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How To Challenge Your Symptoms Of Anxiety

Hi everyone, I know many people are suffering from different types of symptoms of anxiety so I thought this would help many suffering. In my experience the more I feared and ran from my symptoms the greater they grew in strength. Hopefully this episode can help you challenge your symptoms rather then run from them. Take care everyone big hugs.

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Are you a cognitive behaviour therapist and or some kind of professional counsellor or in any health care employment dealing with mental illness?


Nope. I'm a CBT practitioner who believes in helping people recover from anxiety, and not cope with it for a lifetime as many 'professionals' in today's world push for. Also someone who has been in your same anxious shoes for years, and has found what has worked and now sharing through my podcast. Enjoy.


Again fantastic advice, although I  have been following your information for some time now building my knowledge, but this is the first podcast I have listened to ,Which inspired me to listen to some of your other sessions. I feel I am really close to cracking my anxiety and these will help support in what I feel is the final steps now. The similarity you talked about sent shivers through me , understanding your not the only one with these issues had been a catalyst for hopefully eventual recovery. So again thank you. 


Very welcome Alex that is great news!!


It's funny you mention fighting it. Just had an exam today, the room was a bit hot and I started feeling panicky.  I sat through it telling myself it would be okay, and that these sensations are familiar to me nothing to worry about.  Yeah i finally calmed down but woah did I really have to push through it and try and focus on my test, without giving in to running out of class.

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There's a success right there that should be celebrated. Keep up the mindset Blu great stuff!


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