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Elevator Floating sensation

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Hello can some one help me im having a very bad elevator feeling when i walk or even stand still its been going on for months i had a mri and a ent all test came back negative my iron was low so i been on iron pills for months and i still have the same feeling some days it mild elevator sensation some days its worse i am a femail 34 years old this taking over my life all i want to do is sit down and im starting to feel it when i sit as well

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Sparkt31, Hi, you are not alone in that sensation. Only the description of the feeling is different. I remember those days of feeling unsure of every step I took. The floor seemed to move beneath my feet. For me it was the sinking feeling of walking on a trampoline, sometimes a rocking boat. Standing still was just as bad and as for sitting, I felt I had to rock in order to keep my balance. It's anxiety at it's finest, playing it's mind game, taking control over you. It may be uncomfortable but not dangerous.

Ways that you can get control back is to allow it to happen without expressing any fear. Fear only allows the adrenaline to increase. Accepting that it is anxiety and not some dire medical issue will allow the feeling to float past you. When we are afraid, our nervous system goes into overdrive which increases the tension of our muscles throughout the body including the tiny muscles down the ear canal. As those muscles tighten, they squeeze so hard that it throws off our balance system. You want to rid yourself of that feeling whether walking, standing or even sitting, by deep breathing. Deep breathing will allow your mind and body to calm down and give you back your control.

As you put one foot in front of the other, imagine it being on planted ground. The ground is firm. You are not sinking. You are safe. As you body becomes more desensitized to this feeling, it will disappear. Breathe Sparkt, Breathe your way through this feeling...xx

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ks1966 in reply to Agora1

Excellent reply !

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Sparkt31 in reply to Agora1

Hello agora1 yes I do that and it dose work at times but some time its so bad where I try so hard not to think about it but that drop of a elevator be so intense to where I be wanting to sit but I'll try very hard not to think about it when it happen and I'll let you know the result thank you for your response

I have anxiety disorder and i definitely can relate this happens to me every once in awhile it used to happen very frequently but like they said once u except it and tell urself your fine it disappears before you know it & yes deep breaths & cold water helped me to over come it once it happened and my mind started to ease its self once i was told by multiple doctors that i am healthy and its my anxiety in full effect

Yes Destinyweathers I need to except the fact its part of my life and move on with my day and hope it goes away I just want to go back toa normal life thank you ill keep you posted

You will get back to normal in no time! Prayers for u honey

Thank you I hope so !

& yes definitely keep me posted

My anxity is still here it keeps me up at night my head feels do tight i just ish this would go away

f you have a problem absorbing iron then you may have problems with other minerals and vitamins

have your B12 and folate levels also been tested?

this is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency (folate very similar)


if other things on the list make it seem likely then please take a look at the PAS forum on health unlocked - the test for B12 isn't the most accurate in the world


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Sparkt31 in reply to Gambit62

Hello my iron always off and i wwnt Iin that site you posted and i have alot of those symptoms ima ask my doc can she check me to see if i have that disorder thank alot Gambit62

Have you had your ears checked out ? Sometimes the inner ear can shed one of the little granules which can upset the balance...it settles down eventually but you could ask to see an ENT co sultant or get some pills if that's the problem..(..if you get car-sick or get sea-sick, or drunk ;without the good bits) it's a bit like that feeling.......I would call it "disorientating"

Ah...I've just read Agoras post......yes I think she's right...good luck....

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Agora1 in reply to Maribee

Maribee, you are right about Sparkt31 seeing an ENT. Sometimes crystals can be the problem with feeling dizzy. Good name for it "disorientating" x

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Oh god i experienced this when i stopped taking my meds cold turkey. NEVER AGAIN x💜

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Horrendous is defo the right word 💜

