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Heart palpitations when exercising


So whenever I workout or I do any sort of physical activity that gets my heart pumping i get this feeling that my heart skips a beat when my heart is pumping hard. I just recently went in and did a EKG and had blood work and they said nothing was abnormal. It gives me such a scary feeling I hate it. Is it possible that something is wrong with me? Would they have found something if there was something more serious like a murmur or arythmia or anything. I am so sick of this feeling😞😞

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Happens to me too

I had to ekgs done and it was normal


I also forgot to mention that I have been feeling super dizzy lately. I am really scared something is really wrong with me. Could this be from being overtired or something I do have two little ones under 2

Cwoods in reply to Jordanfrolic

If they checked u out and everything is fine try not to worry easier said than done i know

Hidden in reply to Jordanfrolic

Try drinking more water.


im only 16 i don't much about these stuff but im here bc i have health anxiety

I used to get this all the time, usually only on the days I would run at the gym, and my brother (who worked for the local rescue squad) told me to quit running immediately. He said that when your heart skips a beat it is actually "backfiring" and that scared the shi% out of me, so I stopped running completely, but I can do the elliptical without having this happen. I hated running anyway so not a biggie for me to give up, and I don't have the issue any longer.

Why does is happen did he say? I get it anytime I accelerate. I went to the pool with my husband and 2 boys and I went down the water slide and it happened. I went on my husbands snowmobile and went for a rip around and it happened. Anytime I do any sort of physical activity it happens. It's like when I get any sort or adrenaline it happens. Like I have had probably over 20 ECGs and nothing has shown. But a friend mentioned that the ecg wasn't long enough to detect anything?

He didn't say. I also did a stress test and EKG and it came back fine. I was under a lot of stress back then, as I went thru a horrific divorce, so that probably had something to do with it. Stress/anxiety is a killer for sure! Have you tried yoga to calm you? Good luck!

No but I am def looking into some sort of metitation. I get frequently like everyday even if I don't exercise. It's really really annoying and it's starting to scare me really bad

Like I keep worrying that something was missed like I have a heart murmur or something and the ECG wasn't on long enough to detect anything wrong

Agora1 in reply to Jordanfrolic

Jordanfrolic, If you had a heart murmur, the doctor would have heard it with the stethoscope. Your anxiety is in over drive. Try accepting what you doctor has said.

You have to trust your doctors. If they tell you everything is OK, then you have to accept that. Being dizzy can certainly be caused by anxiety. So it is more than likely your heart is fine and because you are worried about your heart you are feeling dizzy. The trick is how to relax and not worry about it. It is easier said than done- and when I master that skill, I will write my own book!

Ellen001 in reply to KI-100

Yes, it is so hard to tell yourself everything is okay and to just relax. I've been trying everything natural and I may finally be getting a little better.

When I was younger, I thought doing strenuous exercise might burn off the energy and avoid a panic attack. However, when I was experienced anxiety the increased heart-rate and breathing and all the other sensations of exercise caused me to feel more nervous. On the flip side, when I participate in the sports I love, I always have a positive experience and actually feel more relaxed when finished.

So what was the difference for me? I guess, in the first case I was trying to use exercise to avoid a panic attack. In the second case, I am mentally focused on an activity I really enjoy.

In general, the physical symptoms of anxiety attack are not harmful to your heart. The symptoms will pass as the anxiety passes.

So my advice would be to avoid full on exercise that makes you feel worse and in turn try to build up from lesser amounts - perhaps with the help of a therapist, until you can do moderate exercise without worrying about it.

It happens when your heart rate increases rapidly or when it's slowing down and received rush of adrenaline. Also can happen when you bend over or have intense gas. I experience this also I am 23 year old healthy male. I quit working out for this same reason. But today I said fuck that. I got a huge hug of protein powder and resumed my workout. I need to get my body back. I'm in alot of pain due to my tmj hating me working out. But it'll pass. My advice is drink mad water and get your breathing under control. Also stop watching your heart beat. The more you notice the quicker you panic.

Edit: I've had countless tests and scans. I'm also clear.

Magnesium helps ectopic beats (palpitations)...

Here's a link to the Protocol. It helped me reduce mine right down to hardly any. Below is the protocol that I followed (as opposed to just taking magnesium alone, it needs some other factors to really work well). It helped me pretty quickly, you'll be sure to see improvements by 30 days, and often sooner.


Also watch this video by a Cardiologist who discusses this topic and the proof that magnesium helps ectopic heart beats.


All the best.

When I have anxiety; if i am on the treadmill or bike, once my heart rate is elevated, i get anxiety and its because it it mimics the feeling i have when i am in attack mode. I simply stop and start again, and if i cannot continue i get off and got lift weights.

Agora1 in reply to marsbarr

I can understand that marsbarr. Most of us are very sensitive to an

accelerated heart rate. And that is because of what happens in panic mode.

I am so sensitized to it that I cannot tolerate to hear the beat of a heart w/o

getting antsy. Switching to another kind of exercise is a good idea. xx

marsbarr in reply to Agora1

have a great day my friend

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