Hi, I haven't posted in a while, i've had heart palpitations for a bout 2 years since my anxiety started, dealing with it it's been a real struggle they bring on o much anxiety.

I've had a heart MRI, multiple echo, thousands of EKG 3 stress test and multiple 2 weeks monitors.

My doctor says that I AM FINE, my heart is fine and yes i do have palpitations, i don't know the number but they say it's not enough to be concerned about it.

But here I am freaking out, yesterday i had a few in a row or that is what it felt like, I felt like I was really dying this time and now I am so uncomfortable, I am scare my heart is going to stop anytime.

I want to have babies but I am too afraid my heart is going to give up.

Please is there anybody that is going through this and knows how to deal with this? I am tired to live with fear.


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  • Hi anneavo, I too use to have heart palps daily which started my anxiety. After going through multiple testing (as you have), I was told my heart was fine. The thing is, my mind didn't accept that my heart was okay and so my anxiety grew. Anything I did, walking up steps, walking against the wind, dancing and finally even talking prompted my heart to skip beats.

    I was finally told that I needed to exercise. (WHAT?) Are they kidding? I was put into a water aerobics class, started out slowly walking in the water twice a week, then 4 times a week and finally 6 days a week. Hey, I found out that the more I moved, the less palps I felt. It wasn't long before I looked forward to exercising and got my confidence back that my heart wasn't a problem, it was my anxious mind. Exercising, got rid of the extra adrenaline, which in turn calmed down my heart. That worked for me, my heart palps were no longer a problem.

    This needs to be talked over with your physician, do not start exercise on your own. It may be as simple as walking several times a week or joining a gym. I think, if your doctor approves, you will feel the benefit of exercise in a short time. Keep us updated. And remember, the heart is a muscle and was made to work and not just sit around and fear it. Good Luck dear!

  • Hi, Thank you so much for your reply. I agree with you at 100% and even my doctor told me to exercise but I am so afraid that I avoid it.

    I used to work out every day and when the palpitations started i would go to the gym and have panic attacks.. it's hard for me to feel comfortable while working out and even walking...

    I know exercise is the answer I just have to find the courage to do it.

  • I guess we are all the same. :) What's funny is that working out not only helped me physically but mentally as well. It gave me that high I needed by building up the Endorphin level. You are not alone in feeling panic when going to the gym at first. It would happen to me as well, but I never gave in to that feeling as hard as it was. Take it slowly, real slow in how long you stay. Make sure you don't hold your breath. Use deep breathing and hydration when you are finished.

    Slow but sure, you will get back into feeling better again. x

  • Yes sometimes I start to work out and I am so anxious that i start paying attention to every little thing, if i feel pain, if i feel palpitations i start to over think and finally i give up because i am getting to stressed.

    Lately i've also been suffering from low blood pressure and I constantly feel dizzy and fatigued, so going to the gym is even harder.

    I thought anxiety would give you high blood pressure not low, am I the only one with this problem?

  • anneavo, b/p would have to be something to talk to your doctor about. Having low pressure in itself can make you feel tired and dizzy and make you feel anxious.

  • I did...al they say is to drink water and eat salt.. i am so frustrated and tired. I feel like there is no end to this.

  • And that's true anneavo. You may be dehydrated that will bring down your pressure as well as sodium levels low. My daughter has the same problem.

  • yes it is true but i drink plenty of water and added more salt to my diet and nothing has changed.. i know that exercise could help but it's hard to exercise when you have no energy.

  • I hear you. It's a catch 22. x

  • It's not so much about salt or sodium, although necessary, as much as it is about minerals. Drink water with either Himalayan or Sea salt. This way you will get all the trace minerals. Regular table salt has none.You may be lacking potassium and or magnesium if you have palpitations. Alternatively, if you take any medicine or supplements that may cause it too.

  • My problem is, I got these, but they tell me I'm healthy despite (A) 18 years of MS, a crippled left leg, foot drop, a bent spine from walking crooked for 19 years, and a brain tumor I beat at 21.. OH BUT I"M A MENTAL WEAKLING they all pretty much say.. They sicken me..

    I do all I can, but i go unconscious from these.. I believe in my case they're autonomic damage from MS.. I'm seeing the Electrophysiologist, best one in the Midwest Tues.. I think what they'll end up doing in my case after 5 months of total misery is an ablation.. where they burn out the part of the heart being tweaked by the autonomic damage in the brain stem from MS

    IF that's it.. mine knock me to the ground because my left leg is already paralyzed. SO if I get a bad one, my leg gives out. GOOD LUCK TO ALL... this stuff can scare the bejeeezus out of anyone. Pain and misery is my middle name and they still scared me a lot. Still do.. I can knock em back with xanax but, that's just a benzo band aid and another drug I don't need or want.