Hi Spark, this is a classic agoraphobic sensation and rest assured it is very common. I still get it when under severe stress and my sister (aged 60) never goes in lifts now but always uses the stairs. She just finds a way round it. That's not to say you will always avoid them. Agoraphobia is often misunderstood and people think it means you never go out but it literally means fear of the market place as you probably know but it is even more then that. Unnatural or stressful environments with a lot of visual information eg supermarkets can make it worse. Think of it as a kind of visual overload which brains find it hard to cope with especially under stress. I have found that the 'rocking and swaying sensation' can be generalised to other situations eg standing in queues is a classic example and is another reason why agoraphobics avoid supermarkets as well as all the visual noise. For me and many others with agoraphobia the off balance and unsteady feeling on our feet especially in public makes us fear collapse and something terrible happening. With age I have learned to notice what my triggers for it are. People say don't avoid situations but that doesn't work for me. Avoiding them until you are more relaxed has worked for me best but everyone is different. When I was in a really stressful job years ago was what really triggered mine. In fact it wasn't until after I left the job that all the stress and panic attacks caught up with me. I felt drunk when I was walking out and had to clutch on to my head. Even now, I need to be near walls and if in a public place eg cafe have to have a wall behind me. But you can learn to manage it. My best advice would be to talk to someone eg GP, counsellor about it because it's very common and then find a solution that works for you which might be talking therapy, medication or some sort of relaxation technique. Or even all three! When people talked to me about deep breathing I tried practising it but because something else (stressful job) was causing it, it only had limited effect. But those techniques are useful when you are in a more relaxed state to be able to prevent or keep anxiety at bay. Hope this helps. Most of all be kind to yourself. x

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Agora1 in reply to FoggyMoggy

Hi FoggyMoggy, a very interesting response. I wish I had read this years ago, I might have been able to avoid 5 years of Agoraphobia where I was house bound. It started with the ground moving under me and escalated to severe anxiety and then agoraphobia. No one ever explained that to me. Thanks for your input. I find I learn everyday from others experiences. Have a great day! x

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FoggyMoggy in reply to Agora1

Thanks Agora. I have just learned things as I've gone along. My sister had it first when she was 18. She is now 60. In the 1970s nobody talked about it, I know they don't much now, but there was no internet, or support around then much. I think she was put on tranquillisers. I got it at a similar age after having medication which took my blood pressure down too quickly and I fainted in public! I was then terrified about fainting or getting the same sensation again and so it generalised to so many situations. It is natural to want to avoid stressful places that make our balance feel threatened. But a lot of the literature says if you avoid it, you will make the fear worse. That might be true for some people but my own experience has shown otherwise. I remember having a terrible phobia about going to London where I used to be able to go. So I avoided it while I was going through the worst but then when I was more relaxed I went with my sister. It was really good because I had a Plan B and she understood and I felt I could back out any time. But I didn't. And so I felt really good and empowered about going that time. If I'd have gone in a stressed and anxious state that would have only exacerbated it! I hope you are feeling more able to deal with it anyway, Agora. x

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Agora1 in reply to FoggyMoggy

Hi FoggyMoggy, You are right in that everyone finds what works for them. It was a long and lonely struggle finding my way out of Agoraphobia but I did it. I left anxiety in the past and will never allow to take over my life again. I stay positive and try living in the present. I wish for everyone to once again find themselves. It's an incredible feeling. x Thanks for your well wishes.

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Sparkt31 in reply to FoggyMoggy

Yes foggymoggy i think I am stressing so much worrying my self thinking about my health trying to diagnose my self constantly worrying on why this is happing to me I focuse on that so much

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FoggyMoggy in reply to Sparkt31

Hi Spark, indeed, and worrying always makes things worse, though it's hard to switch off, it sort of feeds on itself which is why it might help to get some other help to break that anxiety loop, whether counselling, medication in the short term or relaxation. Please be assured though, that it is very common and you are not alone. People have come through it. When I first had it I'm sure i did everything in my power to fight it but once I accepted it was happening and part of me and a normal response to fight or flight I felt a bit better about it. By accepting, I don't mean giving up. Just learning to live within my limitations at that particular time and not to beat myself about it. Wishing you all the best. (((Gentle hugs)))

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Sparkt31 in reply to FoggyMoggy

Hey foggy i will try self healing before i try medications my doc gave me bysprone she said its the lowest anxiety med with no side effects but i have no took a single one yet i dont want to be depending on no med every day of my life i will do what you said and keep my mind at ease and hope it will pass it happens bad at work i keep working tho and i Google stuff about my health alot and all my semptoms it says m s, cancer anxity, vertical, BP drooping then my mind really gets to going every time i get that elevator sinsation my head will get tight in the back and their i go picking up my phone google my symptoms but ill try hard to do what you said hopping for better days for people with this stuff ill keep you up dated foggy if you find more cures let me know

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FoggyMoggy in reply to Sparkt31

Hi Spark, I understand you not wanting to take meds because they can cause side-effects and people can get dependent. I guess I meant just through the difficult times. But usually doctors prescribe them and say take every day. But I now only take them occasionally so I don't get addicted. Not everyone can do that but it has always worked for me! But did you say to your GP that you didn't want meds? You could dry just taking a half if you can. I was like that with Seroxat, was prescribed it and took ages before I'd take one. Then spoke to a pharmacist and he said it might help you feel better so I took the smallest dose.

