this until I got anxiety though. Every day is a struggle and constantly finding cures and tips on getting a break from this. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I'm waiting to get therapy and I'm on a waiting list but it's an agonising wait. Everyday I want to beat this horrible anxiety but I can't... I hope you feel better soon as well x

  • Hi everyone has anxiety at some time,but some people can just put it down to being nervous like sitting an exam or going to the dentist,they never let it take control they forget about it and carry on with their day,we seem to have made it so important in our lives that we are controlled by it,and because we suffer so long with it,our brain and mind releases lots of hormones,i was told cortisol and adrenaline which gives you the horrible symptoms,i have days where the constant nervous shaky feeling is there all day,and i have days where i can feel a bit more relaxed ,breathing slowly and from the stomache not shallow breathing from the chest helps,i was told to write down how i felt and try to replace a negative thought i was having ,like instead of thinking this anxiety is unbearable ,i cannot cope,im going crazy,with a different thought like here comes my anxiety again,ive felt this hundreds of times and im still here,ive never fainted,never lost control and have never lost my mind,sorry if im waffling on,but i hope you get what i mean,therapy like CBT tells you you have to accept your anxiety and make it less important in your mind,then it will start to be easier,meditation music,and living in the present moment not thinking about yesterday or tommorow can also help,hope you dont have much longer to wait to see a therapist,and remember there are many anxiety and panic attack sufferers on this site that totally understand and will always offer words and thoughts to help,good luck with your journey.

  • I can sure understand EVERYTHING that's being said on here, I've been going through this for about 57 yrs. now. I'm 67, and A widow, for 8 years. Its absolutely unbelievable, how hard it is to Grow old alone. I have a wonderful Son and two great Grand kids... 14 and 18, so I have at least a couple phone calls and, or texts, aday. and we visit a couple times a week for an hour or so. That leaves a lot of alone time. No friends, hard to go out and find friends at 67. So as you can imagine my mind has lots of time to play tricks :) plus the fact the older you get the more chance there really is something wrong. Its a constant battle, that's for sure but I Garentee you CAN get through it, and will get through many battles with this terrible mind and body game that seems to be a part of life for sooooo many of us. You said something in your post that really got my attention, its why I answered this post, I usually don't reply much. You said "I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy" that's what my Mom used to say, she suffered most of her life with this too. This IS such a hard thing to deal with, but then look around, at all lives challenges, Look at all the different handicaps and diseases, mental and physical that millions of people go threw and survive :( We can get through this, and learn to live with it. I've got a big battle going on right now. good luck to all of us. Hang in there, and never give up :)

  • Hey yes it's most likely anxiety pretty common symptoms but it's great to get it checked out as it does put a lot of stress on your heart .Iv been going through the same symptoms ectopic heartbeats my ECG was slightly abnormal. My HR is also always very high . I'm having more tests as well & in the mean time was sent home. It's a horrible feeling to live with .

  • It's really scary that it does cause strain to your heart and probably damage. My ecgs have always came back abnormal but only because they were fast. Doctor had a good look at them and said they were perfect and it was nervous illness. I don't know whether to believe them or not. I hope your tests come back perfect. Everyday is a nightmare to live with this.

  • Thank you! It is a nightmare but always have hope! We will get through this

  • If you've had your heart looked at and they say you're fine than you're fine physically. when I'm anxious I'll get hundreds of papitations a day. When I'm calm I'll get none or so few I don't notice. I didn't suddenly get healthy my mind calmed and my hormones didn't kick any up. Try this....ask elders in your family that have heart issues if they get palpitations. Almost all of them say no in my case. Yet people with anxiety get them a lot. It seems to me that people with no heart palpitations are the ones that need to look out. Lol

  • Hi I have been through and I am going through this too . When my anxiety started I could bearly sit still with all the emotions firing around in my body and as soon as I relaxed I began to get heart palps it is unreal I have had them 11 months now and has made my anxiety worse too . I have had tests done too and the monitor my heart palps did record on the monitor but doctor said they were not serious one even tho one felt so bad like a thud in my chest . I feel alone too and scared everyday to move I have gained a lot of weight because I'm afraid to exercise incase I die. I don't know what to do either it's so hard to understand anxiety

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