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Anxiety Is like a Curse

Good Morning Everyone Im actually feeling better cant say im completely 100% but some days im fine somedays im not Most of the time im outside i feel like im going to drop dead because sometimes i get these feelings like my heart stoped or somene is trying to choke me or something and hard to swallow and shorness of breath and aswell feeling like ive been holding my breath but i dont notice until it really hits me the other part is I can feel sometimes my heart is beating really fast and im just walking and i could feel it in my chest its beat fast and hard or get so weak and dizzy my head feels wierd aswell basically i really think i had anxiety before but didnt notice i had it until i smoke some weed and really hit me hard and gave me a mental disorder idk if for sure i would have my life back but im going to work on it and listen to every one this will be the last post i do have to work on myself so i am thanks for everyone giving me advise and trying to help me but hopefully the weed i smoked didnt put me like this for ever been like this for three months almost 4 but yeah thanks guys.

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Good luck 😊


Thank You Goodluck yo you aswell 🙌🏻💯

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Johnnie, you have anxiety man. You're a hyper-sensitive person. Realize that and find some strength in that.

There's nothing to be ashamed about with having an anxiety disorder. All it really means is that you're more tuned in than the average person to your surroundings.

The weed didn't change anything in you. It merely kicked up some emotions you've been burying. It's important you realize this. It's important you understand that if it wasn't the weed it would have been some drink, some fight, some argument, some injury, the point is that eventually, something would have triggered this.

The weed isn't the catalyst to your issue. The way you process emotions and stress is the issue. You're in control of this.

This is really good news. It means that you can beat this. You're in control. You simply have to stop feeling like a victim trying to find out what is causing this. Once you realize that you're causing this then you can make some changes to stop causing it.

You're in control. Remember that.

Find some peace, Johnnie.

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Yeah thank you alot yeah im going to fight this and good luck to you aswell 🙌🏻💯


Good luck Johnnie. 👍🏻🙌🏻


Yeahh thank you too💯🙌🏻


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