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Anxiety Has Me By The Throat!!!

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Hello everyone. I am returning to this community for more advice and support after 5 months. My life continues to be what feels like an eternal rollercoaster. I thought I was getting better until the last couple of months. I was officialy diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea around May and undergoing cpap therapy. I'm still suffering with insomnia and can only sleep between 2-4 hours without medicating on tylenol pm. I gave melatonin a shot and it makes me feel completely insane plus it doesn't work. I have also tried a store brand sleep aid with no results. I have been getting muscle cramps in my calfs which migrate to my thighs. I am so afraid I am devloping blood clots. My chest constantly hurts, experiencing tightness/tingling in both arms and hands, as well as nausea. These symptoms impact me greatly during the day and I am often highly agitated. I visited my doctor who examined my legs. He stated that he confidemt that I don't have blood clots. My mind continues to race and I have no peace of mind. I fear dying daily and in some instances think about my daughter's life without me 😟. I have been presribed lexapro and buspar but I quit taking it because it doesn't work. It kills me to travel or be alone. I am sick and tired of worrying about this. Will this downward spiral ever end?

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