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Very sudden falling sensation happening all the time... along with dizziness and nausea


It has been 8 months now that I am experiencing something horrible.. It's hard to describe but whenever I stand or walk, I feels like the floor is moving. It happens for like a second as if the ground is dropping under my feet or sometimes it feels like it is moving upwards.. in both way there is a weird feeling in my head and whole body as if it stops working for a sec.. It is hard to describe but it is kind of the same sensation you have when you are sleeping and suddenly wake up falling for a split seconds. I ended up thinking it was anxiety but it is weird because it happens all the time, even when I feel calm and at home. And also I can kind of force it to happen, I just stand up and push all my weight on one feet and then the other, or just stand up and do some small mouvements with my hips. Sometimes it is as if I find a spot and I can do some small mouvement around this spot and it happens everytime... it's an horrible sensation.. The things is after I got one of this sensation, it lets me dizzy and nauseous and I can't be myself it just takes me and I have to focus on not throwing up..

Does anyone have any idea what I could do ? I really need help, I lost almost all my friends, jobs.. But I am very willing to become healthy again and start all over again

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See your G.P. Try for a brain CTscan??


Thanks for your response ! I have had an MRI, so I don't think a CTscan could show something that the mri can't, can it ?


Hi, I get this for weeks at a time, it's what started my panic attacks off. I can't really help with how to stop the feeling as I get it and no matter how many tests by the doc, there's no explanation other than anxiety.

What I can say is, go to the GP and ask for tests, then when all is fine, at least you know it's anxiety. Now I don't worry about it, it's a lot better. I just let it happen and it passes. But, I don't like it!

If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it too x

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write something it means a lot to me! It's hard to feel like you are the only one dealing with this.. Thanks for the advise !

Just a question, do you have it only when standing up ?


Hi no problem- it always helps to know you are not alone. I get it when I'm standing up and walking- I have had it sitting down but less commonly. I get it a lot and it does worry me sometimes but also know that when I worry about it less, it doesn't happen as much... which does tell me I know it's anxiety x


Sorry you are having such a hard time. I have these same symptoms I also can't work or spend too much time outside walking around, when I went to an urgenot care about this 3 months ago they told me it was vertigo, I feel it when walking, laying down, sitting. It's just awful.


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