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Dizzy floating sensation when I lay down... still happening

Hi All.

I am at my wits end because I cannot for the life of me believe this is anxiety. Every time I lie down to go to sleep my body begins to float.. move but its not moving, its all happening inside. My head goes around in circles, but not spinning... I feel like my back is sinking into the bed and my neck is uncomfortable. This has been happening for nearly four years now but is getting worse because it is now interfering with my sleep. I lay there feeling the sensations and cant shake them off. Does anyone else have this? Is it anxiety like I have been told? I have changed my antidepressants from cipralex to prozac. I am on day 16 of prozac 20mgs and hoping that will do something to help, but the anxiety I am having over this floating sensation is awful.

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When I meditate I get this feeling its almost as if my soul is trying to "astral project" i one time had your exact feeling so much during a meditational state and I was looking at my body from my right side.. it was so intense but so amazing at the same time I woke up and was just sitting like WHAT JUST HAPPENED

It very wel could be anxiety depersonalization could be the symptom but it also may not because depersonalization has you thinking reality is a lie so hmmmm

Maybe you have a very spiritual side at night I would further research this check out astral projection and third eye maybe you have better luck there but even if it isnt related its a good read :)

But my guess is its anxiety again if it really concerns you goto a doctor but you have had it for 4 years if it was deadly you wouldnt have lasted 4 years thats the truth so just go get checked out maybe get a sleep test since this happens at night maybe something in your brain is signaling sensations only at night or when you lay down a doctor is better for you than this forum


Am really sorry.


Debhie, I feel the exact same way.


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