  • I've been having palpitations for 2 years also . I had my second daughter in march 2015 and everything went downhill from there . I've had ecgs and stress test holter monitors and going next month for an echo and all have came back fine so far . The holter monitor showed some pacs and pvcs but not enough to be too concerned about . I get the multiple palls in a row that takes my breath and I get lightheaded thinking this will be the time I die . They are so hard and forceful . I also always have shortness of breath no matter what I'm doing . If I'm really busy then I don't concentrate on it and it doesn't bother me but the second I start thinking about it again it comes right back .

  • It's right, exercise! I had palps daily and then realised it's only when I was sitting down, I went to the gym 3 times a week and done more energetic stuff and all my old energy came back, the breathless went and so did the palps, :) try it

  • You need to be a bit more positive with yourself too. Instead of " I'm going to die' just say I'm fine and I will be fine. Try not to let the negative thoughts win, challenge them.

  • i have the same thing my heart races all the time daily Idk docters say im fine cardiologist also got 7 day heart monitor stress test echo sonagram to see my heart while laying down Thyriod Everything is Normal this was about a month ago ever sense feel like it got worst this is a everyday thing like literaly dont know anymore mines is rapid heart beats really fast if its not fast its beating hard like i dont get it i can get be laying down or sitting down feel like i cant breath i breath in and out because soon as i get up from bed my heart starts to beat hard then fast then it calms down idk but this is a everyday thing i always think sooner or later im going to die because of this because this is a everyday thing if its not my heart its my heads feel wierd and my eyes and feel dizzy its like its playing around with me but i cant stand this Im just so worried about my heart the most and i just feel sick the cardiologist told me the same thing exercise you need it your heart strong and is the right size for your age he told me you have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one But ever sense feel like its gotten worst after i saw him a month ago . But goodluck i hope you get better and so do I🙌🏻

  • Man i feel your pain..I k now that means diddly squat, but believe me, last 5 months I have the EXACT SAME THING GOING ON.. 5 er trips, they all say "Oh it's nothing, they're just PVC's and PAC's "... had one echo, they say "uneventful"...because I needed Xanax to get in the car to drive there to have the test done really.. so I was zoned and totally relaxed. That was my dumb idea.. I just can't be out without medicine.. It's so hard to walk, I have MS, my heart can't take it anymore.

    Then I had this fancy $4000 Zio Monitor.. I counted 400 palpitations, wrote a 40 page diary of each day and all my deadly blood pressures, and THEY said only 5 were major events of concern..the rest I just imagine I guess.. AHOLES>

    And I'm no newbie to pain and misery.. FOr starters, I had a brain tumor as a soph in college at SIU where they also told me my major headaches were migraines.. 5 different doctors.. ALL AHOLES. Almost killed me. I fell out unconscious playing guitar in a club with my blazing rock band, they choppered me to Chicago burbs and my old man and mother's money saved my life.. They had BCBS AETNA full boat insurance on me I didn't even know about.

    I feel the same way this time and I believe, people say I'm crazy, that they want over 40 people who are disabled, Vets, and the elderly who are chronically ill to die.. The reasons are this; they spent all our social security money (B) they killed off 300, 000 US veterans during Obama's reign of terror WAITING not getting, WAITING and BEGGING for care at the VA.. WHY NOT THE DISABLED, or ELDERLY? Story of vets abuse here; bit.ly/2tzNdZF

    THAT WAY, they don't have to explain how they spent all our money on rubbers and sex change operations for the Bradley Mannings of the world.. and coddled Muslims and Migrants and Illegals... I'd get better care than Medicare by shooting up a gas station and going to Statesville Prison.. That's the truth. I hate doctors, and pretty much every one but nurses involved in medicine. Trump I believe wants to fix it, you know who won't let him.

    I also have had MS for 18 years, never spent a f$%^&g DAY in a mental hospital.. And yet they're trying to sell me this BBS anxiety crap.. When I get anxiety I don't get heart palps, I break things and shoot trees and shi* like that.. Its freakin' insulting.. I'm sick of the whole damned world of medicine. I'm going to the Electrophysiologist on Tues.. Go that route..

    I think with me it's something autonomic... probably MS lesions in my brain stem is my diagnosis.

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