heart anxiety and head sensation, vision seems wierd unreal and dream like

Soo had a good day it just these sympthoms that im tierd of my head was feeling a bit numb today and also like pain that comes and goes also for some reason i got a headache . right now my heart feels wierd im layingdown i can feel it beating hard and feel it in my throat like i have heart problems or something sometimes it goes to just beating realky fast to really slow that i can barely feel it if its not that it seems like it beating hard but slow and sometimes pause then continue beating i dont know make me think like something is wrong like something in my brain from my head controling everyrhing by its self like its wierd after that bad experince of weed it just not really the same anymore plus these are daily sympthoms phically spasms to the unreal dream like daily its just wierd like im going nuts i know people wont understand because they not in my body but this stuff was the worst thing that had happen to me after that smoking weed bad experince situition its just crazy has me thinking alot and my heart just worries me and 6 months like this its just crazy because when i smoked this happen along time ago around thanks giving in november and its june already and i still dont get whats the problem sometimes i tell my self im crazy or is it something really wrong and the docters are missing something but i saw more then 7 docter and a cardiologist but i dont understand it this is the first time ever experincing this stuff its annoying like i try to cope everyday but its really bothering me


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  • Hi Johnnie, I didn't even smoke weed and yet I remember getting a lot of the symptoms that you do. Focused mainly on my heart. I too couldn't believe that the doctors weren't missing something. I would walk into the doctors with a list of complaints and leave crying because I felt they weren't really listening to me. I got so tired of hearing it was Anxiety...But, but, I felt so alone and so unheard with the medical profession. And then one day down the road, I realized that they were right all this time. It was my mind feeding these doubtful, negative thoughts to me. I can breathe again, I am me again. Hang in there Johnnie, your day will come as well. :)

  • Yeah hopefully how did yours leave ?

  • Johnnie, it was the day I realized I was going no where but in circles with my way of thinking something had to be wrong. Everything I learned from therapy started to make sense. All I read and learned about the power of the mind and how it affects the body started to make sense. I was angry in what I had allowed anxiety to do to me. I was determined in getting better and getting back who I once was. With that came Acceptance that this was anxiety and it would not and could not hurt me again. I called it's bluff and it backed away. I then knew I had won. There were little set backs and still are on occasion but I know longer fear them. The less we fear, the faster the wave of anxiety flees. It lost it's power. We all have what it takes, it's a matter of being ready

  • oh okay soo how about all these physical sympthoms daily

  • You are going to have to try and ignore them as being harmful. I know that it can be overwhelming to suffer every daily with symptoms coming and going especially the heart. Besides Acceptance the only other recourse you have is being on medication. Once the meds start working, it will calm down your heart and relieve the heart palps. Once the heart issue is no longer felt, you will feel so much better and your anxiety will start to diminish.

  • oh okay i guess that would be the last step then and also get these really bad nervous feeling in my stomach going up to my throat and i got try to breath in out so i can relax

  • I'm so glad I read this today

  • how come ?

  • aburto21, what made it important that you read it today? Bad day??

  • Yeah its been kind of rough lately I feel my anxiety getting the better of me lately I'm fuctional and sticking with my daily shedule i just hate that my anxiety is back I thought I was "cured" for a bit but apparently Im not I just hope my life doesn't become a living hell again.

  • Hi aburto21, I'm sorry to hear that. The fact that you are functional and sticking to your daily schedule is a good sign in that you are not going to let anxiety take over as it once did. I know it's disheartening when the first pangs of anxiety surface again. Know that you are wiser this time around and that it doesn't have to lead to a living hell. You know how it plays it's game. Pull out everything you have learned in the past. Use the forum for support and understanding. Most of all stay Strong...

  • Thanks Agora I will I hope you have an awesome day

  • Hi again Johnnie. Sorry you're having a rough time of it.

    The reply to you from Agora 1 is absolutely the best answer I have ever read.

    Please read it slowly several times. And please either print it or keep it on your computer to read it again when you need to. She really seems to know exactly what you are feeling because she has felt it too.

    My best wishes to you for a good night's sleep and a better day tomorrow.

  • yeah thank you so much you too

  • You're welcome, Johnnie.

  • these heart palpitations are terrible, the gym used to be my escape but my heart telling me im having a heart attack is keeping me out, that horrible tightening on my back and chest, cant get a good breath in it suck.. ready that other people struggle with this along with the positive thoughts helps . glad I found this page

  • are you taking any meds or you just try to do it yourself?

  • They put me on anxiety meds ... Its been 2 years of me trying by myself. I just feel weak over it

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