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Need you guys today!!

So I have posted before about the head pressure, light-headedness, brain fog etc. Well recently my symptoms have changed or have gotten worse. I now have these myoclonic jerks or twitches during the day etc. I have body pains all over my body, when I sleep it is the WORST. I always wake up I feel like my body is aching and I have these twitches. My battle with anxiety is taking a turn for the worst. I have discussed with so many doctors and all have said anxiety. I have done an EMG for the twitching on my arms as well as a nerve conduction test - all normal. I have an EEG scheduled for this Saturday. I mean is this anxiety. I know that most people here do not have medical experience in the "education" sense but everyone has talked with doctors and discussed symptoms and we have heard it all. So I ask you this. Does this sound like anxiety to you? Or should I really be worried about something more serious. I guess what I am feeling doesn't constitute classic anxiety symptoms.

Current Symptoms:

Myoclonic Jerks

Body Pain

Head Pain

Muscle aches and tension

When I sleep I have tremors and have these pains etc.

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I get loads of cramps and twitches when I try to drift off if I'm stressed. I also get the horrible jerking awake thing as I go off which really sets me off!


Yeah..... I am really worried about it happening while I am awake. I have muscle aches as well. I guess I am just hoping this is a stress response to the Anxiety.


I get head aches, body pain, muscle aches, it's all to do with your body being tense, when you sleep your brain tells your body (especially if running in your dream) that it's actually feeling those things so you wake up feeling like you have ran a marathon. You are not alone I think from what I've read it's quite common to feel a lot of those things.


Thank you...Feels good to discuss with others that have the same thing. I am taking Alprazolam on and off (not consistent) for a few weeks - low dosage. Do you think maybe this can be having an effect on my body aches/spasms etcetera?


It's possible, I've not taken that one. The doctor gave me lorazepam to try but due to reading side effects decided not to take it. I take amertriptiline to relax the muscles but only take a mild dosage. This seems to work for me. I know if you come off meds it can cause some issues. Yes I'm glad I found this site now :-) if I can't sleep I know where to come to


Agreed - It took me a while to try the Alprazolam just from fear of the effects. But my Neurologist said the low dose is not a problem. But I am not so sure anymore. When I take Epsom salt baths I actually feel pretty good after.


When I go thru a bad very high anxiety/stressful week I get all of what you said twitches get bad anxiety/stress and vitamin d



Oh and when I'm drifting of to sleep I get this weird jerking that causes my breathing to hitch and once I woke up paralyzed and docs said anxiety


Yeah I just don't understand - Last night was again terrible. When I am awake I get them here and there....but when I am laying down sleeping or trying to sleep they are terrible. I am talking jitters too


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