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Hello everyone, new here...

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Hi, I am 28 years old and have very high anxiety... It's basically a daily battle... The worst is the physical symptoms... They even seem to affect me when I'm not having an anxiety attack. I had a very bad anxiety attack today. Heart started racing, chest pains etc... But I also have left shoulder /arm pain, that the doctor could find no explanation for, just said it was anxiety related... I am not having an anxiety attack at the moment, but my left shoulder and arm is hurting worse now them it did when the attack happened. It's an aching pain and it's constant. Left leg is also hurting now... Anyone else ever have this? I have also been prescribed VISTARIL but I am afraid to take it. I really don't like having to take anything. Has anyone ever had to take this medicine that could offer some reassurance? I would also like to say that I am so thankful to have found this site. I was beginning to think that I would never find a group of people who could relate to me and that I could relate to. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!


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Hey there! I’m 28 with anxiety too! Anxiety symptoms affect you when you aren’t panicking because constant stress puts your nervous system in a constant sensitized state and it basically does whatever it wants to. Once you get your anxietynunder control the lingering symptoms will fade. Vistaril is an antihistamine like Benadryl. They gave it to you because it’s sedating so technically it makes you less anxious (and sleepy!). It’s not like taking an antidepressant or a benzodiazepine.

Emily I am 44 years old and have been diagnosed and treated with medication numerous times. First let me start by saying the first time I was put on vistaril it was great real calming and just put me at ease. Got "better" and stopped my meds. After several years and lots of set backs and different meds they tried it again and I was awful. Then I found out that it was an antihistamine and my body freaks out on benedril so I no longer had that medicine useful for me. Maybe if I hadn't stopped it abruptly my body would have continued to except it. It is very safe and I assume they have you on a low dose which works just like benedril. Good luck and just give a few a try, you can always cut it off since they are usually once a day or as needed.

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Yes, mine is 25mg and take as needed... But I haven't taken not one. If it's anything like benedryl it will. Likely just knock me out. Benedryl will make me sleep for 14 hrs! Thank you for the information! I always like to hear what others that have taken a certain med have to say about it instead of just taking the doctors word, because more than likely the doctor hasn't taken it. Thanks again!

Hi I'm quite new here myself but the advice and support I have received on here have helped immensely. I know everyone says it but please try and be strong and focus on anything that you have that's positive in your life, I have only been struggling with anxiety for about a year but it got so bad I hardly left the house for four months and like yourself it was the physical symptoms that were worse , I felt nauseas almost all day everyday and I couldn't eat , I lost one and a half stone which just added to my anxiety also I ached so bad in my arms and shoulders and my jaw like I had been beaten up . I have read books on mindfulness and relaxation and I go to therapy twice a week and the last few days I am getting out of bed without nausea and the pain is subsiding too , please just remember there is light at the end of the tunnel because I was at the end of my tether and was ready to be hospitalised in the psychiatric unit and I can't believe how much better I actually feel today . You can do this but not with just mess alone . Also my doctor was really good and I had lots of tests to rule out anything else going on medically and that will probably help you to as that was a relief as I also convinced myself that there was more going on with me . I found The 5 second rule byMel Robbins , Don't sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson and Dare by Barry Mcdonagh so helpful and I refer back to them for support all the time . I hope even one thing I've said might help you as it helped me just getting a reply knowing I wasn't the only one out here suffering and knowing people care . Please let me know how your going ☺️

Thank you so much for your reply! I don't have the nausea, but have lost my appetite and often have to force myself to eat. I have lost a lot of weight in the past year, and it kills me that people compliment my figure now, and I'm like thanks, but trust me I'd rather be "fat and happy" so to speak. I have been looking for books to read on Amazon, and have added Dare to my cart, so I am happy to know it was helpful to you, I will also look into the other ones. I think just having this site will be helpful, because no one in my daily life understands anxiety, nor do they have it. They are growing tired of my attacks and think that I should just be able to get over it or take a pill. Often if I tell them that I am "battling", which is what I say when anxiety is trying to take over and send me into a full on panic, they cut me off and say, "did you take a pill?". And when I say no, I am told to take a pill. And that's it, they are done speaking to me about it. So it's just nice to be accepted somewhere, especially with others who can relate to the things I feel and think and can offer reassurance and provide information that I am unaware of. Like I honestly, had never thought that my nervous system was sensitive and that is why I have lingering physical symptoms even when I am not having an attack. Thanks again for replying!

Emily, you say you're 'battling' with anxiety, that's why you aren't recovering. If you fight anxiety it just creates more strain, stress and tension - the very things that are keeping your nervous system in an over sensitised state.

