Vitamin B12 for Anxiety

Hello everyone! I have been suffering with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for over a year and a half and I have really struggled to cope and get it under control and the doctors have always advised therapy alone and nothing else which wasn't of a great help. My patience was beginning to wear thin and for the past couple of weeks I have been really ill with a sickness bug and middle ear infection which really didn't help with my Anxiety symptoms. My boyfriend ordered me a tub of Vitamin B12 tablets (By Jarrow Formulas) I didn't think that they would do much but I am glad to say that I have only been taking them since Thursday and already I have noticed a difference, I have more energy, I feel a lot calmer and able to control my symptoms more than I ever have throughout my time with Anxiety. Also I feel a lot more happier and able to throw myself into things I would normally avoid. I would highly recommend it, i'm not saying that it will cure all of your symptoms or they will work straight away because everyone differs, however, I will say that although they cost just under £10 they are well worth it. Hopefully it will help many other people who are suffering from me...give it a go!


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  • Yes, I take them too. I haven't noticed a big difference yet, but hey,ho i'll try anything!

  • Hopefully you'll notice soon :) I really hope it works for you And you feel better :)

  • Thanks for sharing that! I also know that doctor offices give vitamin B12 shots. I've been sick the last two weeks...first week with a cold and this week with mouth thrush and I just feel so fatigued and tired! Haven't eaten my normal amount so I wonder if that will help me. :)

  • It's a pleasure, oh dear that's not good I feel for you, I hope you get better soon :)

  • Thank you! I went back to the doctor a week ago and turns out I had walking pneumonia. That's why I had been so fatigued. Once I finish my antibiotics tomorrow, he told me to start on vitamins. Going to look into the B12. I've heard a lot of good things about it helping with energy and tiredness. :)

  • If you want it released directly into your blood stream, get b12 shots. Thats what i do and they dont even hurt. A nano srcond pinch and youre done. its great for anxiety, too.

  • Yes!! I started taking the shots and ever since I have more energy and feel happy. Calmer too. I stopped and 4 days later I was back to panicking I'm going to finish off the last 3 shots I have left and start taking the pill form.

    People should know about this thank you for posting!!

    The only drawback I don't know if it's my anxiety but each shot I get a huge fear that it will cause an emboli in the lungs :( I start coughing and feel like my lungs are filling up with liquid :(

    That's why I want pill form.

  • I also take them but how long can I keep taking them because it seems when I stop and it wears off I start back feeling miserable again can I continuously keep taking them

  • I'm pretty sure that you can take them for as long as you need to, I would however, check with your Doctor just to make sure. I apologise for the late reply.

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