Hello all. how is everyone? Well I will first start off by saying I need to learn to be more thankful to God and more positive than I usually am because my situation could be way worse and I do realize how alot of times I dwell on most of my physical symptoms which makes my thoughts go off the wall crazy. Some days are actually not that bad I just anticipate or be on edge most of the time which keeps me stuck there. But however , and unfortunately it is moments like this(quite often) that it's so hard to accept a symptom and move on. So like I am still getting bouts of dizziness even when I lay down. and it's like certain sounds bring it on. also the headaches that come and go. and they are honestly not bad headaches but they are like mild, dull, some sharp, some pressure, just different kinds. and feels like some times when a headache comes on it brings the dizziness and I feel unbalanced. it doesn't stay the entire day but it takes a while for it to wear off. like now as I type i have my head slightly tilted down to type and I have a bit of head pressure, eyes feel like there worn out or tired, every little wierd sound like the beep of my smoke alarm feels like it's right inside my ear and makes the alarms in my head go off. And it worries me because I think that dizziness means something worse may happen or something else is going on in my head that's worse. Is this brought on by my anxiety? the sensativity to sound, dizziness , unbalanced, wierd numbness that come and go in my fingers or other places? Anyone else experience it?

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  • Have you tried any breathing or meditation techniques?

  • Honestly no I haven't . Is this something that may help with the dizziness? is this possibility from anxiety?

  • Yes a bit I think if you make it a habit in the long run it will help out more

  • Hi Icanbeathis2016, I have experienced everything you mentioned in your post. The difference is I no longer worry about it. I understand what anxiety can do if we allow it. For myself, it helps by understanding the physical reaction to our anxiety. Knowing it's not life threatening but annoying. Yes we do seem to be more sensitive to lights and sounds. I still jump everytime I hear a doorbell or phone ring on the tv. Sounds crazy but goes back to when I was Agoraphobic and hid from answering the door or the phone. My heart would go wild and the fear was felt throughout my body. Migraines and tension headaches were horrible as well as the dizziness that came along with it. Off balanced, full pressure in the head, weird numbness and tingling in hands. To this day, my eyes still feel tired and burn all the time as well as blurry on and off. Let it go. This is where I'm at right now and I am so grateful to have gotten this far. Always know that you are not alone in what you feel or what you fear. Be well. x

  • I appreciate your response . I feel better. I just that this is a few symptoms like you say are more annoying than anything. plus it became this noticing or worse once my anxiety got worse so it does make me think it's the anxiety that brought it on more. But just never know. It frightens me more because I tend to want to associate dizziness with possible fainting or passing out or something maybe wrong in my head. You named all the same symptoms I've been getting from the blured vision to the sensativity to sounds and light. . I only hope to get to your point of just letting it be. But it's so aggrivating. But I wish you continued peace with this. I will continue to pray to get to that point.

  • Hello

    We spoke once before. Please read my posts. I hope this helps you. Best wishes

    Charlotte x

  • Hi yes I have had most of them symptoms on and off ,it's scary when it happens it's like the anxiety says let's see how your gonna cope with this feeling today and then with me it gets a grip and I'm in total panic ! I do sometimes think oh I've had this a couple of times ages ago and I'm fine but then start thinking but what if !!! an then back to panic and tears just a vicious circle .

  • I get the unbalanced feeling and the headaches on and off. Accepting them and knowing that all these symptoms are due anxiety helps

  • Spot on what I experience too I take a medication called "endep" and try to relax more

  • Please read my posts. I hope they help you. Charlotte x

  • I have. With me those things came as a delayed reaction to taking Cipro, which can cause all of that, but I didn't put it together because of the delay. It wasn't until I took Avelox, also a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that I wondered. Anxiety is also increased (or caused if you don't already have it) by those antibiotics. So, if you took one at any point prior to the onset, it could be that, and you must never take one again. Look at floxiehope.com if so. But whatever the cause, taking a magnesium supplement, such as magnesium malate, can do a lot of good for those kinds of symptoms, I find. I wish you luck. :)

  • I also feel the same way most of the time I also get random pain that come and go been told it all comesndownnto the samenthing

  • Hello. yes i get these symptoms. they are worse, when my anxiety is high, loud noises really disturbs me. i also get the dizziness, and dull headaches, also weird high pitched tones in my ears..i also get a hissing noise in my head, also pressure when i stand up sometimes..and nausea. it sounds like anxiety symptoms you have..try to deep breathe in for count of 4 then slowly exhale to count of 8..imagine your breathing out all your anxiety..do this slowly for 5minutes..and see how you feel..doing this as often as you can during the day will help...it really helps me...xxxx

  • the high pitched tones are tinnitus.

  • I have experienced all these things you mentioned ( and even bad vertigo) and mine were all related to carrying anxiety around every day. It sucks but it's just part of it. Worrying about it will keep the symptoms around longer too. Hope you get some relief soon. My symptoms come and go constantly

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