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tight feeling in throat/anxiety


I have always gotten panic attacks but only a couple times a year at most. For the last four weeks I have been getting them everyday. I have been to the ER 2x and the Urgent care, and a ENT. Everyone says I am fine. It feels like my throat is closing right around the area of my tonsils. I have literally been experiencing one since 130 this afternoon. Now the doctor has prescribed me 10mg og Prozac. Has anyone else been prescribed this for panic attacks?

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I'm on 10mg Citalopram for being unable to swallow properly and painful muscle spasms in my throat and chest. Only been on them two weeks so too early for them to have done much good as they take a while so I'm told.

A very experienced doctor examined me and said without doubt it's all due to anxiety.

Sounds like you have a similar anxiety problem.

Hi Steph, I have had the same, along with the most terrible heart pains. The doctor has given me 5mg of diazepam to take 3 times a day which so far are helping. I wake up every 2-3 hours at night still though

Prozac is one of the drugs that has been around for a while and used because of it's

proven efficacy. Wishing you well.

This along with heart palps is my worst anxiety symptom. Feel like very back of tongue is swollen...struggle and panic to swallow...it's horrible I know !!! I hada scope and all is fine..said was bit of reflux and mostly anxiety...Just muscle tension .... I know it easier said than done ( I've been there and suffered) but try relax n take ur mind off it....the more u think of it...the more you feed it xxx

Love n hugs

Laura x

Hi laura, so how did you get threw it? I. miserable. I keep telling myself it's muscle tension but my body is not accepting that. I am in constant fear my throat is going to close up or I am going to go into anaphylaxis shock even thought I have never been allergic to anything my entire life.

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