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Stress induced anxiety?

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I’m a 31 year old mother of one, who ever since I become pregnant (now 2.5 years ago) has an unhealthy obsession with having a heart attack. When I was pregnant I was diagnosed with ectopic beats (PVC - premature ventricular contractions), which I was told is nothing to worry about and is common. I had a full fledged panic attack before I found out I was pregnant, then didn’t have any until after I gave birth then kept having them. I was put on an antidepressant which I am now off of as I want to try other things first. I have been to a mental health worker and have learnt a lot. However, I just can’t seem to make my mind not think I’m having a heart attack! I get back pain in my shoulder and then feel it in my left shoulder blade and down my left arm. I’ve had blood tests and ECGs before, been to emergency a couple times and told I’m fine. The ECG does pick up my extra heart beat. I’ve been through these feelings before and obviously didn’t have a heart attack but when I’m in the moment I start to think and think and it stresses me out.

I’m in the process of moving, trying to get pregnant and could have surgery on an upcoming cysts so I know my life has stress. Do these symptoms present themselves at every stressful situation? How do I tell myself and believe myself that I’m ok and not having a heart attack, especially since my left arm tingles and back pain?!?! HELP. Thank you

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TheHen, you should know it's anxiety and not a heart attack when your doctor tells you so after you've had blood tests and an ECG/EKG which were fine. But alas it is in the nature of anxiety disorder that often we don't believe our doctors. They must have missed something. The test results were faulty. They don't understand.

So you are not the only one to go on worrying about your health even though you're A1 physically. We all do it. And so we go on stressing and obsessing and frightening ourselves to death and pumping out fear hormones that continue to keep our nerves on edge. We are our own worst enemies indeed.

TheHen, all the symptoms you describe, missed heart beats, pains in your arm and shoulder, are well known symptoms of health anxiety. Anxiety is very good at imitating real illness. And you have told us that you are subject to stress. So the smart money is all on this being anxiety and nothing more serious.

If you need reassurance then go bsck to your doctor for a second opinion. But if the diagnosis is the same you must accept it or your troubles will go on and on. Accept also all the fake symptoms you are experiencing, don't fight them, just let them come, if you don't stress about them they will pass.

TheHen, there is stress in your life and it's affecting your nerves. Calm yourself and try not to worry, you don't have a dodgy ticker, you're far too young. People your age aren't allowed to have heart attacks.😁

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Minnie87 in reply to Jeff1943

Amazing post! xx

in reply to Jeff1943

Very well put!!

To everyone I say: take control now, don't just allow yourself to be pushed about by the capricious nature of anxiety disorder and health anxiety. There is a short book written many decades ago that has sold one-third of a million copies and continues to sell that has allowed untold thousands to recover their quiet minds.

Can you really recover just by reading a book?

No. But you can recover by putting into practice that what you have learnt by reading a book.

The book is available new or used on Amazon: "Self help for your nerves" by Doctor Claire Weekes, MBE.

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Minnie87 in reply to Jeff1943

Fantastic book x

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Indigojoe in reply to Jeff1943

I listen to her audiobook just about every night as I go to sleep.

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Jeff1943 in reply to Indigojoe

Then given time your recovery is assured.

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Fantastic book! I've read her books and listened to the CD. Excellent information!

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Lovemybear, many people read Claire Weekes' books and find them excellent and reassuring. But they won't advance their recovery just by reading the book. And that's what her books are meant to do: bring about complete recovery from all the symptoms of anxiety and anxiety itself.

Only when we learn to practice what she writes: Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass......only then does our recovery begin. And it's hard work and difficult and takes weeks or even months to achieve full recovery.

But then, great things are never easily won.

Hey I'm a 32 year old mum of two and I'm the same as you . I get the pvcs and then worry about them which in turn creates more . They gave me propranolol which does help them alot on bad days x

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