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My name is Nora and i live in Houston, Texas. I am a mother of 6 wonderful children . I just joined this forum because i found that many people on here suffer and have many symptoms that i have. That alone allows me to come more and more into realization that my problem is from anxiety. I have ruled out all my symptoms medically . i am healthy and there is nothing wrong with me (physically) . It is all mentally and part of my depression and anxiety. I have been dealing with this for 10 yrs now. With all natural things and cognitive behavioral therapy i can say that i am feeling a whole lot better.


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  • What are you using and doing to cope with your anxiety?

  • i go to my therapist once a week. (that has helped so much , because i refuse to take medication) i drink 3 cups of chamomile tea a day. Its good for relaxation. i go to church twice a week. My pastor is a very good inspirational person. i actually feel hopeful after every service. I also take baths with Dr Teal's® Soothe & Sleep Lavender Foaming Bath it helps at night when going to sleep. I also stopped googling all my symptoms lol. that was giving me panic attacks. I also bought a blood pressure monitor. that reads if your heart is not beating normally .So i put it on and it tells me that my heart is fine and i know that its all anxiety. (this has helped out so much) i am willing to try anything as long as they are not pills.

  • Yea my doctor tried to put me on meds and I declined. I believe the reason im now experiencing anxiety is due to a chemical imbalance i got from the prior medication they had me on my for ulcer (Protonix) i havent been the same since taking it. I have thoughts that pops in my head of dying or passing out- so scary - and also scared to fell asleep at night. its now very mild but i still experince on a every day basis- Been going on for like 2 weeks. I can wait to get back to my normal self

  • i blame the pills too. drink natural teas to detox your body from all those chemicals. here's a little inspiration sent your way

    prayers coming your way

  • thats what ive been doing. Im getting better by the day but the mornings are tough. Soon as i wake up i feel very anxious. Thank you so much for the videos - I watched the last one you sent me again this morning

  • I have a cup of chamomile tea in the morning on my way to work. and i am drinking it now while typing this. please watch a sermon every night for motivation. I went to see him last night (john gray) while there all my anxiety even in a huge church went away ... we shall overcome this. I have spoken it into existence.

  • thank you so much!!! you have no idea how much ive needed this - truly a blessing

  • what station can i watch him on

  • you tube has all his sermons . also at lakewoodchurch.com and click on watch online . For his current sermons.

  • thanks

  • Ive tried Anxiety free supplements that i got from the Herb store and Kava stress relief tea- that seems to help alot and a lot of prayers!!!

  • yes ma'am, i have tried kava too . please watch this i think you will enjoy

  • Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I needed this 😊

  • I Love watching John Gray. I watch him on TBN too...

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