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Hi. I had heart palpitations beginning of May during the night which woke me up and was taken into hospital. HR was high, fluctuating between 100-124bpm. Obviously it scared the hell out of me. ECG and blood tests done and xray done and all normal. I was discharged home the same day on a low dose beta blocker to take as and when needed. Since May I have suffered on and off palpitations, occasional fast heart beat and the sensation of 'skipped beats'. More aware of heartbeat than I have ever been. I have now seen a cardiologist last Monday 26/6 who carried out another short ECG which was again normal. He explained that I am experiencing ectopic heartbeats fuelled by anxiety/stress. He also explained about ectopic beats and how the heart functions. He said there was no need for me to have an echocardiogram as if there was anything wrong with my heart it would have shown up on the ECG and that is normal. I've had a few ECGs since May because whenever I've had palpitions/skipped beats I've gone straight to our local urgent care centre. All so far have been normal. I'm off work at the moment as a result of being so stressed out/unnerved by it all. I have been under a lot of stress for the last 2 years due to family issues...my mum being poorly twice, recovering from ovarian cancer and other issues. I have been juggling her and my job and raising my own family and maybe these heart palpitations are the stress I've been under making itself known to me. I'm having stress counselling which helped alot and have another appt soon. What I am struggling to believe is that there is nothing wrong with my heart, no matter what the medical people tell me! The ECGs are only ever performed for a few minutes and I have had a 24 hr tape which was fine although I am sure I felt something but the monitor said no all normal. I am due to have another 24 hr tape to double check again on 18/7.

Everytime I get the 'sensation' it freaks me out. I feel like I am permanently pumping out adrenaline and feel jumpy and nervous. Occasionally after a skipped beat, I get what I can only describe as an adrenaline rush. I am a worrier by nature but have always managed to balance my thoughts but at the moment I am really struggling to do this :-( I've had one panic attack so far in town centre shopping and that was an experience I do not wish to repeat. I am hoping over the course of time and with the help of stress counselling I will start to believe I am going to be alright. I guess I am looking for support and reassurance.

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Your post sounds exactly like me. My heart symptoms are worse in the night. Since May, I've been waking up many nights with my heart racing and skipping beats. I think mine gets faster than yours, it's usually in the 130s-150s. During these episodes, I feel very anxious, hot, sick, & my BP spikes, then after about 15 mins I calm down. Everyday now, I am very aware of my heart. And afraid of what might happen at night and afraid this is damaging it. How are you doing now?


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