Has anyone Try these vitamins before ?

Has anyone Try these vitamins before ?

My Nerologist docter told me i needed vitamins he gave me multi vitamins im done with those already and he gave me vitmain D im also done with those aswell he told me to buy these aswell that these are good i bought them im done with the other vitamins but i still have these brand new never opened them at all should i take these even doe im done with the other vitamins plus the pills look like candy but dont know if i drink them with water or just est them just like that also i need something thats good for poplation like with my heart someone told me magnesium its good but i dont like taking stuff that the docters doesnt give me . Also a quick question should i worried about what just happent to me i was laying down and felt like i was gonna die like my heart felt so wierd like was gonna jump i even jumped a bit then it went away feel like my heart is vibrating aswell i saw two cardiologist like 4 or 5 months ago they said i was fine i had another appointment with them today but i didnt go i changed for another day i dont know i just cant take the heart situiton and the feeling like i cant breath or im going to past out and just drop dead these wierd feeling goes up from my stomach to my throat that i can feel my heart pumping real slow and hard in my throat like a nervous feeling that goes up my stomach .


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  • You should take a multivitamin every single day and Vitamin D is especially important because being low on it can cause bone and muscle pain. I've never been able to take Vitamin B12 because it causes anxiety attacks for me.

    One question though, why if you're so worried about your heart and your health do you keep blowing off your doctor appointments? This is the second one I've seen that you've rescheduled. I don't understand that.

  • i took those vitamins already and i couldnt make it because i was really far and i got home today

  • I get that about the multivitamins but once they run out, you need to get more. You don't just stop when one bottle runs out. You need to take them every day for life to help your body supplement the vitamins and minerals you're not getting from your diet alone.

  • yeah i guess might have to get another appointment from the docter again

  • another thing i wanted to talk about you ever experinced jerking like sometimes body and neck and head

  • I have, especially when I'm having heart palpitations or when I'm laying down trying to go to sleep. It was really scary for a while, but now it's just more of an annoyance than anything. Since I've been taking an antidepressant, it doesn't happen that much anymore though.

  • yeah its scary me a bit my body is tierd i can feel it

  • YES Johnnie, a part of the over-sensitized nervous system. It lets out this spurt of energy. Not harmful...

  • you know what im talking about feeling like a sizure a bit like your body moves on uncontrolbly its like my head and neck jerking and it goes away by its self i dont know why i get that its like i cant calm down i need to get to the bottom of this of what that dumb weed did to me because i havent smoked ever sense that day and im still this way for 6 months its really wierd and feel like im dying slowly and its making me a bit depressed of not knowing whats going on with my body ever sense that bad experinced i havent never smoked again after that day around thanks giving till now and im still this way its making me nervous a bit 6 months of not doing anything and im still this way

  • I do know what you are experiencing Johnnie, it's happened to me many times. I just don't worry about it anymore. I accept it as a part of my anxiety disorder. I don't believe having smoked weed is causing the jerking of your head and neck. It's coming more from the anxiety behind it. As you calm down your thoughts, your symptoms will also calm down. We all have to take some responsibility in getting better. Wishing won't do it.

  • yeah your right and you said all this went away was by taking your meds ?

  • You at least have to give the meds a try. If you don't like it, then the doctor will have you stop. Johnnie, what if there is something out there that can take away your symptoms and let you enjoy being the way you were? Isn't it worth trying?

  • yeah your right i just dont like pills that mess with my brain thats the thing and another question is these vitamins are good you think?

  • I can't comment on Vit B12 since I've never taken them. I do however take Vit D on orders from my doctor.

  • oh okay then he told me to take those after i take vitmin D Nad multi vitamins but im all done with them i dont have anymore i only have that one now

  • do they contain methylcobalamin - there are several different types of B12 and for some people methyl does seem to make anxiety problem worse - hydroxocobalamin and cyanocobalamin don't seem to have the same effect.

    also, its a really high dose - 400xthe normal RDA - and, unless you have a problem absorbing B12 a much lower dose may well work much better.

  • symptoms of B12 deficiency


    lots more information on B12 on the PASoc forum


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