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Constant Rocking/swaying/dizzy sensation because of anxiety?


Few months ago, I suffered an emotional trauma that induced panic attacks and derealization. The panic attacks have disappeared but the derealization is still 24/7.

However, few weeks ago I started feeling constantly dizzy, and this dizziness evolved into a constant rocking/swaying sensation. When I’m sitting or laying in bed, it feels as if I’m on a boat. And when I walk I feel like I’m on a trampoline. It’s constant and it’s exhausting. I can’t work or live normally anymore because of this.

Has anyone experienced this? I’m starting to wonder if it’s really a symptom of anxiety or not. Thanks!

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HEY this symptom is very common.........put your key words into the search bar and read as many back posts as you can to comfort yourself.

I had goes away but you might find comfort in all of the different stories that you can read about, in the back posts.

Thanks for your reply. I can see many people having the same issue but unfortunately not too many comments of people who recovered from this :( How did you manage it and recovered from it?

it is a by product of the adrenaline dropping, when you have any thought conscious or unconscious that signaled the adrenaline to discharge........

I like the Claire Weeks book that tells us to accept how we feel.... and I got a therapist. There was a BIG flippin problem that I totally thought I was handling....however, I was not and the symptoms stuck around until I dealt with it.

Hey there..... That was actually my main every day afternoon and night symptom. Never stopped. I took felt like you did I did also have other symptoms but this and my eye were the worse. My doc put me on steraline 100mg still got it not as bad but then he changed it too 150mg. And here we go.

If you reduce the anxiety it gradually goes away. Resting or lounging too much can also prolong it so try to keep active and reduce your stress and or anxiety levels.

Clerclaurent in reply to Nobster

Thanks. I’m just scared that this is not only anxiety. I keep telling myself it is but I have troubles accepting that anxiety only can create a 24/7 rocking/swaying sensation. It really feels I’m on a boat ALL the time, it’s exhausting

Nobster in reply to Clerclaurent

It can also be vertigo etc or any kind of inner ear infection but still nothing to worry about. I used to get it all the time. And still do now and then but not when I’m busy !

Tons of back posts about folks going to great lengths to have every medical test out there.............and everyone seemed to be normal.

The back posts here are helpful. Get some popcorn, and search using words like..........".will anxiety ever go away"....." what if this is NOT anxiety"

In the begining I focused on everything thing. Made it worse. I learned as one posted when your busy you don't focus as much. I can 110% understand what you're going through mine was the same for a year.

Yes. awesome page for information to help you


Rocking/swaying, like on a boat feeling and dizziness are classic anxiety symptoms.

A lot of people are saying to you when you are busy/ distracted it goes away, and that's the truth.

I, however, do suffer with tight neck and shoulder muscles which are making my symptoms worse, I'm looking to get some regular massage maybe, as I have a hard time relaxing these muscles, it's where I store all my tension.

Hope you start to feel better now you have had all these comforting messages.

Thanks so much to all of you. It’s really comforting to hear all those comments :)

it sounds like vertigo i had it too and it can also have to do with your inner ear which controls your balance

I feel like this everyday and have for yrs. I think it gets worse when we feel overstimulated whether it’s anxiety related or having too much caffeine. But sometimes it comes out of nowhere. It’s so frustrating!!

Hi Clerclaurent, I know what you're going through as I suffered for years with this, having periods of "wobbliness" sometimes lasting over 6 months. I didn't believe it was anxiety as it would happen sometimes when I didn't feel anxious.Eventually my GP sent me to a CBT therapist, this was the beginning of my recovery and I highly recommend it. The first thing she told me was ...don't fear it!...or this symptom hangs around longer. Distraction techniques do work, but the best advice I had was ...don't fear it! and it will eventually go away. I've not had this symptom for a number of years you can recover from it!

Wishing you well. x

Clerclaurent in reply to asenath

Thanks so much! Makes me feel much better knowing you recovered from this :)

I’ll look for a CBT therapist since it seems it’s been very helpful for a lot of people.

Thanks again

Yes.... sounds exactly like my situation word for word. It hasn’t gone away for me either! I have other health issues also like asthma and chronic sinus disease that I’m dealing with but the vertigo and dizziness and all that you described is literally my life and it’s debilitating most of the time! I haven’t been able to go back to work or hardly drive still because of all this. It’s definitely anxiety, and vertigo. It’s hard and I can relate 100%, I actually am going today to get a sinus CT scan, they already did an MRI air my brain and found nothing really besides sinusitis, so now I have to get a sinus CT. Either way I am here if you ever want to talk about it. ☺️

Oh and the derealization is 24/7 for me too and it makes me depressed and feel like I’m going crazy some days I can kinda handle it and others I just can’t at all....

Hey, thanks for your reply. If that can reassure you, I’ve dealt with chronic 24/7 derealization in the past ( exactly 3 times and it lasted for 3 months to a year during each episode) and always managed to get out of it. I know it’s a very scary symptom but just know that you will eventually get out of it.

The 24/7 rocking/bobbing/swaying sensation is however new to me and I guess that’s why it’s freaking me out. I got a brain MRI, have seen a neurologist and everything looks fine, so I guess it’s only anxiety. It’s just very hard to truly accept.

You mentioned you have a sinus CT soon. I know I have been having a benign sinus tumor for years but it never bothered me. Maybe there’s something to explore there.

Let me know if ever you got some new info on this.

I hope you feel better soon :)

By searching on the web I found out about MDDS (Mal du Debarquement Syndrome). I’m freaking out since there s apparently no known cure to MDDS... I really hope it’s « only » anxiety.

Hi! How are you feeling ? Any better? I’m having the same symptoms. It started 6 month ago. I was told its Vestibular Migraine , eventhough I don’t have headaches, only head pressure and this 24/7 floating/rocking/swaying dizziness. It’s killing me and ruined my life.

I hope you feel better!!

I was also diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine when my head started swaying & then spinning. I can’t stand up, I fall down and my eye lids flicker fast and my eyes roll. It is almost like a seizure. I was in hospital for 6 weeks from mid-January while the doctors tried to find out what was wrong with me. I couldn’t walk anywhere on my own because I would suddenly have a spinning head and would fall down. Needless to say I am unable to drive or go out. I have been diagnosed with PTSD for 10 years, had lots of counselling (which is still going on).

I have frequent flashbacks and triggers all the time and am trying to come to terms with my past traumas (I have worked in a few war zones which caused the PTSD). I find it difficult to use ‘coping mechanisms’ when something triggers my memories anxiety gets too strong and I go to pieces. I’ve been taking Sertraline for all of the 10 years.

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