Hey, everyone! Anxiety and dizziness after catching strep throat!

Hey, everyone!  Anxiety and dizziness after catching strep throat!

Thanks guys! For me, it all started may long weekend when I caught Strep Throat. While on the antibiotics, I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded, and just not well, but I knew I had to continue taking them until they were gone. Now, 2 months later, I am still dizzy and lightheaded, and not feeling myself. I think my anxiety started from not feeling well. Like Im getting myself all worked up from not feeling well. I finally went to the doctors last week. As I was sitting in the waiting room, I started to get shaky, sweaty, heart racing, and feeling really dizzy. I almost walked out a few times, but I knew I needed answers on what was going on. The doctor did a complete physical. Took over an hour to. Blood work and urine sample. 2 days later, everything came back normal. What the heck?! How can that be when I feel sooooo sick. I am missing work, and not going out with friends and family because of how crappy I feel. He prescribed me Betahistine to help cope with the dizziness. Yesterday I had a pretty good day, today, not so much. Nothing different triggered me feeling so crappy and dizzy, so I dont know why I wasnt well today. The doctor did say he can still see the strep throat strain in my blood, but apparently there is nothing I can do for it but let it run its course. He also thinks I have PTSD and anxiety. I am going through a separation with my husband of 18 years. Something really bad happened that made me end my marriage. I am still heartbroken over it, and trying to learn to live my life without him being with the kids and I. He didnt pass away, he cheated, 24 days before our wedding last year, and I found out not even a month after we got married. Everything is still so fresh and new. Thanks for this blog! Feels good to get it out, and share with others who can hopefully relate!

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  • Hi kims2300, welcome to the anxiety forum. We are all here to help each other by sharing our stories, both our struggles as well as victories. Please join in

  • Welcome!

  • Hi, I know that feeling with the dizzy, light headed, sweating, shaking, heart racing feeling, I get those plus other symptoms, when I try too leave my own room. When ever I sweat from my feed first than my hands, I know I'm about to get an anxiety, panic attack.

    You were probably anxious at the doctor office, I was too when I got my check up, I was scared, I kept crossing my legs I wanted too run out as well.

    Trying using magnesium lotion or eating more foods rich with magnesium it helps keep you're body calm, and relaxed.

  • Sorry about the way you feel. I dont wish this upon anyone. I will try magnesium. See how that goes! Thanks :)

  • Hi. What kind if antibiotics where you on ?

  • amoxicillin. The doctor doesnt think its from that, as its been 2 months since I last taken it. I just find it weird how he can see the strep throat strain,but theres nothing he can do.

  • I am dizzy all the time too and my tests came back fine. Blood, mri etc x

  • Its the worst when the doctors don't know why. The way I feel is preventing me from living my life. I am not going out and doing things because I dont feel well. Really hope all of us get answers soon!

  • Hi kims2300, it is frustrating when the doctors don't know why we feel ill. I always feel it's because they are concentrating on the physical aspect of our health. I believe in mind/body illness which entails both physical ailments as well as an emotional crisis. Being sick with a strep is one reason you are feeling ill because your body is fighting hard to get rid of the virus. On the other hand, you are going through a serious life changing event of a separation from your husband of 18 years. No matter what the reason it would be extremely difficult, but had to that how and when you found out, I believe put you in anxiety mode. When we break down from an emotional upset, it leaves our body open to many health issues. Since this is so fresh and new, I hope you get the help and support you need not only from the forum but with therapy and if need be a little medication. It's going to be a bumpy ride for a while but hopefully the road will get smoother. Take care x

  • Thanks for your reply! Maybe its related to both stress and strep throat. My body wasnt strong enough to fight it off, and it's still lingering. It's weird that its been 2 months though. Im trying to find answers for that online, but nothing yet. I guess my body is completely out of wack. The doctor did say that we can have a physical and mental breakdown months to even a years after something like this. He said its very similar to a death, even though he is alive and well. Sometimes I think it may even be harder at times, as bad as this may sound, because seeing him out and about with someone new its completely heart wrenching. Tomorrow will be our first year wedding anniversary. We were together since we were 17. We raised 4 kids, and did everything together. We were inseparable from day one. I lost my husband and my best friend in a split second. From a stupid choice he made without thinking. I know I will be fine in the end, I just wish I could feel better physically so I can move on.

  • And you will move on and you will feel better in time kims2300. I do believe our mental state can weaken our immune system and made you venerable to the strep throat. I'm sorry you are having to go through this life changing and hurtful situation right now. It won't happen overnight but eventually will make you a stronger person both physically and emotionally. As for tomorrow, yes it will hurt with each and every special occasion you spent together. In order to move on and to heal, you will have to find a place in your memory that you can store those good times but erase the way things ended or you will never feel complete as a person. I wish you well. x

  • Gosh feel a like me life right now. I recently got divorced. It will be a year on may. My ex we were together for 21 years and 5 kids youngest twins who were 3 mo when he just left. He was cheating too. Anyway I dealt with anxiety many years ago and have had it under control for about 6 or 7 years. I was worried when my ex first left that it would creep back in, but it has not. Well a few days ago I started to feel thw symptoms of strep. Went in the next day and it was strep. Well I have been on thw antibiotics for 2 days now it is getting alittlw bit better but I am very dizzy and weak. Then I came across your post. I hope ajd pray it is not my anxiety coming back . hope you are doing well

  • I know this is an old post but im going thry the exact same thing.. strep started friday just went to docs yesterday they gave amoxacylin too.. this is my second day ever since the sore throat started my anxiety is thru the roof.. i also am going thru a divorce.. my husband cheated on me too. We were together for 10 years n have a son together aug. Will be a year he left the house.. i know anxiety goes thru the roof when ur fighting something bc your resistance is low n u dont handle stress the same way u would if you were feeling better.. i too just started feeling that lightheaded, dizzy feeling n its making me panic.. im afraid my anxiety is coming back.. i had 2 weeks were i had it completely under control.. hope u guys see this n can get some support..

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