Also Dr Google is the worst!! You look them up and then convince yourself you have the worst thing, when all you were doing was looking for reassurance. I have so been there. That is part of the anxiety though, fearing you have the worst.

Other things that help me is absorbing myself in something I love. If you love eg reading, painting, writing, music, crafts etc. You get absorbed in them and can forget for a while. Best wishes x

Hi Sparkt31, I think I misread the feeling you are experiencing. I took it as feeling the floor beneath you sinking with each step you take. After re-reading your post and the continued problem you are having with this, I realized what you are feeling is the fear of fear in your stomach.

That dropped feeling is purely "high anxiety". It may have started out as a true fear of something and has now escalated into being afraid of the fear itself. At this point, high amounts of adrenaline are playing a big part in the continuing cycle.

It's an "excitement" response that can be controlled and eventually eliminated by deep breathing. Deep breathing can be used for every aspect of anxiety. By doing it properly, it slows down the nervous system and our breathing which in turn can bring everything back to a more relaxed feeling.

I use YouTube and listen to Relaxation and Deep Breathing whenever I feel this "scared" feeling starting to over take me. It is the same as that sinking elevator feeling. Take some time aside for yourself. Bring your shoulders down, sit up straight with a pillow behind the small of your back, let go of your thoughts for a moment and BREATHE...Slow and calm breathes will begin to alleviate that sinking feeling. Remember it is not a one time fix but a new way of approaching each day.

Again, I am so sorry I misinterrupted your post. I hope you give me a second chance and try this. xx

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Sparkt31 in reply to Agora1

Yes agora1 i will try the relaxing tips you gave Ill let you know the result I don't tell people what I'm going through because they will think I'm crazy until it happen to them but I feel comfortable because I'm talking to people going through or went through the same thing

You sound just like me.... I've posted about the elevator feeling too... check our my post and see if it's the same feelings

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Sparkt31 in reply to Ashley1489

Yes i read your post several days ago the same thing i have going on how are you treating the feeling i have had this going on for a few months this is so irritating

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Ashley1489 in reply to Sparkt31

Honestly I'm not having those dropping feelings as much, but I'm constantly lightheaded though.... the symptoms get better if I take mind off them and stop googling lol... I do crafts or draw and I have tohave my music and my headphones it's a must... :) best of luck hun. Message me if you want to talk one on one.. hugs,😉

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Sparkt31 in reply to Ashley1489

Yes I have the lighthead stuff as well it feel like no oxygen getting to my brain when this happen and ima try my hardest not to Google becous Google will have all your symptoms under every cancer their is thank you for responding we can message each other as well

Also what exactly had your doctors told you??? Just anxiety

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Sparkt31 in reply to Ashley1489

My doctor send me to get mri E E G and I had a ultrasound on my heart as well back in 2015 and i wore a heart monitor for a week all negative just low iron but the number was only 11 and a normal iron level for a 34 year old is 12 somthing so it's not that low she still have me iron pills so the stuff is still happing and I been on iron for two months now she don't know what wrong just like I don't o yeah I went to ent as well and normal went got eye check needed glasses eye doc said but I wore them for a day and I had a split head ache an I seen horrible with them on I don't need glasses u read every word on the board he still gave me a prescription so I'm just waiting for the symptoms to disappear on their own I just hope I don't pass out that would not be good so sad !

Hi I have GAD and have these feelings as well I saw a few ENT never found anything until the last one sent me for extensive Balance testing and it came back that I had bilateral vestibular loss I have a loss of balance reflex and it makes me not want to leave my home as well like having anxiety wasn’t enough this had to pop up too. Ugh. I’m not sure if this is your issue or not just thought it throw this out there good luck

Aww ima see if i can get that test done becouse that elevator sensation drives me crazy how do you deal with it every day help me out ?

