Anxiety has been getting the best of me lately

Somedays i feel okay but then theres days like riding in a car or taking the bus causes short attacks. Somedays i feel as if im not here and my eyes feel weird and my heart feels like its fluttering or skipping beats it doesnt always race when i have an attack! I keep headaches for days at a time after an attack and my eyes feel big sometimes i feel like my head is full of pressure and its going to pop and that scares me more my meds help sometime but not all the time. Some days i wake up i feel dizzy on and off thru the day or as if im floating and my legs feel like they wanna collapse at times and ill feel sickly thru the day on and off and weak like im about to pass out but dont. I go to the doctor so much they know my name as soon as i come in ive had multiple ekgs and xrays and blood tests everything has been normal every time they have referred my to a cardiologists in which they have also told me my symptoms does not appear to be heart related and i now have an appointment for an echo this friday coming due to always having aches, pains, soreness, and minty spots on left side and sometime i feel like im not breathing right and here comes more panic........ Anyone else feel these problems? ?


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  • Destinyweathers, I have experienced all of the same symptoms including the minty feeling. And yes, even not breathing right. All of this is anxiety with a capital "A"... Like you and everyone else I went to my doctors more times then I could count as well as specialists including Cardiologist and Neurologist. I didn't believe the doctors or the results of the tests they did. Anxiety was not an acceptable diagnosis. I feared something more devastating but on the other hand wanted something that could be cured with a pill. Therapy, medication, reading and researching what anxiety was all about finally gave me the knowledge I needed to accept that I suffered from anxiety. Wishng you peace and calm one day soon!

  • Yes this is me im always worried that they're misdiagnosing me and something is seriously wrong and i always want them to do every test possible to rule out every illness or disease and or heart problems Im always scared and worried but your response just made me feel 10xs better!!!!

  • I'm so glad. Everything I write about is from my own experience and hopefully that makes people know they are not alone.. It does get better. x

  • It does help knowing im not alone thank u so much!!! I love this group its better than going to therapy honestly

  • I definitely feel that way as well! It's keeping me from sleeping now and it's seven am.

  • Yes me as well

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