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For dizziness, floating sensation, rocking on a boat and elevator feeling

I have all the above symptoms and have started a low dose of amytryptaline recommended by psych for the above symptoms. It has definitely helped so far alrhough I still have off days but more good then bad. I did not get any side effects from the amytryptaline, it helps me sleep at night and helps me with my headaches as well. Amytryptaline has many uses but one is for this off balance rocking floating sensation. Just wanted to offer something that has helped me.

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I have all these symptoms and it seems it causes my anxiety the most ... I'm glad you found something to help you hun.... Hugs


Amitriptyline is very effective for anxiety and depression, I first took it 20 years ago and was on it a long time. As you say no side effects except it can make your mouth dry specially on waking. It has been around since the 1960s so there are no nasty surprises in the pipeline. It went out of favour when Prozac came along but has since come back into favour because it is so safe.

When the time to come off it arrives you must taper off it over a few months.

I was put on 3x25mg and for a while 4 daily, some psychiatrist at the Priory Centre wanted me to increase that to 6x25mg a day but that sounded too much and I was on a maintenance dose of 2x 25mg for years.

But you won' t want to stay on it all your life so when it's brought you some relief (that can take 2 to 4 weeks) use the time to find a self help cure for anxiety, don't just rely on meds and psychs.


I used amitriptyline for 2 months dose of 30mg a night and it gave me the craziest muscle twitches ever and still get some now


If you still get the muscle twitches now and you no longer take amitriptyline maybe the two aren't connected but are coincidental, muscular problems don't feature on the list of side effects. Maybe.


It’s not on the list but try checking some forums,


Also some AD meds’ can cause disruptions in the body for months after finishing them


They should say that on the med notes that come with anti depressants. Maybe some are more sensitive to side effects than others it's just that I took it 10+ years and the only side effect was dry mouth and its comeback in popularity over more recent meds is because of its lack of side effects. Oh, I've just thought of another one, it can make you put on weight and makes you feel more hungry which is a problem.


And I notice in one of NathSam46's previous postings he mentions a shake in the hands, I used to get that and of course thought I was getting Parkinsons so Amitriptyline not quite so inocuous after all.

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