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Acceptance is the way to go but its not easy


This is my 2nd post on the site and I am coming to the conclusion that there is something in the notion of trying as best you can to accept your symptoms rather than treat them as something to be fought or to despair about. I can see how doing the latter two lead to piling on extra anxiety to what is already there as I can feel it happening to me when I do. That said I am finding it very hard to do as I have a constant headache and a burning sensation down my back and neck even at rest. It gets worse if I I am subject to a minor amount of additional pressure like walking round a town or being asked to do something. I appreciate I am already very sensitized so it takes very little to "froth over". I also accept these are anxiety symptoms and nothing more sinister and no longer try to analyse the reasons for it but still find it hard to live with. I appreciate acceptance is more than just understanding that its anxiety but its also about going with the flow of the horrible symptoms as best and willingly as you can but it is tough. Do many other people out there experience this same type of constant "burning" symptom (muscular tension??) with little respite, just so i know its common enough as I have not really meet any others with it. I guess we are all different if you don't, I never get panic attacks thankfully. Acceptance i guess is something to be worked at but gently and i have only just started after anxiety problems that have lasted on and off for 12 years. This is a journey that will take a bit of time I think and impatience is not an ally here. Cheers

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I get burning/heat sensation in my lower back and the lower part of my legs when in lead in bed at night....really weird feeling! Only had it since my anxiety/panic attacks came back with a bang!

Like yourself I'm trying to go with the anxiety and not fight it to fuel it even more and you're right it is really hard...if I have another panic attack I'm going to let it run its course which I've never done before the thought of that is terrifying in itself as at the moment it's the unknown and I have no idea what will happen but I guess once I do let it happen at least I'll know what to expect?!

Good luck with what you're doing.....keep in touch let me know how you're getting on...only if you want pressure.

Take Care



Thanks for the support. I have really struggled with accepting during parts of today. But have been telling myself what I know to be true and that is there will be ups and downs with this and you just have to try to keep going in the right direction as best you can and not beat yourself up when you backslide a bit - only human after all. Panic attacks must be really awful, if you can accept them that is amazing. Let me know how you do . I think we will both make it as understanding is half the battle (sorry wrong word - acceptance). Have you read Dr Weekes books they help?




A very belated reply as just chanced on the site after a bit of an absence, changed work now in a very challenging home for autistic young adults big change from HMRC but maybe better suited. Still trying to "roll with it" and certainly dont add any 2nd tier anxiety anymore - still same constant headache and shoulder discomfort but what the heck I am used to it now and arthritus in my neck may explain part of it. No longer on duloxetine and pregabalin, have come off latter 8 months ago and planning to come off former after 1 year in the next few months subject to medical advice. Help run a mental health drop inwhich gives me a perspective on other people with long term MH conditions.

Hope you are doing ok too let me know too.

Read a fab qoute - " Dont wait for the storm to pass to live your life, learn to dance in the rain". Thats pretty much what i do know and the rain has been less heavy as a result



Hi. Tangerine. My goodness! Dr. Weekes would be so pleased to hear what you have just put.

You have encapsulated exactly what she has said in her teaching. Do you have the books?

It most definitely is not easy. But it is not easy to get gold out of the ground, or diamonds out of a mine but look at what you get in the end! Anything worth having is never easy to get; if it were than everyone would be cured overnight. Perseverance is not easy either but moving toward recovery is so important. Slowly, yes, but the feeling of achievement only comes with practise. All the symptoms you describe are the good old anxiety ones, and most of us have had them. If you persevere with what you have said on your blog then success is assured, believe me. Your post has really inspired me this morning so thank you and blessings. Love. jonathan.


Hi Jonathan

Yes I have started to read the book you recommended and have start the practice no doubt with some blips on the way but I will get there.

Regards Mike


Just a thought - have you considered seeing someone for a massage of your neck and shoulders? I have a lot of problems in this area, there is some damage but mainly it is caused by muscle tension and I was astounded by the relief I got after a trip to the oesteopath. Hope you feel better soon.x


I totally agree that acceptance is v powerful.

Slowly I am letting acceptance into my life. Meditation + hypnotherapy is my way of speeding up this change, but as you say, it doesn't happen overnight.


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