Honestly I didn’t even realize It was a big deal I figured it was my anxiety plus i stay manic I’m bipolar 1 mixed rapid cycling with psychosis so honestly i thought it was in my head I had no idea I had completely lost my Balance reflex I compensated for it by tilting my head to Balance myself and never noticed it until I was shown a video of what it looks like as a normal person walks compared to what i experience when walking who knew that everyone else’s world didn’t bounce around like mine I had no clue lol

It’s about 5 tests I went through was supposed to take 3 hrs It took 5 I had the turn chair the air blown in my ears which o had no reaction too and a few other tests but the final was I ice water into ears that one I failed apparently normal people would be on the floor vomiting he said where as i had no reaction not dizzy or anything just cold

Best advice I can give you is to keep a log of all your symptoms where when and what you was doing ect. What helped what didn’t one it’s good for drs to see what ur going through and perfect for disability evidence if you ever need to apply. Also look deep inside you find your inner strength grab it hold on tight cause your gonna need ur inner strength to get through life with any illness...

Thank you ima keep going threw life as if this never happen to me I'll keep note as you said because I have days where my balance is great then I have days where I hate to walk but I still do I'll keep you up date and if you find any thing that helps you please let me know I'll let you know as well good luck to you

Look on my post Hun we relate so much

Omg I have this same problem..I feel like I’m floating I guess? I don’t know how to describe it but when I’m walking, I don’t feel grounded to the floor..have you figured out what’s wrong? I have anxiety but I don’t think that’s it

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Zagzig1111 in reply to Katelyn88

How are you now?

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Katelyn88 in reply to Zagzig1111

Still have it..I think it’s the agoraphobia but my meds make it worse

I have the same feeling. Is it still going on for you or have you found a solution?

How are you now ?


I think I can relate to your symptoms. When walking, it is as if I took an extra step. Sometimes it feels as I am drunk...a sense of staggering. MRI & other tests are normal. Wish I could find the cause.

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Agora1 in reply to dbtaylor

Hi dbtaylor, I had that myself years ago. It was everything you described and more. As if

I were in an elevator or walking on a trampoline. As I looked into why this was happening,

I discovered that it had to do with my cautious, anxious mind. My over sensitized nervous

system which kept me in a constant state of anxiety. With that, the fight or flight response

was activated. When adrenaline rises it affects every part of our body, mind and nervous

system. Working on your anxiety and stress will eventually cause the nervous system to

settle down and that is when the symptoms will disappear completely. :) xx

I know I’m reading this late but please check my latest post and tell me if you’re experiencing this too

I have this feeling on occasion. It unnerves me so bad. I take ativan to make it go away. Sometimes, I still feel it. I am sorry you have to feel it. The floor moves sometimes too. Talk about a panic attack...ugghh. If I eat right and get enough sleep....I don't seem to have them. Good luck to you.

Omg I take klonopin for it too! I take it almost everyday because it affects me so much...do you look at the floor and it looks like it’s moving too? This happens to me..I can’t tell if it’s a side effect of psych meds or something:(

I have the same problem, when I stand up, I do not know if its because i might have gotten up too fast which I always try and take my time in getting up, and then its so bad that I feel dizzy and have to put my hand on my head and it gets really bad, and there is no way that I am able to go and sit down , because there is not a chair no where bear me too sit down. Why is this happening ?

I suffer everyday from this ! I feel like im on a elevator that goes up and stops reallly hard multiple times a day and dizziness off balance and brain fog . my ears are fine i dont know whats happening

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Katelyn88 in reply to Jenn515

Same here..I wrote on here a year ago and I still have it but I try to get by with just taking klonopin but my body’s grown a tolerance..do you take any psych meds?

I know its an old topic, but maybe you are still here. It could be Vestibular Migraine too! You don’t have to have a headache with it! If you have facebook and still having this awful dizziness search for the :Vestibular Migraine support group. You’ll see how many people have the same kind of dizzy sensation, or even worse(feeling like rocking on a boat constantly etc) . Hope you are doing better though!

Vertigo can cause this

Do you know if she's okay after all this time? I am in the same situation and it's horrible not being able to find an answer and constantly thinking that something really bad is going to happen.

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