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Anxiety or a disease that is killing me?

Hi i am new to this and i was just looking for advice and help as recentky i have no been feeling myself. I am 16 years old and have recently started paniking about my health i have had 4 ekgs and a blood test which came back normal and have been rushed to hosital on 3 occassions. My symptoms seem to be getting worse day by day.

Firstly when i wake up in the morning a feel really tired as if i havent slept enough even though i know i have had plenty of sleep after this i will be fine for an hour or two after having breakfast but then i will get pain in my cheat that differ from dull aches that come and go and sharp pains when i breathe which really worry me, i also keep checking my heart constantly as i have had palpitations before and that was one of the reasons i was rushed to hospital but since i have been checking my heart i am worried it isnt beating enough. Also at times i feel nauseated but i never vomit, the main worry for me though is i get really dizzy for no reason it nostly happen when i leave my house i just dont feel normal most of the time like there is something wrong inside me. Finally the worst part is in the evening before i go to bed this is when will get pains in my chest, shoulder, arms and neck and will feel very dizzy and this is when i panic most and go to the hospital i am really really worried.

Any form of reply would really help me and if anyone has a similar problem i would like to talk about it and see how they manage it thank you for reading this


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Hi Brad. New to this site..ive was searching for some symptoms and cane across healthunlocked and decided to sign up...but anyways...all i can tell you Brad..and itll probably get deleted but is seek Jesus Christ..he is the one who says Cast all your anxieties on me...dont worry..just look for him and trust him..and give all your anxiety, worries, troubles to him..give it up..it isnt yours. Jesus paid for all our infirmities and problems no matter how small..on the Cross..i never post a comment on any site..and ive read thousands of posts but for some reason i felt i had to tell you this...Jesus loves you...hope i helped some...have a blessed day...



Someone put a list on the sight n feelings ie you think ur dying/brain Tumor/stroke

Excellent reading but u carnt remember who it was now

I'm new to all this anexity too some of my symptoms are


Tension headaches

Pins n needles


Neck ache

Heart palpitations

Weak legs


Nausea but no vomiting

Blurredish vision at times

Ache across forehead

Tinnitus in ears (ringing)

Like ears are going to pop too with headache

when out ppl don't feel real like he in ur own bubble

Hope this helps

Kirsty x

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Its good to know im not the only one i have tried telling myself that it is just anxiety that is causing all these synptoms but it doesnt help at all are there any ways that you manage it and if so could you share it with me so i can try it and maybe improve


One of my close friends who suffers told me you need to start telling ur self it's not real but that didn't quiet work with me

Another friend who suffers told me to start counting or speaking out loud under ur breath helps to calm you I've done it whilst I'm out you sound redicllious but it helps take ur mind off it

I'm also on a list for councilling too maybe you could do that also


Thank you yes my parents have made several appointmenta for me with different therapists and stuff like that i have tried really hard to tell myself its nothing serious but i cannot my brain just thinks there is something wrong ans ny body is just agreeing


It's anxiety anxiety anxiety. There are no diseases that can cause all these symptoms believe me. I have anxiety for 17 years and even now when I get it, I still think I'm dying from a disease but I'm not dead yet and Doctors can't find anything wrong with me. I find that cognitive therapy works the best. Take care


Its just so hard like 10 minutes ago i felt like i was having a heart attack really bad chest pains neck pains jaw pains and i couldnt breathe i almost rang an ambulance i get so scared even after being told its anxiety but hopefully therapy will help me


Since all your tests have come back normal, you probably need to talk to your parents and have them take you to doctor and explain exactly how you are feeling. Anxiety messes with your thoughts and feelings. You might need meds and counseling. I take low dosage meds, plus eat healthy, exercise and it is important to be active so you dont think so much about your physical symptoms. Make sure you eat as this keeps your sugar levels even. Eat healthy though. All these helped me and i am getting better. I also pray and journal.

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Thank you i am going to see my doctor tomorrow. As well as all my symptoms i feel fine in parts of the day but now and again i will get this feeling that i am dying? is that anxiety or should i be worried?


The dr can give u something for anxiety. Take the lowest dose and it will help u relax so u can feel better to work on your anxiety issues. Find what triggers it and again keep living. Exercise, eat, sleep, stay active, talk it out. Wont happen overnight but will get better. I promise. Mine started 4 yrs ago and i have come a long way. Now I can work through it and when i feel bad, i get something to eat, drink water and go on with my daily routine. Next thing i know, the feeling is gone. I look back at my journal and notice all progress i made. Good luck and i will keep you in my prayers, i promise


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