I suggest you do the opposite, Emily, stop fighting or battling anxiety and accept it 100% for the time being. Surrender completely to your anxiety.

All those symptoms you mention are symptoms of anxiety and you have seen your doctor. So when you feel the symptoms just let every muscle in your body relax and go limp and get on with doing what you normally do. Accept the symptoms of your anxiety calmly and with the minimum of fear. Every time you respond to those symptoms with more fear it just feeds your over sensitised nervous system even more. I know those symptoms aren't nice, they make you uncomfortable, but you CAN accept them for the moment because you know they are not real physical illness, they are fake feelings and fraudulent illness caused by your over wrought nerves playing tricks on you.

When you can truly accept your anxiety and go about your normal daily life REGARDLESS of whether you have these symptoms or not then you will recover - because you are no longer bombarding your nerves with fear hormone.

Also, if your doctor gives you meds then take them: anxiety about taking anti-anxiety meds is just another symptom of anxiety. They will take the edge off your anxiety but still leave you with enough anxiety to practice the Acceptance method of recovery I have just described. Why not give it a try?

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Thank you for the suggestions! That sounds really hard to do. I try to tell my self it's just anxiety but the fear is usually what I battle most with because I know if I give into that it will only get worse. I will try that though! Thanks again!

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Jeff1943 in reply to Emily2289

You're right, Emily, the Acceptance method for recovering from anxiety disorder is hard and takes practice and persistance. But it's even harder to put up with the symptoms of anxiety year after year.

The Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety disorder was devised br Claire Weekes, an Australian doctor, many years ago and is described in her book 'Self help for your nerves' which has helped untold thousands to recover. It is available new or used from Amazon.

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Thank you! I have found and added her book to my shopping cart!

Hello Emily,I am 28,I have generalized anxiety and panic attacks. I have battled with it for months now, I don't know if you have children or nor but I learned that my children get my mind off my anxiety. I focus al my time and energy on them, I get my mind off it. I do still have struggles with one other thing but not as much with the anxiety. Don't get me wrong,it tries to creep up on me but I have tried ever medication the doctors could give me for it but none of them helping,so instead of meds I found this group with wonderful people, I have my husband who helps me so much as well as my children. If you ever need someone to talk to or someone to just listen you can always contact me,I know it is hard and when I was really bad all I wanting was someone to talk to when my husband could be around due to work. Just remember you are a strong,beautiful woman and you will beat this thing.

Hello I'm fairly new here too. I was diagnosed with anxiety a few months back. I have many of the symptoms you describe along with many more. I struggle to get my head round the fact I can be calm but the symptoms are still there. I don't know about the effects of vistaril as I'm on propanolol. I'd sat give it a try though and if you find it's not for you return to the GP and look at alternatives. This site has helped me so much and I hope it helps you too ☺

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Thank you for the reply! I have the same issue, trying to stay calm but still having the symptoms...it often times makes me want to run away or jump out of my skin. I know neither or logical. I try to reason with myself and notice that I have had these feelings before and made it through. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Jeff1943's method makes sense to me, but seems extremely hard to do, I feel like if I give myself over to it, I won't be able to stop the fear that makes it so much worse. Thanks again for your reply! 😊

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No problem. Just know you are not alone in this. I find distraction works well for me, as well as the propanolol. Such as yesterday I had a busy day and felt pretty alright todays been a quiet day and I've felt awful.

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Yeah the quiet ones are harder for me too. It's like my mind has to be occupied or it'll turn against me... But yet I have no motivation to do anything after a big attack. I try to just play on my phone and read. I hope it gets better for you! Thanks again! This place is already been helpful! 😊

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Exactly and yes it's so draining after an attack. Thanks alot . Hope it gets better for you too

HI Kirby,

I understand that you are looking for a support group. For many years I facilitated support groups(4). Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition which caused me to leave the groups to others and I haven't kept up with them. The ADAA keeps lists of support groups around the country so I would contact them. Also you might call UCLA. They had groups there including support groups for anxiety. These groups are excellent for people with nervous disorders.

You didn't say whether you have had professional help with your problems. I would highly recommend that you have that.

It's interesting that you are only six miles from me, however I don't think I would be able to help you much by getting together. I do wish you all the luck in the world. I have gone through much that you have described, but I was able to put most of it behind with the aid of professionals.

Message me if you want to.

Howard M

My left leg has also been aching and I’m struggling to understand how this can be anxiety related but it must be 🤔 also my left hand/fingers kinda feels swollen when I make a fist... but it isn’t swollen to look at ... very strange lol. Hope you’re feeling better ! X

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